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Elegant, Automated and Ready-to-Download for All your listings

Having professional feature sheets as an effective marketing tool for your open house is more necessary than ever. Clients compare your marketing efforts with other open houses. So your listing and open house need to stand out. What if you could receive an automatically customized feature sheet for every one of your listings? In fact, Roomvu makes it incredibly simple and it’s FREE!

We provide you with feature sheets for all of your listings and you don’t have to pay a single dime. You don’t even have to worry about the design or content. The open house feature sheet is a downloadable PDF you can use in your open houses and email campaigns. 

open house feature sheet

What’s in it for Real Estate Agents?

1. Brand Promotion

The feature sheet highlights you and your branding: logo, photo, tagline and contact information.

2. Always in Sync

Feature sheets are made automatically and in sync which ensures the accuracy of listing’s specifications and details.

3. Information that Buyers Need

These include school catchments, walk and transit scores and other related neighborhood information that your clients require for better decision making.

How Does it Work?

Your Roomvu FREE agent web profile account gives you access to an open house feature sheet for each of your listings.

Once you sign up for an account, you’ll also get access to open house feature sheets.

Read our step by step guide on creating an agent web profile.

On your web profile, scroll down until you reach your Current Listings. You will see two blue buttons underneath each listing:

current listing

Get Feature Sheet:

Click to download your free open house feature sheet in PDF format. You can print it out to use in open houses or read our step by step guide on how to use it in your email campaigns


Once you click on this button, you’ll see a pop up box like below. Selecting each of the options will allow you to share your feature sheet on the chosen social media channel. You can also get the link and share it wherever you want. 

share listing

Our free and premium services integrated with data analytics and automated marketing suites are made to help you inspire your clients, establish trust and differentiate yourself.

Sign up for a FREE account now!

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About Roomvu

Founded in 2017 and located in downtown Vancouver, Roomvu uses fringe technology to offer nine premium services to over 4,000 real estate agents across Canada. Roomvu’s team of young professionals have expertise in real estate, marketing and business development. Visit Roomvu for more information. 

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