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How to Use Your Market Update Video on Instagram

According to Instagram, over 500 million users flock to the platform every day. Of these Instagramers, more than 120 million interact with a comment, a like or a share. This being said, Instagram can be considered a fantastic platform for realtors to target new leads and increase their brand following. 

Furthermore, if you are a realtor with a listing video, market update video or an automated video, posting it to Instagram is a great way to show off your expertise and knowledge of the housing market. Although posting a video to Instagram can be deemed as a bit challenging, it should not be forgotten about because Instagram not only provides a great outreach but it is also a FREE way to market your video. It’s no wonder why we see some of the top realtors like Denise Mai using it on her Instagram.

Wondering how advanced real estate Instagrammers are precisely doing? Read our guide: Instagram for Real Estate – All you need to Know.

How to Share and Spread the Word

In fact, there are two ways. One is sharing your profile directly from your Agent Web Profile. The second option is downloading the video from your profile to your device and then posting it on Instagram (uploading). Here, we explain both.

Using the Link in your Agent Web Profile

The web profile is a FREE alternative to the traditional agent website. Just like a personal real estate website, Roomvu’s agent web profile contains all the important tools that agents need for their business. You can upload your profile picture, include your tagline, your company logo, and much more! Sign up to get an account or read our step-by-step guide on how to create an account.

Open your profile on your phone, you’ll see a blue Share Profile button on the top right corner of your market update video.

share profile

Clicking this button will open a box asking how you want to share your video. Click Copy Link and open your Instagram account. You can paste the link in your bio, create a new post describing your new video and asking the reader to see the link in the bio.

agent profile sharing

Note that on Instagram, you can only include links in your bio and NOT in the posts. Choose a proper photo from your listings (or your preferred photo), write the caption and include a line like: “For more information see the link in the bio” or even just “Link in the bio” will refer the visitor to click on the link provided in your bio.

Here’s a video explaining how you can share a link in your Instagram bio:

Downloading from Your Agent Web Profile

You can see that your Market Update Video with your branding is automatically uploaded.

profile video

Click on Download video and a window will popup. Choose your plan (monthly/annual). Hit Subscribe Now and get the video.*

Profile video download

*The download option is free for the first 30 days. After this period, you can keep your free profile without the video. Hit Subscribe Now if you want to continue access to unlimited videos, download branded videos and share them with your network. 

Upload your Market Update Video on your Instagram Newsfeed:

In this scenario, you have downloaded the video on your device and now want to upload it to Instagram. Open the Instagram app on your phone and follow the instructions below:

1. Tap the ‘plus’ icon on the bottom of the screen

2. Upload your video to Instagram

Find your market update video that has been saved to your device’s gallery, tap it and then click ‘Next’ in the right-hand corner.

Note that there’s a flash button on the left-hand corner of the screen. If you see that your video is zoomed in by default (like the photo below), you can simply click this button and you’ll be able to zoom out and see it fully (second photo).

Instagram video zoomed in
Instagram video zoomed in
Instagram video zoomed out
Instagram video zoomed out

3. Choose a filter for your video through the gallery of options

A filter is a pre-set overlay that adjusts how the video will look in terms of contrast, lighting and more. 

4. Trim the Instagram video length

Sometimes, it is not necessary to have the full length of the video play on your Instagram feed. If this is the case, you may want to consider trimming the length of the video. 

5. Choose a cover photo for your video.

This is the image that will appear first in your feed.

6. Write a caption to suit your market update video.

Make sure the caption shows some of your personality while keeping it short and professional.

Note that you are not able to add links in Instagram posts’ caption. The only way is adding the links in your bio. Anything such as “Link in the bio” could be added at the end of your caption. This will refer the visitor to click on the link in your bio.

7. Use Hashtags Effectively

Through well-chosen hashtags, you not only promote your business to consumers but also make it easier for other businesses to link with you. In fact, hashtags on Instagram are a search tool. People will be searching for hashtags to find new people to follow. So think about how to craft the perfect hashtags so the right people find you. 

Instagram hashtags can show personality, mood, and attitude. Someone who may be interested in luxury real estate downtown may appeal to #luxurylifestyle #milliondollarlisting or even #versace #louisviton. We can assume that if someone is looking for a million-dollar listing, they will probably have an interest in high-end brands too.


  1. Make sure that the hashtags you are using make sense for your post.
  2. Keep in mind that specific hashtags are better than general hashtags.
  3. Have fun with Instagram hashtags. Unlike Facebook, you can have 20-30 hashtags per post.
  4. Remember that real estate hashtags on Instagram are a search tool. What is a potential client searching on Instagram?
  5. Use real estate hashtags that represent your image.

8. Add a location

This way users who search for content in your location can find your video.

9. Share your market update video

If applicable, share your post to your other social platforms.

Here is what your market update video could look like when posted to your Instagram newsfeed

To upload your market update video on your Instagram story:

1. Click on the camera icon beside the Instagram logo

2. Find your video

Click on the small square to the left of the word ‘Create’ to find your video in your device’s gallery.

3. Make your content appealing

Once the video pops up, in this screenplay around with the many different features to jazz up the post. For instance, from the icons at the top (from left-to-right) use filters, adjust the sound, add a link (maybe to your YouTube channel or current housing listing), draw on the post or even add text to the post. But, you don’t have to over-do it. In fact, less is more.

4. Share your video

Lastly, share your post to your Instagram story by clicking ‘share.’ On this page, you can even go as far as creating a list of specific audiences and only sharing the post to certain group members.

Here is an example of what your market update video could look like once you upload it as an Instagram story. 

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How do you Use Your Market Update Video on Instagram

1. Tap the ‘plus’ icon on the bottom of the screen
2. Upload your video to Instagram
3. Choose a filter for your video through the gallery of options
4. Trim the Instagram video length
5. Choose a cover photo for your video.
6. Write a caption to suit your market update video.
7. Use Hashtags Effectively
8. Add a location
9. Share your market update video

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