Data Shows that Vancouver Homebuyers Could Save up to 34% by Settling for Older Homes in these Vancouver Neighbourhoods

In this article, MLS real estate data shows which Vancouver neighbourhoods are a better investment over-time and which Vancouver neighbourhoods are not as good as an investment over time. Home investments can be the difference between early retirement and late retirement. Like anything, homes depreciate with age too. But unlike smaller investments such as electronics […]

The Most Walkable Vancouver Neighbourhoods

The most walkable Vancouver neighborhoods: Figure 1: The average walk score for each Vancouver neighborhood  The most walkable Vancouver neighborhood’s: What does this mean? A walk score is a score given to every listing calculated by analyzing the distance between its particular location and nearby routes and amenities. For example, homes that are closer to […]

Toronto Pre-sales: Are They a Rip-off?

Pre-sales for townhouses/semi-detached are much more expensive than detached homes in the Greater Toronto area: Report Housing in Toronto is the tenth least-affordable in the world, neck-and-neck with London and behind cities like San Francisco and Honolulu–though not by much. Buying properties as a pre-sales–a home that is bought or sold prior to construction–is often […]