Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas: 2019

In 2019 it has become more important for realtors to adapt to the changing the marketing scenario. Often it becomes confusing for real estate agents to generate and convert leads. Here we have compiled some pro real estate lead generation ideas How to Generate & Convert Real Estate Leads in 2019 Prompt Responses with Facebook […]

Real Estate 2019 Forecast

Opinions on how the real estate industry will perform in 2019 will vary from person to person. But generally speaking, experts predict the year to be low in sales with conditions more favorable to the buyer. In Canada, British Columbia is expected to lead in the year-over-year decline in home sales. The British Columbia Real […]

Why Hire A Real Estate Agent

There is a plethora of information available for an investor, they can easily look up properties online or offline and do their own research before making a buying decision. Most of the investors often question the need to hire a real estate agent. Even for a seller, they believe that an agent cannot offer them much value. The common questions that a seller or a buyer contemplate are:

  • Why do I need a realtor / real estate agent?
  • What will a realtor do for me? I have my own research and idea about the property.
  • Won’t it cost me less (eliminating agents commission) if I decide to pursue investment on my own?
  • Are they worth my money?

The answer to these questions lie in the value that is there for you on the table.

Why Hire A Real Estate Agent
Why Hire A Real Estate Agent