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Agent Web Profile – A FREE Alternative to the Traditional Real Estate Agent Website

It is important for a real estate agent to maintain an online presence during the digital age, but did you know that instead of paying hundreds of dollars each month for a website, you can have an Agent Web Profile for free?

Just like a personal real estate website, Roomvu’s agent profile contains all the important tools that agents need for their business. You can upload your profile picture, include your tagline, your company logo, and much more!

Your web profile will automatically show your entire sales record! It will also show your current, sold and brokerage listings.

How Does the Agent Web Profile Work?

Here’s a step by step guide on creating and using your profile.

1. Find Yourself

Once you sign up, you will be asked to search your name as registered with the MLS board. Choose the correct match from the list and click on Select. Then you’ll be sent an email or text message to activate your profile.  Open your email/message and confirm.

Agent profile register


  • Make sure you choose the one with the correct information if more than one shows up.
  • If you can’t find your name, click on “Can’t Find Your Name”  and fill out the Manual Subscription Form. Hit submit once you’re done.
  • You won’t be able to log in until you confirm in your email account.
  • If you’ve already registered with roomvu, you can enter your email and password on the login page.


2. Set Up the Profile

The first time you arrive on this page, you won’t have a cover image or a profile photo. You will need to customize your profile as you see fit. Everything related to your profile details is located in the Profile tab on the left-hand side, in the navigation bar.

About You

You can write more about your background in the About You section. We recommend adding your personalized message. It can be your past experience and achievements. This will appear right under your profile video. Let’s see how Paul McDaniel is introducing himself on his profile:

Agent profile About You

Here, you can write more about yourself, add a personal slogan, include a personal/team website, also add your social media links and a company logo.

By clicking on the orange camera button on the right-hand side, you can upload your profile cover photo. Selecting the blue camera will allow you to add your profile photo. For the social media profile links, make sure you get the exact URL from your social media without a slash or anything.

Finally, click choose an image to upload your company logo and click Save once you’re done. Now if you click the preview, you’ll be able to see all changes you just made.

Add your photo and Cover image

The first time you arrive on this page, you won’t have a cover image or a profile photo. To ensure your branding is prominent, make sure that you have uploaded your profile picture and brokerage logo. 

Click on the gold camera button on the top left-hand side. Here, you can upload your profile photo. So click to add image, choose your photo and click open.

You can click and drag to reposition or scroll Up or Down to resize the image. Note that in order to see the changes appearing on the profile, you must save once you’re done with any editing. Once you’re happy with your cover image, click save.

You can add your cover image by clicking Add Cover Image under Profile in the left navigation bar.

Click to add image, choose your photo from your computer and click open. Again, you can click and drag to reposition or scroll Up or Down to resize the image. 

Once you’re done, click confirm.

cover image

Add Testimonials

Simply click Testimonial in the left navigation under Profile, and fill out the right slider form. 

Enter your client’s name. Choose whether they are a buyer or a seller and also type in the testimonial, which should be under 250 characters. Click Save once you’re finished. 

rppmvu profile testimonials

Please note that you can either delete or edit any testimonial by clicking the 3-dot icon above it or add more testimonials by clicking Edit (the pencil icon) on the top right of your testimonial section.

Add Specializations

In the navigation control on the left under Profile, click on Specializations. Here you can add or remove specialties that best represent you. If you don’t see something you want, just type it in the search bar and click add. Click Save once you’re done. 

roomvu profile specialization

As you can see your added expertise will show up on your profile right before Testimonials and after About.

Note that you can edit Specializations either by clicking Edit (the pencil icon) above it or in the left navigation.

Adjust Your Lead Capturing Landing Pages

As you can see, in your profile navigation bar under Profile, there’s a dedicated Lead Capturing section. Nobody wants to lose the leads’ contact information. That’s why lead generation (capture) landing pages are designed with the sole purpose of collecting visitors’ information that will enable you to connect and market to visitors in the future. These lead generation landing pages are customized with your branding so you can capture your audience info and convert them to clients.

Click and you’ll see all the widgets in the right slider. Please note that some landing pages may not be available in some cities. 

Real estate lead capturing tools

MLS Search

The first landing page is MLS Search Cities. This enables visitors to have a quick search in the cities you want. Your profile visitors can search MLS listings based on Property ID, address, postal code or based on the cities you entered while your branding is highlighted during their search.

property search form

This new window is what your visitors see. Your profile visitor can see three boxes labeled with the cities that you just picked. By clicking on each box, your users can see the properties in each corresponding city.

search cities landing page

At any point during their search on the listing pages, the visitor can use the contact form at the bottom right and reach out to you as the professional of their choice.

contact form

Home Evaluation

This is an incredibly effective tool to convert potential sellers to qualified leads. The home evaluation form enables your profile visitors to evaluate how much their home is worth.

Home Evaluation

To test this feature, we have to consider your profile from your viewers’ perspective. Click the Preview button on the top. This will open another tab and shows how your profile looks to your visitors.

When the viewers scroll down, toward the bottom of your profile, they’ll see a panel that reads: “Wondering how much your home is worth?” When they click “find out Now”, a new window with your branding opens where the visitor can type their home address:

home evaluation landing page

Once a potential lead hits Get My Estimate, on the new page, again with your branding on the top, the property location appears on the map. 

home evaluation form

So, when your visitor enters their name and email and hits Submit, you’ll automatically receive an email from Roomvu, which looks like the one below. The email contains all the details that this visitor just provided:

home assessment email

The home Evaluation form is another lead generation landing page, dedicated to you and your brand, enabling you to build fast and strong connections with your profile visitors and convert them to leads. In fact, this is another opportunity to contact them to see how they can benefit from your expertise.

AI Curated Top Listings

This is another feature providing value to your leads. Browse Hot New Listings

Hot New Listings Landing Page

Roomvu wants to keep the visitor interested in staying on YOUR real estate landing page, that’s why all landing pages have your branding.

bargain homes in Vancouver

Most expensive listings in Vancouver

As you see in the photo above, your leads can share the list with their network too. This gives them a reason to keep in touch with you because you are providing valuable content.

Neighbourhood Intros

With this landing page, you need to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in the neighborhood by providing images, videos and facts.

Neighborhood landing page

From your navigation, under Profile, click Lead Capturing, and choose the neighborhoods you want to add.

Check Your Current Listings

Your current listings will be updated automatically:

current listing

Choosing any of your listings will open another window showcasing a video slideshow of that specific listing with the relevant information. For each of these listings, you’ll be provided with an open house feature sheet as well. This is a downloadable PDF you can use in your open houses and email campaigns. Read our step-by-step guides on video slideshow and open house feature sheets and learn more about these free features on your profile.


Your Brokerage Listings

Here, you can see your brokerage listings. If the wrong brokerage is shown, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will update your listings in 1-2 business days.

brokerage listings

3. Maximize Exposure with the Profile Video

Your profile video with your branding is automatically uploaded. Click on the Video tab to view them. Here’s how your market update videos look:

Select What Videos to Display

You have the option to display a different video on your profile. Videos are updated monthly.

Market Report videos

Downloading the Video

Click Download video on the top right-hand corner of the video and a window will popup. Choose your plan (monthly/annual). Hit Subscribe Now and get the video.* You can share your video on various social media channels or use it in your personal email campaigns. Check out any of the links below to get a step by step guide on how to use your market update video on social media channels or how to set up advertising for market update video on different channels:

Using market update video:  Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedInemail 

Setting up paid advertising for market update video: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

*The first video is free.

4. Share Your Profile

Once you’ve updated all the information, you can share your profile on various digital platforms such as social media or use it in your email campaigns. 

Click Share Profile. You have the option to share it directly on social media (Facebook and Twitter) or just copy the link and share it as you wish. Your video is only available to your network via this link. 

Share profile

Your video is only available to your network via this link. 


Clicking on Preview will open another window where you can view your profile as a client. This allows you to see the final changes and see how it looks from a client’s perspective.

5. Publish

With this new feature, you will be able to share your dedicated lead generation landing pages with your clients such as neighborhood and real estate news landing pages.

share neighborhood guides

6. Email Videos

roomvu profile makes it easy to email videos to your clients. We understand that creating regular content, writing emails texts and inserting your videos into your emails is not simple. That’s why we have a dedicated email marketing feature enabling you to email videos directly from your roomvu profile.

You can find this feature under the Video tab, the second option on the right side.

email videos

Read more: Emailing Videos to Your Real Estate Clients: Email Marketing with roomvu Profile

7. Change Your Profile Settings

You can get access to your profile settings by clicking Settings in the left navigation. Here, you can change your password or edit your payment settings.

Don’t forget that at any stage, you can use the pop-up help window on the bottom right-hand side of the page. Support is available online to assist you with any questions.

online support

By establishing an effective online presence and building credibility, you will strengthen your real estate brand and get more sales as a result. Our free and premium services integrated with data analytics and automated marketing suites are made to help you inspire your clients, establish trust and differentiate yourself.

Sign up and start your online journey now.

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Our History

Founded in 2017 and located in downtown Vancouver, Roomvu uses fringe technology to offer nine premium services to over 4,000 real estate agents across Canada. Roomvu’s team of young professionals have expertise in real estate, marketing and business development. Visit Roomvu for more information. 

What is an Agent Web Profile?

Roomvu’s agent profile contains all the important tools that agents need for their business. You can upload your profile picture, include your tagline, your company logo, and much more!
Your web profile will automatically show your entire sales record! It will also show your current, sold and brokerage listings.

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