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Present Your Expertise by Adding Real Estate Specializations: Roomvu Profile

As a Realtor, you’ve worked hard to earn the reputation and real estate specializations you own. Why not introducing your fundamental specialties and present your expertise on your public profile?

This article is part of a series of step by step guides to using your web profile.

In this post, we explore Profile Specializations

Video Tutorial

Continue reading if you need more instructions.

Add Specializations

First, LOGIN to your profile. In the navigation menu on the left, click on Specializations.

roomvu profile specializations

Here you can add or remove specialties that best represent you. Once you select a specialty, the color changes to let you know that it’s been selected. If you don’t see something you want, type it in the search bar and click add. Click Save once you’re done. 

To see how your specializations will look on your profile, on the very top, press Profile and Preview.

roomvu profile preview

Now, you’ll be able to see how your profile looks from a lead’s perspective. As you see, your added expertise will now show up on your profile:

roomvu specializations preview

Note that you can edit Specializations on your profile either by clicking Edit (the pencil icon) on the right or in the main navigation bar on the left.

Here at Roomvu, we focus on creating your easy-to-use realtor profile. Powered by a rich content production engine and several lead-capturing tools, your profile enables you to establish credibility, build trust and promote your brand.
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