Fly away from Quality: Greater Toronto Home Buyers are Moving Away from Quality, Towards Affordability Post-Covid

Sales of Homes 5 Years or Older Have Increased Since Outbreak Summary Sales of older homes (more than 5 years old) have increased in the Great Toronto Area (GTA) since mid-March Average price per-square-foot of older attached properties (townhomes and condos) have jumped since March 15 Sales of detached homes with 3-bedroom and more declined […]

What will your State’s real estate market look like after COVID-19? Outlook for market and overall economy positive after initial slowdown.

Key Takeaways Many experts say there is cause for optimism in the real estate market once the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. Some of the factors experts point to are: Strong financial foundation for current housing market thanks to changes made after the 2008 recession  Americans cashed out $824 billion in home equity in the three years […]