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33 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas for 2021

Get Quality Prospects With Top Real estate Lead Generation Ideas and Boost Sales

The world is changing at breakneck speed. What worked a few years ago in the real estate business might not work anymore. Real estate lead generation ideas need to be consistently evolving and assimilated into communication trends.  A realtor’s success depends on the generation of new leads. Without leads, your skill set won’t be of much use. 

Success is reliant on how adaptable you are to technology and new trends. If you want to make it as a realtor, you need to be up to date on the latest real estate lead generation ideas. Establishing a winning brand identity and long-term success depends on a solid flow of leads. 

We have gathered a list of the most effective and creative ideas to help you excel.

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

By definition, a lead is a person who is interested in the product or service you offer. Realtors and agents generate leads from a variety of sources, then follow up with them to see if the lead is a good fit for what they sell. There are many proven ideas widely used by agents. However, we have tried to focus on more creative and novel ideas:

1. EBooks

Everybody loves eBooks. These are a convenient way of learning new things on the go. Although they can be read on computers, most people will probably read them on their mobile phones. And they are one of the best real estate lead generation ideas which use email-gating methods: You give away your eBook in return for visitors’ contact information. This is a win-win approach. Your audience gets the information they need and you get some leads while simultaneously proving your value and expertise.

Creating eBooks doesn’t mean you have to start with nothing. You can compile the content you have produced in the past and turn it into an eBook. Just make sure it all relates to the same topic. This way you create your eBook without having to write one from scratch: a zero-effort lead generation tool.

2. Referrals

People love to repeat past happy experiences or try what others did and were happy about. That’s what referrals have to offer. According to the NAR, 64% of home sellers found their agent through a referral or used an agent they had already worked with. That’s more than half of home sellers. And it figures. It is less risky to work with a realtor who has helped you before.

Referrals cost agents nothing. They are one of the most effective real estate lead generation ideas. The only thing necessary is staying connected with people you know. Once they or people they know need your services, there is a good chance they will contact you. 

Also, it is a good idea to thank your referral sources. Even if they already love you it doesn’t hurt to show your appreciation. It is important to nurture relationships. A handwritten note and a gift card goes a long way in showing respect and appreciation. 

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3. Reviews

The modern form of the point above (referrals) would be Reviews. Services or products online are introduced with images, descriptions, technical specifications, etc. Yet most people scroll down to see the reviews and decide based on what someone else thinks of the product or service. People tend to trust their peers when it comes to buying products and services.

If customers enjoy your services enough to leave a positive review, why not tell your future customers about them? Publicize and monitor your reviews. 

4. Thank You Cards

Creating a personal relationship with your audience goes a long way when it comes to finding new leads for your business. After all, we all appreciate kindness. We prefer the shops where the shopkeeper gives us a warm welcome even if there are slightly better services elsewhere. At least most of us do.

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You and your services might not be needed or chosen immediately. But sending a thank you card after, for example, a listing presentation shows your audience you are a caring and attentive person. Even if they are not planning on doing business right now once they do your name will likely come to mind. People remember kindness.

5. Tip Guides

Similar to eBooks, tip guides offer valuable information that will appeal to most of your audience. They provide good-to-know particulars in the form of a series of tips provided in a list format.  This is information you already know from education or experience and costs very little in time and effort. Why not make a small guide like “20 Tips On Buying Your First Home”?

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6. Social Sharing

The main focus of your marketing efforts online will be providing your audience with lots of valuable and compelling information. The more people who see your content the better your chances of getting leads. That’s why you promote your content on social media. You should not stop there.  This real estate lead generation idea requires you to ask your audience on your website and social media to share the content with their friends if they find it valuable. Provide convenient sharing options so that your readers can share with a single click. 

7. Email Listings

By building a solid list of emails, there are many opportunities to nurture your leads. One of the things you could do is a regular and recurring list of recent listings in your farm area. Homebuyers and even home sellers will be interested to know what options are available in the area. Do this weekly or bi-weekly and sit back and wait for your leads to call you. 

8. Free Consultation

A free consultation requires you do some extra work without immediate payoff. This might not seem like an interesting real estate lead generation idea for some realtors. But it will benefit you in the medium or long term.  Apart from the fact that some people might turn into clients right after the free consultation, the ones who do not take action right after will remember you. They will now be more likely to come back to you when they are in need of real estate services.

Dedicate a landing page on your website and offer free consultation or appointments in return for visitors’ contact information through a form. Then promote this landing page on your social media accounts or even through SEM.

9. Pop-ups

Pop-ups are more of a way of offering your content and services rather than being one themselves. Once you get visitors to your website, they will browse different sections and may or may not click on your services and might even decide to leave. Implementing exit, entry, scroll or click pop-ups is a great way of getting the readers’ attention.  You can try pop-ups offering:

Free content: eBooks, tips and tricks, etc.

Free Services: home valuations, consultations, and appointments

10. Case Studies

It is always interesting to get to know how something works. A case study will take a decent amount of work to make but will highlight your expertise and abilities. How you managed to sell a property which proved to be difficult or had some issues. Real life examples demonstrated in a case study will show your readers your strengths and will give them an idea about how you might help them with their needs and challenges. 

11. Speak at Events

The more you get your name out there the more you will promote your brand. An unknown realtor will have a hard time convincing prospects that they are the right agent despite their claimed achievements and accomplishments. On the other hand, when you show up in public and give speeches at conferences you prove your expertise and show you are someone who knows their way around the business. In addition to building your reputation, after every event, you might get some leads. 

12. Website

At the beginning of this article, we promised you to offer new and creative real estate lead generation ideas. Having a website may not seem like a novel idea. However, its importance as a marketing tool leads us to mention it on this list.

Creating a website can be a time-consuming and costly task, but it is a must. It builds trust, and trust is essential online.

On your website:

  • You introduce yourself, your accomplishments, achievements, and expertise
  • Feature your recent listings
  • Feature customers’ testimonials
  • Offer different services like home valuations through dedicated landing pages
  • Provide your contact information

Now creating a website with all these features from scratch will cost you lots of money and time. Roomvu offers convenient agent profiles that offer all those above features for an affordable price. No need to waste time and energy for a website to get you started.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Sign up for your free profile.
  • Personalize your details
  • Get access to market update videos and share your profile
  • Convert your video viewers and profile visitors to leads

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13. Market Updates

The market is changing all the time and provides different opportunities for homebuyers and sellers. Current world events have a direct impact on the market. Is it a good time to buy a home or sell one? Even those who are not planning to buy or sell in the immediate future would like to know about their options. Such information is valuable for your audience. Email-gating such content will get you some quality leads if done properly. 

roomvu Market Update Videos

There are many ways to offer market updates, yet the ones in video format prove to be most effective and are easily shareable through email and social media. With Roomvu’s Agent Profile you can conveniently share branded market update videos with your audience.

roomvu Content Factory

We understand how time-consuming it is to create valuable videos for your audience, which is why we’ve done it for you. Just share! Don’t wait to introduce yourself, get exposure now! We generate data-driven videos with your personal branding included.

Embedding videos to emails can be a daunting task. But Roomvu offers a convenient way to share your branded market update videos easily with your contact lists in a flash. 

14. A Name Badge

Making sure people know who you are and what you do is essential in the real estate business. It is impossible to ask everyone you come across if they need real estate services but it is easy or let EVERYONE you meet know you are an agent. By wearing a badge, you clearly let others know you are an agent.  Prospective clients will not only remember your face but your name and the agency you are associated with.

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15. Automated Text Marketing

Text messages have a mind-blowing 97% open rate in under 5 minutes compared to 20% for emails (at over 90 minutes). 85% of mobile device users prefer a text from businesses over phone calls or emails. 

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The problem with text marketing is that it might take a long time to send messages to all your contact list one by one. Here is where technology helps. Advanced text messaging platforms like twilio can help you send text messages to your audience list with ease.  

16. Become the Digital Mayor of Your Farm Area

In the real world, mayors know a lot about their community; local businesses, where to go to get what service, etc. They know the community they serve like the back of their hand. 

In the world of real estate, things are the same. If you want to become the digital mayor of your farm area you need to develop the same level of knowledge and get hyper-local. Nothing in the neighborhood or town you cover should be left aside. 

As you are going on with your content marketing efforts and providing valuable information for your audience, keep this in mind that you should demonstrate your expertise about the neighborhood and get local. Your aim here is to introduce yourself as the neighborhood’s go-to-realtor. 

The content you share shows that you know the area, what it’s like to live and work there. The housing market, prices, amenities, schools, and everything else that a homebuyer or even a home seller might be interested in. This way when people need real estate services they will choose the one realtor who seems more expert on the neighborhood: You. 

17. Meet Your Top Contacts in Person

Lead generation depends on personal connections. With all the people in your audience list and network it might get quite hard to develop a more personal relationship online. That’s why we recommend you narrow your list down to a handful of top prospects in your network and plan to visit them in person every 3 months. Try to learn more about them and their lives. See if there is anything you can help them with. Offer help and let them know you are there for them if they need help.

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If you are willing and able to spend the money you can host exclusive events and parties and invite your list of top prospects. This way you make them feel special and make sure they will return the favor by bringing their business to you. 

18. Pitch Newly and Older Expired Listings

When listings expire it can indicate an agent did not do the work they were supposed to. This could be an opportunity to get a lead. But at the same time, the owner could be wary and skeptical regarding realtors as they were recently disappointed. Your job as a realtor is to approach such owners and provide advice. Never start with an offer for your services. Tell them why you think the home expired and how you would do things differently. In the end, tell them you are available if they need further help.

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You should not limit yourself to recently expired listings. Instead, dig deeper and do some extensive research to find listings that expired a long time ago and never relisted. Given the right help, the people behind those listings might still want to have their property sold.

19. Have a Solid Community Presence

Attend local markets, coffee houses, pubs, and bars. Engage in conversations with locals and if asked let others know who you are and what you do. People will need a realtor one day and that might be you. 

While socializing in the community always offer your help and advice to people who seem to be needing it for free. Never try to make direct sales as people hate that. Also, if you know anyone in other fields and people you meet need their help, try to connect them. Chances are other professionals will return the favor. 

20. Think Investment

Your job as a realtor is to help people buy and sell homes but you do not get to decide why they are doing it. Some people buy homes to live in but others buy new homes as a form of investment and hope to make wealth out of it. You need to keep mind that part of your services should include knowledge about investing in the area. 

The content you produce should also help those looking for investment opportunities. Knowing the features of the neighborhood and the property to fit the needs of a couple looking for a roof over their head is great. But knowing the market in the neighborhood and helping clients make the best move to make money is another aspect of real estate that has quite a high demand.

21. Focus On First-Time Buyers

Millennials, people born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, make up 32% of all home buyers in the U.S and 94% of them use online websites for home searches. This makes them a great source of leads. Dedicating a part of your online marketing efforts is a sure way of generating some quality leads. However, this group of homebuyers is harder to please. Realtors need to put in more effort at providing valuable information to convince them. 

Offering free tips and tricks for first-time homebuyers is a good real estate lead generation idea as Millennials will be thinking of buying their first home. Their needs will be quite different from those of older generations that might have bought their first home long ago. Think of them as people who are quite new to the business and require more care and more basic knowledge. 

22. Making Videos

Power up your real estate lead generation through videos which teem with many possibilities that you can tailor-fit for your target market. For example, make 360 videos or drone videos of your sales listings to make them more immersive to audiences. Aside from listings, in the agent videos, you can also introduce yourself and your services as well as feature testimonials from your previous clients. Find ways to be unique. You can add more value by including some real estate stats in your video. Roomvu has made it easier to promote your real estate brand using the power of data analytics. Read the step-by-step guide on using automated videos.

Live videos on either Facebook or YouTube are potent tools in real estate generation as well. While livestreaming a video, you can ask for immediate feedback and initiate a call to action (CTA) that could facilitate your access to viewers for further interaction.

23. Pay Attention to Local Sponsorship

Consider sponsoring local events that have a significant impact on the community. Doing so helps you establish a firmer local presence and attract leads to your real estate services. Prioritize those events wherein you can actively participate, get maximum exposure, meet people, and establish new contacts. Examples of these activities include bingo socials, fun runs, charity dances, and karaoke nights.

24. Use Lead Generation Website

Real estate lead generation companies offer a suite of products and services that can supercharge your bid to compile the most potent real estate leads. From their offerings, you can choose those lead generation tools that suit your needs best. A leading choice, Real Geeks, for example, helps manage Facebook ads that automatically filter leads into your customer relationship manager. Another popular lead generator, BoldLeads, can supply leads based on zip codes, thereby giving agents a wide field of coverage.

Roomvu Social Medial Automated Calendar

Roomvu offers automatic social media sharing, email marketing and customized lead generation landing pages you can easily use to capture leads and convert them to clients.

25. Network With Key Persons

Partner with folks whose professions interlink with the real estate industry. These key persons include stagers, loan officers, divorce lawyers, and financial planners whose functions can lead to windows of opportunities for referrals. Further on networking, stay active in your local real estate association where members not only experience professional growth but can also explore possibilities for collaboration on generating real estate leads.

26. Prompt Responses with Facebook Messenger Ads

With Facebook Messenger ads, a prospect has the option to start a conversation at that very moment when they see the ad. This strategy immediately removes multiple layers of the traditional methods of prospecting a real estate lead (e.g., filling out an inquiry form, submitting personal details, and then waiting, perhaps patiently and perhaps not, for a response). Instead, use the Facebook Messenger ad opportunity to immediately start building a relationship with the prospective buyer or seller.

Facebook Messenger Ads

27. Use LinkedIn for Real Estate Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a spectacular tool for generating qualified leads for realtors. By using LinkedIn’s advanced search option, you can connect with people in groups and share engaging and valuable content with them. Don’t forget as well that you can easily be in your prospective client’s network if you share the same group. Targeting made easy, isn’t it?

28. Finding Divorce Leads

This is a little tricky and requires considerable patience and empathy. Many couples who are divorcing end up selling their property or home, sometimes by choice and sometimes because of a court order. You need to polish your pitching skills in order to work up divorce leads.

29. Nurturing Old Leads

Only a seasoned realtor knows the importance of following up and nurturing leads. Many new and, surprisingly, even some old real estate brokers fail to regularly follow up with their connections and leads. Managing more that 20 leads a month can be very tedious, so that’s why you should focus on automating your processes. CRM’s like HubSpot, Real Geeks, and Freshsales can help you build that relationship with your clients.

30. Optimize Your Website

Do you have a web presence that isn’t doing much for you? That isn’t good enough in 2019. You need to optimize your website and blogs and invest in SEO. Implementing organic and local SEO strategies will ensure that your real estate brokerage firm is visible to interested users in real time.

31. Free Advice

People will value you if you truly listen to them and then provide them with an unbiased solution. As a realtor, you can offer free consultation and advice on the discussion boards on Facebook, Reddit, and other forums in your city.

32. Text Messages

As another one of the great real estate lead generation ideas, you can engage your leads with automated text messages. This is similar to engaging your leads with timely emails, but instead, you do it with a simple text message. A CRM system like Real Geeks can solve the problem of how to most effectively send automated messages to your clients and leads.

33. Retargeting Ads

By retargeting your online ads, you can cater to users who did not take any action on your website after clicking the ad for it. This way, you can remind the user about your services and begin to generate an interest in you in their mind. It’s easy to do. Install a pixel code and enable retargeting ads on Google.

  • Buy Genuine Marketing Leads
  • Build Client Relationships – Not Necessarily for Profit
  • Use Craigslist
  • Invest in Social Media – Hire a Social Media Manager
  • Generate Local PR
  • Get Referrals
  • Sponsor Local Events and Charities

So much of the business in the real estate sector depends on relationship building. Setting up processes that increase your efficiency can give you a definite advantage in the market and establish you as a market leader.

Now, before you start generating some more real estate leads, please take a moment and share with us in the Comments section below what has worked best for you in the past when it comes to lead generation.


Generating leads is essential to a realtor’s marketing efforts. There are some established and proven methods to do so like cold calling and door knocking. However, the effectiveness of such methods is diminishing. Therefore, realtors need some new real estate lead generation ideas to incorporate in their business and find new ways of getting leads that are integrated with technology.

Following the ideas presented in this article will get you started, but you need to find inspiration from them and develop real estate lead generation ideas tailored to the needs of your marketing niche. 

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1. What is real estate lead generation?

By definition, a lead is a person who is interested in the product or service you offer. Realtors and agents generate leads from a variety of sources, then follow up with them to see if the lead is a good fit for what they sell. There are many proven ideas widely used by agents.

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