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How to Set Your Website DNS

Option 1: Set DNS automatically

If you purchased your domain from Godaddy, there is an option to set DNS records automatically. Go to your go daddy account and login into your panel. Then copy this URL and open it in your browser:

Follow these steps:

Step 1

Click on Create New API Key

Step 2

Enter a name & choose ‘production’ for the environment

Step 3

Copy your API Key & API Secret

Step 4

Go to your Roomvu account, in the setting page, open ‘Agent Website’

Step 5

Enter your Domain address, API key & API secret in these fields and click on ‘save changes’ at the bottom of the page.

Option 2: Set DNS Manually

Step 1

Go to your domain provider service, and login into your dashboard. Under your Domain setting, there should be an option called DNS records. Like these screenshots:

Sample 2

Step 2

Click on ‘add new record’ and enter this data and click on save or update button. Everything is done and your domain will be updated in at most 24 hours.

FieldDate to enter
IP address167.99.187.230
TTLDo not change
Other fieldsDo not change
Sample 1Sample 2

Step 3:

You should also change the CNAME record for www in DNS records like this table:

FieldDate to enter
ValueYour domain address without www
TTLDo not change
Other fieldsDo not change
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