How Top Agents Make the (Price) Difference

Summary Top-performing agents are able to sell at higher prices than average agents when compared to the listed price.  Top-performing agents list their properties closer to market value than average agents; but closer to market value doesn’t equate to closer to assessed value.  Top-performing agents sell properties faster compared to other agents Top-performing agents do […]

Fly away from Quality: Greater Toronto Home Buyers are Moving Away from Quality, Towards Affordability Post-Covid

Sales of Homes 5 Years or Older Have Increased Since Outbreak Summary Sales of older homes (more than 5 years old) have increased in the Great Toronto Area (GTA) since mid-March Average price per-square-foot of older attached properties (townhomes and condos) have jumped since March 15 Sales of detached homes with 3-bedroom and more declined […]

Southern California Real Estate Charges Ahead with Highest Number of Home Sales in More Than Two Years (July 2020 Market Update)

Summary Southern California’s real estate market continues to race ahead of last year’s performance in terms of both unit sales and prices. Building on the June’s momentum, sales of single-family homes increased by 26% and apartments by 30% on a month-to-month basis. Overall, this brings the total sales of single-family homes and apartments to 6% […]