In 2019 it has become more important for realtors to adapt to the changing the marketing scenario. Often it becomes confusing for real estate agents to generate and convert leads. Here we have compiled some pro real estate lead generation ideas

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas: 2019
Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas: 2019

How to Generate & Convert Real Estate Leads in 2019

Prompt Responses with Facebook Messenger Ads

With Facebook Messenger ads, a prospect has the option to start a conversation at that very moment when they see the ad, this strategy immediately removes multiple layers of traditional methods of prospecting a real estate lead, i.e. filling out an inquiry form, submitting personal details, waiting for a response. Use this opportunity to build a realtionship with prospective buyer or seller.

Use LinkedIn for Real Estate Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a spectacular tool for generating qualified leads for realtors. By using the advanced search option of LinkedIn you can connect with people in groups and share engaging and valuable content with them, not to ignore that you can be in the network of your prospective client easily if you share the same group. Targetting made easy, isn’t it!

Finding Divorce Leads

This is a little tricky and requires a lot of patience and empathy. Many couples who are divorcing end up selling their property or home, or have court order to sell their homes. You need to polish your pitching skills to work up divorce leads.

Nurturing Old Leads

Only a seasoned realtor knows the importance of following up and nurturing leads. Many new and old real estate brokers fail to regularly follow up with their connections and leads. Managing more that 20 leads a month can be very tedious, that’s why you should focus on automating your processes. CRM’s like HubSpot, Real Geeks, and Freshsales can help you build that relationship with your clients.

Optimize Your Website

Having a web presence that is not doing much for you is not going to work anymore. You need to optimize your website and blogs and invest in SEO. Implementing organic and local SEO strategies will ensure that your real estate brokerage firm is visible to interested users in real time.

Free Advice

People value if you are listening to them and give them a solution that is no biased. As a realtor, you can offer free consultation and advice on discussion boards on Facebook, Reddit, and other city forums.

Text Messages

Engage your leads automated text messages. This is similar to engaging your leads with timely emails, but this time with a simple text message. A CRM system like Real Geeks can solve the purpose of sending automated messages to your clients and leads.

Retargeting Ads

By retargeting your online ads to can cater to users who did not take any action on your website after clicking the ad. This way you can remind the user about your services and generate interest in their mind. Install a pixel code and enable retargeting ads on Google.

Other Leads Generation Ideas

  • Buy Genuine Marketing Leads
  • Build Client Relationship – Not Necessarily for Profit
  • Use Craigslist
  • Invest in Social Media – Hire a Social Media Manager
  • Generate Local PR
  • Get Referrals
  • Sponsor Local Events and Charities

A lot of business in the real estate sector depends on relationship building. Setting up processes that increase your efficiency can give an advantage in the market and establish you as a market leader.

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