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How to Embed your Video in Your Email Campaign

According to a 2018 National Association of Realtors study, 93% of realtors prefer to communicate through email. What this means for many realtors, is that is has become more important than ever before to not only create an email marketing campaign but to also make a GOOD email marketing campaign.

As we know, realtors (and many of today’s demographic) are too busy to read a full email from start to finish. And if we do, we must be bored or strangely, have the time. For this reason, videos have become the main attraction in email as it helps to capture the attention of our target audience, that many words or long-texts cannot.

But once you have a video created, how do you use it in your email campaign? And most importantly, how do you embed it in your email campaign. 

5 Steps for using and embedding video in your email campaign:

1. Develop an email campaign strategy

What campaigns will you be sending, how often will you be sending these campaigns? How will you measure the success of these campaigns? See the example below.

Source from: (Scott, 2019)

2. Gather contacts for your email campaigns.

Who are you going to send your emails to? Current clients, past clients, future prospects? Maybe it is that you have multiple email contact lists in which you send out entirely different email campaigns. To keep track of your email contacts list you can easily use a Microsoft Excel Sheet, Apple Pages, Google sheets or any other spreadsheet tracker. This is the best way to keep track of emails.

*Pro-tip: Separate each contact by the first name, last name, email address, and any other relevant fields. 

3. Create an email template in accordance with your branding.

There are many free email templates you can use. For instance, Canva has hundreds of email templates to choose from in their email template gallery.

4. Embed your video directly into your email

By embedding your video right in your email, your clients can view the video and content directly within their email without having to click on external links. But it all depends on your email clients (Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook etc.) to support the format and show the video.

There are several ways you can embed videos in your email. If you are using Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, etc. as your email client, you have two hosting platform options: YouTube and Google Drive


You can use YouTube as a hosting platform for your email. So once you upload your video on YouTube, you’ll be provided a link. Under your video, click Share.

Youtube share option

On the pop-up window, click Copy.

Youtube share

Use the provided link in your email body.

real estate email sample

Just note that you won’t be able to see the embedded video right away, but once you send it to your clients, if they use the same email provider like Gmail or Hotmail, they will see an embedded video with the email. To test and get a preview, it’s always good to send a copy to yourself. So this will be how it looks like:

email with an embedded video

Once the email recipient clicks on the video, they will be able to see it on the same page.

Video embed in email

In our example, we are sending a real estate market update video to our clients. (You can download your video from your agent web profile.)

To embed this video in your email template you can also use a template that embeds the video for you. Canva has many options and a tutorial on how to embed a video using one of their templates.

Google Drive

If you have a Google account, you can use Google drive to embed a video in your email among other features. Read more to learn how you can create a Google account and a YouTube channel.

Sign in to your Google drive. On the top left corner, click the plus sign New.

Google drive add new

On the pop-up box click File Upload. Choose the video on your desktop and hit Open.

Google drive file upload

Depending on the file size and your internet upload speed it may take a few minutes to have your file completely uploaded on your Google drive. Once you have it ready, right-click on your video and select Share.

share pop-up

On the share with others pop-up box (see below), click Get shareable link. By doing so, you have actually copied the link to the video.

share with others

For your future emails, you can right-click on the video in your drive and directly select Get a shareable link and paste it in your email body.

Get shareable link

Alternatively, while writing your email copy, you can click the Drive icon on the bottom of your email new message window. Choose your file and hit Insert.

insert files using drive

If your recipient uses Gmail, your email will look like this:

google drive embedded email

Once the email recipient clicks on the video, they will be able to see it on the same page as an embedded video.

drive embedded video

Embed Video Workaround

Alternatively, your video can appear to be embedded in your email. This way the video preview will be inside the email body and not just a preview. You need a video thumbnail for this matter. If you don’t have a thumbnail (like on your YouTube channel), you need to make one. Watch your video first and decide on what you want to be the thumbnail. Then pause and take a screenshot (like the photo above). This will be the thumbnail you will use for your video.

Now, open the email, write the text and insert your thumbnail as a picture in your email body:


Click Insert photo and choose your photo from your desktop.

Gmail insert photo

You need to select the image. In order to do that, make sure you drag the cursor left until the image turns blue. Note that if you just click on the image, it won’t work! Now that you have selected the image, click Insert link.

Gmail insert link

In the pop-up box, select the web address or URL you want this link go. You can use the YouTube URL or your landing page as the destination and hit OK.

Gmail edit link


Click Insert and then select Pictures in Outlook. Find your thumbnail on your desktop and click Insert in the pop-up window.

outlook insert pictures

Now you have to hyperlink the image so when your email recipient clicks on it, it will open another window and show them the video on the destination page. Select your image in your email body and click Insert and hit Hyperlink. Now type the destination URL in the Address field. Click OK once done.

outlook hyperlink

As mentioned at the beginning of this section, this is a workaround way as we are not actually embedding the videos here. But it’s a useful way to grab the clients’ attention and encourage them to click on the video.

Using Email Marketing Service Providers 

In order to have more flexibility in creating beautiful emails, you can make use of email marketing service providers such as Mailchimp. Here, we explain how you can use this platform to embed your videos as an example.

On the right-hand side, choose video:

video on Mailchimp

Click on Browse and on the slider window on the right, enter your video URL from YouTube. Hit Save & Close.

Mailchimp video URL

This is what your market video email template could look like once you have embedded your market update video into your email.

5. Check your email campaign reports and take action through follow up emails

To check your email campaign reports, there are many different types of analytics plug-ins you can use. Such as Mailtrack a Google Chrome plug-in for Gmail, Microsoft My Analytics for Outlook, Mailbutler for Apple or Google mail or even Google Analytics .

Use these online tools to see how many of your recipients are receiving your emails, opening your mail and more. This way you can make appropriate changes to your email campaigns and more.

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