Realtor Tutorials

Roomvu provides real estate agents with a platform that helps them with their marketing efforts and provides different methods to generate leads. This platform is so comprehensive and includes different parts including automated videos, email marketing, a real estate website, sharing video content on different social media, etc. Room view tutorials category includes all the article that helps real estate agents to use the platform. These guides include step by step tutorials that show real estate agents how to use this platform in a visual manner by using images and videos. For example, in these articles you can find some guides how to upload your contact lists into the email marketing section of the platform and send mass emails. On the other section you will learn how to use automated videos, add your personal branding to them, and finally share them with your audience. It will also teach you how to use your real estate agent profile, customize it the way you want, add your personal information and listings, and choose other components that you wish to have on your website. In order to take the best out of this platform we highly recommend our real estate agents to completely read these articles so that they learn how to use all the capabilities this platform offers in order to reach optimum results. As new features are added to the platform gnu tutorial guides will also be published on roomvu Academy blog.

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