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Hamilton-area home sales down in November, supply remains an issue

Toronto region home sales top November record, prices reach all-time high

Why grown-up dorm life might be the answer for Toronto’s housing-hungry millennials

Hot Real Estate markets can create gaps between a home’s list and sale price

What is the household income needed to buy an 'average' home in Guelph?

GTA home sales accelerating amid depleting inventory

It's already a record-breaking year for Canada’s resale housing market

The GTA housing crisis shows no signs of abating, now what?

Canadian home prices poised to surge again as buyers rush to beat rate hikes

First-time home buyers in Toronto being pushed out by investors

Canada's housing market at higher risk of correction, says Bank of Canada

Toronto's housing market is finally cooling, but some units are still in hot demand

Condo market slowing down but still deals in Oshawa and Durham and in smaller units

Is Guelph Real Estate now considered part of the GTA

Toronto Home Prices Hit Record in 2020

Detached Home Sales Jump 30% as GTA Housing Continues Soaring

What a COVID-19 Vaccine Would Mean for the Housing Market

Where are Housing Prices Heading?

Domino Effect in South Ontario: Condo Dwellers Flock to Exurbs

Growth of Home Prices in Toronto Shows No Sign of Slowing

Demand for Vacation Properties Spikes

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