Real Estate Lead Capturing Tools: What is MLS Search?

Real estate agents are always looking for ways to capture qualified leads. Fortunately, digital technology has provided us numerous ways to create inbound lead capturing platforms. In this post, we explore one of the real estate lead capturing tools: MLS Search Cities.

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Capture Qualified Leads with MLS Search Tool

First, LOGIN to your profile. You will see, in your profile navigation menu on the left, right under Profile, there’s a dedicated Lead Capturing section.

Real estate Lead capture forms

Once you click, you’ll be able to see all the widgets in the right slider.

The first widget here is MLS Search Cities. This tool enables visitors to quickly search in the selected cities.

In order to see your profile as a client, under Profile, click on the Preview button.

Another window will open. This allows you to see final changes and view its appearance from a client’s perspective.

Scroll down and you’ll come across the “Quick Property Search” bar. Your profile visitors can search MLS listings based on the Property ID, address or postal code. 

quick property search

Once they enter the property information and hit search, another window will show listings while your branding is highlighted during their search.

Also, any cities you select in your MLS Search widget will show up under the quick property search bar.

Please note that the MLS Search may not be available for some cities.

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