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How to Use Instagram for Real Estate in 2023

Grow your business by expanding your presence on Instagram. Learn how to use Instagram for Real Estate in 2022 and make it work for your business.

Instagram and its older brother Facebook are probably the most important social media platforms for real estate agents to grow their businesses, promote their services, engage with their audience, and generate leads. With roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2021, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide but according to Brandwatch Instagram offers 10 times more engagement than Facebook.

As we are almost at the end of 2022, in this article we will teach you how to use Instagram for Real Estate in 2023. Stay Tuned.

Why Instagram for Real Estate in 2023

Instagram might not have been the first to offer its users some of the most popular features including Reels (first introduced by TikTok). Still, the platform has been fast and smart enough to incorporate the popular features users have loved. These features have helped the platform stay in the competition. Instagram created Stories to stay in the game after Snapchat managed to attract many users. Later, after TikTok became popular, Instagram introduced Reels. It also created IGTV to cater to those who preferred longer videos like YouTube. Currently, Instagram is an all-in-one package.

Why Can Instagram Be Challenging to Run Your Business?

Using Instagram, especially for small business owners can be pretty challenging since, given its various updates, it is not easy to crack the code behind its algorithm. Currently, Instagram sorts the content on your news feed based on its algorithm which decides which posts are probably more relevant to your preference rather than sorting them based on their posting date and time. However, there is some news the platforms will revert the rule to the chronological sorting methods on your news feed. That means you will see newer posts first or at least be allowed to do so.

How to Use Instagram for Real Estate in 2023

If Instagram feels challenging, if you still have not been able to use it to its potential, or if you need to level up your game to stay ahead of the competition and stand out in 2023, stay tuned. This article will help you do that.

Optimize Your Instagram Profile

No people will check your LinkedIn profile to see what you are up to, once they land on your Instagram account. On Instagram, your profile is your resume and it can be a deciding factor if your visitors get an excellent first impression or not. It will tell your visitors everything about your business and how professional you seem. Are you using your username and have failed even to include your real name on Instagram?

Your Head Shot

Your headshot is probably the first thing your visitors will notice. Although pretty small, your headshot is what users will use to recognize you. therefore, we highly recommend using the same photos across Instagram and other social media to increase your chances of recognition. That helps your image look familiar across different platforms, resulting in the feeling that you are everywhere.

On the other hand, you aim at being a pro agent and what kind of pro agent uses family vacation cropped photos as their profile image? Have a professional photographer take your headshot and consistently use it across your social media.

Fill Every Blank

Like any other platform, various fields on your Instagram profile help users discover your business and give the necessary information. However, many real estate agents fail even to spend a few minutes and fill in these blanks. Yes, intelligent details matter and all serve your ultimate purpose of building trust and generating leads. What will a half-complete profile promise to your audience? That you did not care enough to complete your own profile? Either that or you would instead look that mysterious?

Clearly state that you are a real estate agent and mention your area. Tell your audeince what you are good at (first-time homebuyers or home selling maybe?) and tell them why they should pick you as their agent briefly.

Creator Vs Business Account

Well, this one may seem like a no-brainer. However, both the creator and business account on Instagram have the same level of access to Instagram insights giving you more in-depth info about your content and the audience looking at it. However, business account tends to be more limited regarding Instagram music. That might happen to be vital if you are planning to use music and maybe target those first-time homebuyers.

Content Type for Real Estate on Instagram

You need a decent blend of content types on Instagram for Real Estate. Make sure you utilize everything the platform has to offer.

Instagram Posts for Real Estate

Instagram posts used to be limited to images and one-minute videos and longer videos had to be cut into one-minute segments which was not easy. It seems Instagram finally listened to the users and changed the video length. Now videos in posts can be much longer than the previous one-minute limit.

We find videos to be much more efficient in terms of engagement. Make sure you share valuable content that answers the questions your audience faces. Target their biggest pains and concerns. Share real estate market update videos on Instagram. Educate your audience with tips and tricks videos and finally share some personal content that allows your audience to know you on a personal level. Instagram posts show your knowledge and act like your resume.

Instagram Stories for Real Estate

If your Instagram posts for real estate are like your resume, Instagram stories are where trust is built and relationships are created. Try sharing daily updates to keep your presence on top of mind.

On the other hand, Instagram recently removed the 10K follower limits for links in stories. Therefore you can share real estate news on Instagram stories and put a link to the news stories which are preceded by your own branding landing page!

Instagram Reels for Real Estate

Instagram Reels were created to answer the popularity of TikTok and its shorter-form videos. These videos can be one minute in length or shorter and currently offer the most organic reach than any other content type on Instagram. Reels are great for creating relationships with younger generations since they tend to be interested in the newer social media trends.

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