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49 Real Estate Social Media Ideas for Lead Generation

Build Authenticity and Establish Trust by Sharing your Expertise with Real Estate Videos

Real Estate agents are making content, videos, and images, so many that sometimes they run out of ideas. Why are they making so many? These days, if you are an agent, having video content for social media is a must. It is a different world, and current trends coupled with events like the COVID-19 pandemic do not allow us to live the way we did before. Having a long list of real estate social media ideas, you can refer back to when creating content is a great advantage.

Time is money. Modern life requires us to take every single chance to save time and cut down on spending. No need to go to the local market to buy groceries when you can shop online. In real estate, when you have the chance to browse homes online why bother wasting time with an in-person showing? You can keep the actual visit on your shortlist

There is practically no end to the list of real estate video ideas. Creative minds create valuable content, and here we have collected a comprehensive list of real estate video ideas you can adapt to create videos and prosper in the digital world.

Why Use Videos?

A study has revealed that real estate listings that offer a video get 403% more inquiries, and a report by Cisco revealed that by 2021, 80% of the internet traffic will be used for videos. Humans find it easier to watch something than try and read it. It is not surprising we prefer images and videos to text. 

Apart from that, nowadays almost all the realtors are using videos and if you are not, you will be left behind. Using videos is a must, but now you need to level up your game and stand out by expanding your real estate video ideas. 

Real Estate Social Media Ideas

Your own creativity will be your most powerful asset in making a real estate video. While thinking of real estate video ideas always have this in your mind: if you were your audience, what kind of videos would you need? What kind of videos would be most valuable? So whatever video idea you go for, make it worth it.

 All that being said, here’s a list of real estate video marketing ideas to generate leads in 2020:

1. Market Update

As a realtor, you should be doing Market Update videos. People expect such content. The market is your business and convincing people to do business with you in real estate is your marketing goal. A Market update is one of the things people think about when they think about real estate. It also offers valuable information to those who may not be planning to buy or sell a home. They will remember you as someone who knows their stuff. Once the opportunity presents itself you will be the person they think of to help them buy or sell their home.

Make sure the videos you make provide accurate facts presented in a professional and visually clean way. Grabbing a pen and writing on a whiteboard might have been something a while ago, but we live in the age of technology, and those old-school methods might not leave the best of impression.

Roomvu is ready to do the job for you by providing you with branded market update videos that can be shared easily. 

2. Neighbourhood Video

Many realtors consider the property to be the only significant factor and other factors such as “perks” or bonuses some properties might have. But an element like the neighborhood is as essential as the property itself for homebuyers. Do not ignore the fact that people first choose the neighborhood.

We at Roomvu provide realtors with detailed videos presenting different neighborhoods. These videos provide valuable and include information on topics like location, amenities, schools, and other features home buyers might be interested in. Realtors can have their own branded neighborhood video guide which is easily shareable with their audience. 

Bringing something new to the table is always a game-changer in business, providing your audience with neighborhood videos will set you apart. This is a promising investment. Look like the pro you are!

Roomvu: Sign up and share branded neighborhood videos with a click of a button.

3. Home Renovation

People usually renovate their houses right before selling or right after buying. Either way, home renovation is closely related to buying or selling a home and should be part of the videos you produce and share. Home renovations have a direct impact on home selling prices.

4. Best Time To Sell

There are times when prices rise, and owners start selling their properties. Most owners are not aware of the best times to sell, and some may even make mistakes and sell their homes when prices are quite low. By sharing your knowledge of the market through videos explaining the best times to sell properties you help your audience avoid losing money and introduce yourself as someone who would help them make a profit.

5. Home Maintenance

Ready to make your clients happy about the home they have bought? Sharing home maintenance videos is a great way to attract new audiences to your website/social media channel or keep the existing audience. Remember that you won’t just be promoting yourself. You will be producing valuable content that is related to what you do. 

6. Home Buying Process

Most people have no idea about the steps to buying a house. Some people underestimate the process, getting shocked once they are in the middle of it. Others overestimate it and this stops them from stepping up and going for a new home. Videos describing the process will show you as a supportive agent and at the same time get your audience familiar with the process. Watch this video from Tina Israelson:

The more on-screen information, the better. Such videos tend to be overloaded with too much information, and it might be hard for the audience to keep up. Try to show the main points as text on video as you are talking. The purpose of the video here is to educate your audience. Watch this video from Graham Stephan:

Also, it is a good idea to keep a friendly tone in the videos to show your audience you care for them and their problems. The more you work at creating a personal relationship, the more your audience will trust you. Go ahead and win them over. Watch this video from Two Cents:

7. Market News

This one might look like market update videos, but it’s not. Market news videos cover new trends or anything new and out of the ordinary. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing some abnormal shifts in the way people are buying or selling houses, which can be categorized in market news videos but market update videos are videos that regularly analyze the market regardless of the trends and special events that happen. Watch this video from Meet Kevin:

If you are looking for ways to contribute and share the market news with your local clients, head to roomvu and get your branded market news videos today. Here’s an example of the videos you can download or share with your clients:

8. Market Forecast

Another cool idea for real estate videos is market forecasts. People love forecasts, whether about the weather or what will happen in the real estate market. Forecasts provide a sense of control. 

Your analysis of the market and prediction of its future based on past trends or current world developments can attract a large audience. 

9. Local Market Update (Submarket)

As a realtor, you need to get local. Your marketing, targeting, and promotions must all be as local as your customers. You will not be doing business with people from other cities unless they move to your city. 

Videos about market updates will show off your knowledge and expertise as a realtor, but local market updates are the real deal for the people thinking of moving to a new house or selling their property. 

10. Listings

Why you should be creating listing videos is pretty obvious. Just make sure the videos you make are shot professionally with high-quality footage. Try to showcase the property at its best. Before recording the video, plan what to show, how to show it, and what to say. Ask professionals to help you with listing videos if you are unsure. 

Roomvu provides you with high-quality cinematic real estate videos at affordable prices. Book now or get more information today.

11. Drone Videos

Another new trend these days in real estate is a drone or air shot. These breathtaking videos are shot using a drone flying around the house, showing the area around the property. Such technology produces eye-catching footage that appeals to homebuyers. Furthermore, as not every agent uses them, they can differentiate you from the crowd. 

They are not very expensive and are produced at an affordable price.

12. Virtual Open Houses

A virtual open house is one of the best videos you can make for your audience. They allow your audience to virtually visit a place without having to commute. Prepare a scenario where you will start from the neighborhood and go through the house, showing every nook and cranny to the audience. There are two types of virtual open houses:


These can be implemented on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc., where you can host a live broadcast. This way, your audience can interact, ask questions, comment, etc. Watch this video from


There is no live interaction in the static virtual open houses as the video is pre-recorded. This allows a more planned and controlled tour around the property and eliminates mistakes or issues as the video can be edited before publishing. The problem, though, is that users cannot ask questions in real-time, and the user engagement is limited to comments on the post. Watch this video from Ashley Smith:

13. Agent Introduction

To do business, people need to have a sense of trust with whom they are doing business. Building this relationship based on trust with your audience is of utmost importance. They should be able to get to know you not just in business but as a person.

An agent introduction video is recorded and shared to initiate a trust-based relationship with the audience and facilitate further relations. You can talk about why you are a realtor and how you got into the business, what you like most about being a realtor, how you are different from other realtors, and what your strong and weak points are.

14. Team Introduction

Similar to the previous type, team introduction videos are used to develop a different and more personal relationship with the audience to facilitate trust. However, the video is not focused on a single person and aims at familiarizing the audience with the whole team, their values, their goals, and their mission. 

It is a good idea to mention these three points in the team introduction video for your company:

  • Who exactly are you serving?
  • What are your services or products?
  • How will you help your clients with your services?

The answer to these three questions makes up your mission statement, which is pivotal in how you run your business and take care of customers. 

15. Just Sold Video

Whenever people want to choose a service or a product, they usually try to make sure of the quality of service first before spending their hard-earned cash and irreversible time. One of the ways you can prove yourself as someone who can be trusted with selling a property is to show the previous properties you have just sold.

Highlighting facts like how fast you sold property will go a long way and attract the attention of home sellers. Just make sure you mention the properties you have sold very recently. Watch this video from Nisha Smith:

16. How to Price Your Property

Many people would like to sell their property but are not ready. The mental journey they have to go through to land on the final decision to sell a property can last a long time or be a quick one. Presenting the would-be home sellers with valuable information, like how much their property can list for, will push them down the path towards getting serious about selling their home. 

In a video, you can teach homeowners the factors affecting the price of a house and explain the details. This valuable information will be shared easily, expanding your reach and brand awareness. Watch this video from
PLG Estates:

17. Parks, Lakes, Nature Walks, Dog Walks

You can break a neighborhood’s video guide down into smaller topics: The things people care about and look for. One such topic could be the natural attractions of a neighborhood as this is one of the most important priorities, especially for senior citizens. People who keep a pet would also be looking for communities where pets are welcome, and there is much to do. 

18. Restaurants, Bars, and Stores

Restaurants stores, and other places where people can hang out and shop define a neighborhood for those who love to be out and spend time socially. Not all neighborhoods are the same in this matter, and highlighting the neighborhood’s superior shops and restaurants drives homebuyers to consider buying a home. 

19. Case Studies

Case studies are a marketing staple. They are used to show why your services or products are helpful and valuable. Talking about your services and how good you are is one thing, showing it is a different story with a different outcome. 

When you sell a property fast or find a home for a client, quickly, you can talk about the process through which you managed to achieve such a satisfactory result, thereby proving your efficiency to your audience and attracting them to do business with you. 

On the other hand, talking about the properties that didn’t sell will shed light on the common mistakes in the market and what stops properties from being sold. Watch this video from Shane Melanson:

20. The Most Desirable Neighbourhoods

As the name suggests, the video is about introducing the best neighborhoods in terms of general interest. They are not necessarily the most expensive ones. They can be the most affordable ones with the most amenities around. People may not be aware of all the options they have when deciding on a new place, and providing such lists will make you a needed source of information, in other words, more leads. Watch this video from Kerri O’Hara:

21. School Review Video

Most real estate websites include a dedicated space to talk about the schools a certain area has. Given the importance of education in people’s lives, the quality of schools is a key factor for people wondering if they should live in a neighborhood. Watch this video from
Andrew Finney Team:

22. Behind The Scenes

Making your audience and clients feel like a part of the family is always a good idea. On the other hand, showing what is happening behind the curtain removes doubts about the qualities you claim. How you process negotiations, contracts, and deals, how you showcase or present listings, and the effort you go through to find a home for your clients will prove how much you care for your customers and will work as proof of your professionalism. Watch this video from Mark Salerno:

23. Common Mistakes Buyers/Sellers Make

This one is one of the things that home buyers and home sellers search online to find answers for. Right now, many people are thinking of making a deal in real estate and feel like they know nothing. Probably hundreds of them are searching for tips in this regard right now. You could be the one realtor who provides the answers and, who knows, maybe gets to help them further. Watch this video from Matt Leighton:

24. How to Prepare for an Open House

Hosting an open house is no easy task, and many sellers have no idea what to do. They take the idea for granted and leave things be just to hope for the best. Many houses are not sold just because they are not tidy or clean. Creating videos, including tips about how to prepare a home will set your clients on their way, increasing the chances of finding a buyer. Watch this video from PLG Estates:

25.  Tips for Home Buyers

Not everybody is a home-buying expert, and for many, it is their first time. They have no idea where to begin and what to do. By explaining home-buying tips, you increase your chances of being seen as a professional who knows their way around, attracting more leads. 

26. Tips for Home Sellers

Like the point above, your job is to empower your audience and make them aware of the process of selling homes. There are many things to be discussed, and videos can explain these points briefly and helpfully. 

27. Why do Listings Expire

Sometimes homes won’t sell, and listings expire, leaving owners to wonder what happened. What did they do wrong?  Explaining common mistakes resulting from the expiration of listings will tell your audience that you won’t be making those mistakes given the chance to sell their property. Another cool asset to attract and generate more leads. Watch this video from Tom Ferry:

28. How Are You Different From Other Agents

Let’s face it: you are not the only agent around. Many other realtors are claiming to be the best. Repeating what everybody else is saying does not make you different. Stating how you are different and how you do things differently that helps your clients and ultimately make a better choice is something you should be talking about in your videos. Describe how your unique method has helped other clients so far. Watch this video from MrWeatherDan:

29. Luxury Houses Sold

This one might not be feasible to make for all realtors. After all, some of you have just begun your career as a realtor and might not have many luxurious houses to show off. But if you have handled some exquisite properties, present them in your videos to let your audience know you are a pro who sells pricey properties and, therefore, will have no trouble selling their homes. Watch this video from Hilton & Hyland:

30. Most Expensive Homes in the Area

People love chasing their dreams, even if they seem far-fetched. That’s why many social media accounts have attracted many followers by posting about luxury properties. People will follow you to see what awesome properties are there in the area, sharing your posts with friends and family increasing your chances of getting some new leads who might just be interested in your services and properties you have for sale. Watch this video from Vancouver Sun:

31. Video Testimonials

Talking about how good you are at real estate means something when your previous clients back it. People believe what their peers say. Having a couple of super-happy clients is a great asset to gain the trust of your audience. Ask your recent clients to sit with you and talk about their experience, describing where they were and where they are now and how you helped them get there. Ask them to tell your audience how they feel now. Watch this video from The Domo Group – RE/MAX:

32. Luxurious and Aspirational Homes

This looks like number 31, but it’s not the same. In these videos, you show some super luxurious homes that might not be from your area or neighborhood. They could be in other cities or countries. You, as an agent, will convey positive associations to your audience and spark desirable emotions. They will keep following you, and you can further nurture them into finally thinking of buying a house with your help. Watch this video from Sotheby’s International Realty:

33. Closing Costs and Who Pays Them

Most people imagine buying a home costs a certain amount of money; that is the price the seller asks, plus the realtor’s commission. Some may even include transfer costs as well. but closing costs are different and include other expenses like for the public records and loan companies. Creating a video explaining the closing steps will greatly help your audience. Watch this video from Federal Title & Escrow:

34. What to Expect During the Sales Process

Help your audience understand the steps they need to take from the moment they decide to sell their home to the last step, where they have successfully sold their house and are happy. Many technical and legal steps might be overwhelming. Create a video going through these steps in detail. Watch this video from Victor Quiroz:

35. What to Expect During the Purchasing Process

Purchasing a home is a daunting and hard task. For first-time home buyers, it might be even harder. Your job as a realtor is to describe the process help your audience cope with the difficulties and ask you for more information and help. Watch this video from Javier Vidana:

36. How to Sell Your Property Without a Realtor

Many people decide to sell their property on their own without the help of a realtor. This might have many reasons. They might have been disappointed by their previous agent or are saving on commission fees. Whatever the reason, these people are still some leads. The thing to remember here is that in the beginning, they are not interested in your services, so don’t try to convince them they should seek help from an agent. Instead, please provide them with practical and honest tips. Let them realize you are different and might be able to help them. Watch this video from Doug and Jill Taylor:

37. HOA Rules

For example, HOAs (Home Owner Associations) usually have legal authority over the units in a condo community. They might have some rules that you and the homebuyers are unaware of. They can impose extra costs which the owners of the houses have to accept to pay. Creating a video on what HOAs are and what limitations, costs, or benefits (yes, they have many benefits, too) they bring about is a precious piece of content for your audience. Watch this video from PLG Estates:

38. How To Declutter

A part of content marketing for realtors is providing the audience with relevant and valuable information. Not every content you share should be an effort to turn your audience into leads quickly. You should share content that empowers your audience and makes their lives easier. With that being said, showing your audience how they can declutter their house will keep them on your page, and who knows, it might even tempt them to sell their property. Watch this video from Denise Schilling and see how she has done this real estate video idea:

39. How to Buy and Sell at the Same Time

It is easier to focus when buying or selling a home. But there are cases (a lot of them) where people are thinking of moving to a new house by selling the one they have. Making such a move might seem complicated to pull off, and honestly, it is. Create a video and explain how your audience can handle a homebuyer for the home they are living at and at the same time get ready to buy a new home and move at the same time. Watch this video from Javier Vidana to learn more about this fantastic real estate video idea:

40. The Best Time to Move

The market is not all the same. There are times when buying a house is a bad idea for the market and the high prices, and on the other hand, there are times when people need to strike the iron. You, as a realtor, are aware of the developments in the market and can share such insights with your audience with a very limited understanding of the market. As another real estate video idea, sharing such videos increases your chances of further questions that might eventually turn you into a qualified lead. Watch this video from

41. When to Downsize

There are many cases where people opt for a simpler lifestyle and downsize. However, downsizing may not be the best idea all the time. When kids grow up and decide to live on their own, retiring and moving to the suburbs to live in peace are a few examples of opportunities people may need to downsize but may not be aware of. Creating videos on such topics reminds people of the changes they might need to make in their homes and is an excellent real estate video idea. Watch this video from John Hamilton:

42. When to Upgrade

Some life events require people to buy a bigger home. A newborn or getting married are examples of cases that might make people move up. Create a video for your audience, discuss the best time to consider buying a bigger house, and explain the benefits and disadvantages it might have in their lives. Watch this video from Dana Pollard, Your Moving to Texas Guide, to learn this real estate video idea.

43. How to Make an Offer

Like the people who would rather sell their property independently, others would purchase a home without a realtor. One of the complicated issues they face is how to approach the home buyer and make the first offer. After all, negotiation hows are within the skill set of realtors, and typical people might not be equipped with them. You can help your audience by pointing them in the right direction; they will probably return to you for more help. Watch this video from Epic Real Estate Investing to understand this brilliant real estate video idea.

44. Condo Buying Guide

Real estate is a vast field where mastering everything might not be easy for realtors. Some realtors specialize in certain types of properties, like condos. Your audience will have more limited knowledge of such topics. Sharing tips and tricks on buying condos is another excellent real estate video idea and a great way of educating your audience, especially those from downtown areas. Watch this video from Matt McKeever:

45. Real Estate Terms

There are many steps involved in buying a home. For Instance, at specific points, you need to use an escrow account as a trusted third party. Most first-time home buyers may not be familiar with such steps, and you can use your knowledge to describe the purchasing process and explain what an escrow account is and how it is used. In another real estate video idea, tell them what to expect so that they won’t be surprised when depositing the earnest money with the escrow account. Watch this video from Anthony LaBorde:

46. Contract Documents

Contract documents tend to include a lot of technical jargon, which most people don’t bother to read. Yet, they contain some legal articles that might significantly impact the outcome of the contract. Educating your audience on the different parts of contract documents is a sure way of helping them and providing them with valuable information. As another real estate video idea, let them know what each part means and what they will be facing once they are under contract. Watch this video from Get More Offers:

47. Home Inspection

During the buying or selling process, home inspection takes place. Home inspectors are tasked with going through the house and discovering any possible issue or problem. Many people do not know what home inspections are. As a real estate video idea, you can teach them in a video describing the steps, the items to be inspected, and the actions to take once inspection is done. Watch this video from

48. Property Insurance

Property or home insurance is available in different types that the general public may be unable to differentiate. As a real estate video idea, create a video and explain the other options homeowners have and enable them to make the best choice. Please talk about the steps and actions they need to take and explain each type’s benefits and disadvantages. The ultimate goal is to teach and educate your audience to choose the insurance that best fits their needs. Watch this video from Think Insurance:

49. FAQ

FAQ videos are the last real estate video idea on our list. As an agent, review your audience’s comments on your post on social media or other online communities or even the phrases people type in the Google search bar. Take note of the most common questions and create a video answering those questions. Your audience will find it very valuable. Watch this video from Patrick Cohen:

Real Estate Video Ideas: The Takeaway

Videos are popular these days and make up most of the time people spend online. You should contact your niche the way they spend time, through videos on social media and probably your website. There are a lot of ideas to make valuable and compelling videos to generate a lot of leads. That’s why we collected a list of the best practices regarding real estate video ideas in this article. 

It would help if you were making and sharing original videos as a part of your marketing efforts. What matters here is that you should be making various kinds of videos of top quality. Not making any videos is much better than making bad ones, as they will most probably hurt your reputation.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the video-making process or lack the time, you can always use professional help. The Roomvu team offers videography services for realtors at an affordable price of the best quality. Real estate marketing is what we do best. 

Does video help sell real estate?

A study has revealed that real estate listings that offer a video get 403% more inquiries and a report by Cisco revealed that by 2021, 80% of the internet traffic will be used for videos. Humans find it easier to watch something than try and read it. It is not surprising we prefer images and videos to text. 

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