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State of Market & Market Snapshots


Home prices down in Newmarket, ON

Rental market in North York, ON

Rents are soaring in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge, ON

Things to know about Canada’s current housing market

Rental market in Mississauga, ON

Housing market slowdown continues in Canada

Rents are soaring in Hamilton, ON

Average Rents See the Largest Monthly Increase in Toronto, ON

Housing market cools in Waterloo, ON

Condo prices go up as market cools in Mississauga, ON

Toronto new condo demand cools but prices seen firm

Rental market in Etobicoke, ON

Rental market in Oakville, ON

Rental market in Oshawa, ON

Rental market in Burlington, ON

Rental market in Richmond Hill, ON

Toronto Area: The frenzy Is Over

Buying a home in a cooling market

Could a 10% to 20% drop in Real Estate happen in Canada?

Prices in Windsor-Essex, ON, by the end of 2023

Are house prices in Oakville ON plummeting?

Home prices drop in some west Toronto neighbourhoods

Prices declined in 31 GTA markets except for Toronto

Canada's market slows down with rebalancing in major cities

Luxury Real Estate is predicted to grow in Canada

GTA prices cool but not everywhere

House prices still dropping in Oakville and Burlington

BOC rate-hikes softening demand in major markets

The best Toronto neighbourhoods to buy Real Estate

Home prices slowly fall, as Niagara market cools

Home Prices Are Down in 905 Markets, Toronto

May was a turning point for sales in multiple markets in Canada

How have things changed for buyers?

Sales drop while prices continue to increase in Grey Bruce ON

What actions should be taken for Ontario’s supply crisis?

What should Canadians know about pre-construction condos?

May 2022 Oakville ON Real Estate update

The GTA home price and sales in May

GTA home sales down in May, prices up

Sellers should list soon before foreign buyer ban and higher rates

Brantford ON local home sales in May

Rules changed for the first-time homebuyer incentive in Canada

Is there a housing price correction in the GTA?

GTA rent prices just saw their biggest increase so far in 2022

GTA home market continues to soften as rate hikes continue

Will supply catch up to demand in Canada?

Hamilton rental market

Canadian new home prices showing signs of cooling

Why Is Housing So Expensive In Canada?

Rate Hikes Could Lead To 10% Fall In The Canadian Home Prices

April residential Real Estate sales in Mississauga were historically bad

What options do Canadian sellers have now that the housing market is cooling down?

GTA Real Estate approaching ‘buyer’s market’

House prices falling in Oakville and Burlington

Single-Detached Homes Outpaced By Apartments And Row Houses In Canada

Active listings skyrocket in Brampton and Mississauga

What does a buyer’s market mean in Ontario?

Kingston Has One Of The 'Hottest' Real Estate Markets Across Canada

Supply chain, labour shortages pushing up Canada's new home prices

Luxury Residential Sales In The GTA Booming In Q1 2022

Prices in Oakville, Milton fall as higher interest rates cool off housing market

Odds Of Canadian Housing Market Crash Is Low But Not Completely Ruled Out

Home Sales Dropping, Prices Slowing in Canada’s Four Largest Markets

Canadian Rent Prices Set to Keep Climbing as Supply Falls Short

As Rates Rise, Is This the Time for Condo Investors to Divest?

The GTA Market Adjusts To Higher Borrowing Costs In April

Hamilton home sales and prices dropped in April as interest rate hikes hit would-be buyers

BOC Interest Rate Hike Impact in Canada

Why Canada Decided To Ban The Purchase Of Real Estate By Foreigners

Ontario Real Estate Prices Have Surged Up To 111% Since 2020

No More Bidding War in Canada

Q1 Real Estate Sales Way Down In Toronto, Mississauga And Brampton Compared To 2021

Toronto Market Update: Significant Data Changes as Market Cools

Canada’s Budget 2022 Report

Canada’s high-end homes segment seeing strong sales growth

Average Windsor-Essex home price increases, sales drop

Hamilton home sales and prices dropped in April

Canada’s biggest increases in new condo prices

Ontario Orders To Fast-Track Developments In Richmond Hill And Markham

When To Use The First-Time Homebuyers' Plan In Canada

Canada Plans To Double Homebuilding In A Decade

Canadian House Prices Soaring Amid Low Supply And High Demand

How The 2022 Federal Budget Affects Canadians’ Wallets

Fewer Home Bids Easing Competition For Some, But Prices Still High

What Share Of The Housing Stock Do Multiple-Property Holders Own In Canada?

Canada’s Golf Homes Are Luring More Buyers

April’s home sales down 41% in Mississauga, Brampton and the GTA

Could Canada’s Housing Plan Backfire?

Hamilton home prices drop for second month in a row

GTA Market Adjusts to Higher Borrowing Costs in April

Will Canada’s Housing Market Crash In 2022?

No relief in sight for London region’s soaring home prices, rents

GTA Home Prices Finally Cooling After a Red-Hot Run

Cost of renting a condo in Toronto is approaching pre-pandemic peak

Strong price growth expected for Hamilton

Toronto’s Condo Market in 2022

Increasing housing supply is not the only solution to affordability in Richmond Hill

What Does Active And Passive Investing In Real Estate Mean?

Canada Banning Foreigners From Buying Homes Unlikely To Cool The Market

Average price of GTA condos up 20%

These "Small" Canadian Real Estate Markets Are Booming

GTA home prices are up 18.5% but there might be some good news

GTA house prices rise in 2022, despite cooling market

Toronto condo rental prices soar, key vacancy rate drops

The financialization of the housing market

York Region Construction Reached The Highest Level Ever

Cost of home up 42.6% in Milton, prices also way up in Oakville, Burlington.

Home prices rise by 28% in Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton and across the GTA

Speculation By Canadians Playing A Role In Red-Hot Home Prices

Average home sales price in Windsor-Essex increases $188K

Toronto home sale price fell slightly in March 2022

Canada's Largest Real Estate Markets Could Soon Peak

Home prices under ‘full-scale attack’ as interest rates, taxes rise

Why Should Canadians Play The Long Game To Get Their Dream Home?

Home sales in Toronto and Vancouver return to earth while prices lift off

Canadian Recreational House Price Is Forecast Double Digit Gain In 2022

Are Speculation Tax Changes Likely To Quell the Ontario’s Market?

How Private Property Rights Can Fix Canada's Housing Crisis?

3 Reasons Canada Is Attracting Investors' Attention

Hamilton’s housing market ‘stunningly out of reach’

Region and County Prices in GTA

As prices soar, Canada bans most foreigners from buying homes

Average GTA Home Price Hovers at $1.3M

Can Builders Keep Up With London-Area's Population Boom?

Canadian Real Estate Fuelled or Cooled by Immigration Policy?

Canadian foreign buyer ban misses lessons from Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia

Toronto Sales Fell 3x Faster Than New Inventory, Enters Balanced Market

Ban on Foreign Homebuyers Isn't the Solution

Here’s Why Canada Housing May Have Reached its Top in 2022

Canada Housing Market Outlook to 2027

GTA's housing crisis threatens Ontario's profitable construction sector

Windsor's Housing Affordability Washed Away By Surging Housing Costs

Can tiny homes be a solution to Canada's housing shortage?

GTA New Home Benchmark Price Hits a Record $1.86M

Toronto’s Suburban Housing Bubble In 2022

CREA Updates Resale Housing Market Forecast

Do Canadian Gen Z Plan To Co-Own A Home With Family Or Friends?

Greater Toronto Area market activity: what's the latest?

Foreign Homebuyer Tax Is Increased Across Ontario

Foreign homebuyer Tax Is Increased Across Ontario

Why is Barrie the perfect place for you to move in 2022

High prices squashing would-be homeowners’ hopes

How does your credit score measure up to your city's average

Average house price up 20% in past year, and new listings are surging

Toronto's condo market keeps gathering steam

Sault Ste. Marie's homes cost just a fraction of Toronto's but prices are rising fast

Canadian Home Prices Just Rose For the 20th Month in a Row

Canada’s Unemployment Rate Fell To 2019 Levels, Reinforces Need For Rate Hikes

What Will Be The Canadian Real Estate Market CAGR By 2027?

Toronto’s Luxury Buyers Take Off The Gloves

Brantford and Brant County local home sales continue to set records

How Much Did Toronto House Prices Increase Over 2021?

Canadian housing starts rise 8%, beating expectations

Why Canada is losing affordable rental housing faster than it's being built

A Shocking Amount Of Toronto Homes Sit Empty As Other Cities See Low Vacancy

Jump in sellers across Canada could help cool overheating market

Bank Of Canada Announces QT, Reverse Of The Program That Boosted Real Estate Prices

Toronto rent prices spike by 16% as pandemic's silver lining fades away

Canadian Credit Market Returns to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Sales Dropped but Average Price Climbed 27.7% in GTA

Toronto home prices hit record

Lower-income renters still lack housing options

Canadian economy grew 4.6% in 2021

Record-Breaking House Prices In The GTA And Beyond

Toronto Homebuyers Drive Sales Surge, Spurred by Interest Rates

GTA's Q4 2021 Condo Market Report

Will Russia-Ukraine Crisis Affect The Canadian Housing Market?

Price of detached Hamilton home now averaging $1.13M

Royal Bank of Canada Reveals Q1 2022 Results

Canada home prices to defy gravity this year, correction unlikely

Rent in Hamilton higher for those looking vs someone already renting

Residential Market Trends To Watch For 2022 In Canada

What happens to home prices when supply hits a 30-year low?

What happened to the housing market the last time the BOC hiked rates

Baby boomers deciding to stay put

What’s Next For Canada’s Housing Market in This Age of Uncertainty?

Toronto Investors Increasingly Scooping Up Calgary Condos

Tax Deductions On Rental Property Income In Canada

How did Toronto surpass Vancouver ?

Toronto's vacancies up but rents still high

Luxury living has new meaning

Canadian home sales hitting heights not seen since last spring

How Many of Younger Ontario Homebuyers Did Benefit from Parental Aid?

Madness or Supply? Canadian Real Estate Prices Don’t Add Up

Greater Toronto Housing Market: 25-Year Comparison

Is the Average House Price in Canada Increasing?

Tight GTA Real Estate Market is About to Get Even Tighter

GTA Condo Prices Poised to Grow Faster Than Houses in 2022

New Data Shows Canada Still Has 1.3M Vacant Homes

How convoy protests could affect Canada’s housing market

National home prices hit record high

Will Toronto Homeowners See Increased Property Taxes in 2022?

The 2022 Luxury Report: Looking Forward Through An Evolving Lens

Is Canada’s Real Estate bubble going to burst?

Canada’s Housing market breaks two price records

Canadian Housing Market Starts 2022 “Hotter Than Ever”

The Number Of GTA Condos For Sale Has Dropped & It's Driving Prices Through The Roof

Average home price in Hamilton area tops $1M

Population in Downtown Toronto Grew by 16.1% Since 2016

Canadian Real Estate Prices Are Seeing Growth Slow, Just Not In Toronto

This Ontario City Has The Fastest Rising House Prices In The Country & Here's Why

Durham Region Housing Market Outperforms Most GTA Markets

Canada’s Real Estate Bubble Has Grown Over 800% Faster Than US Home Prices

House prices in popular ski regions soar

Home Prices Rose the Most in These GTA Neighbourhoods in 2021

Canadian Home Prices Expected to Continue to Rise Upwards

19% of recent homebuyers own multiple properties

Housing costs have big impact on financial wellbeing

Higher taxes will make homes less affordable

Rent In The GTA Dropped For The First Time In 8 Months & Here's Where It's The Cheapest

Canadian housing starts hit record in 2021, rising 21%

Home prices soaring from coast-to-coast

Canada house prices: how will they grow in 2022?

Canadian National Prices Expected to Rise 9.2% by the End of Year 2022

Brantford Real Estate market has record year

Prices of newly built houses in Toronto soared nearly 40 per cent last year

Canada’s Housing Market Not Cooling Off Anytime Soon As Inventories Remain Historically Low

GTA Condo Sales Smashed Records in Q4, Reports TRREB

4 affordable Canadian housing markets for investors in 2022

Fewer homes for sale in Canada than at any point on record

Average prices for Brampton homes and condos have more than tripled since 2011

Investors make up nearly 20% of all home purchases in Canada

Pandemic accelerated luxury home sales in major Canadian markets

Strong housing demand expected to push up prices amid low inventory

What has prompted the luxury housing market's surge?

Ontario housing market so red-hot most buyers are skipping inspections

Canada’s Real Estate Bubble Is So Big, Even The Mother Of All Crashes Can’t Fix It

Canadian Luxury Real Estate Sales Double, Triple in Some Markets

Where new home prices have shot up the most in Canada

House hunters in Canada face tightest market on record

Hamilton-Burlington Real Estate saw record-high sales in 2021

Canadian Cities Have Seen Up To 90% of New Real Estate Supply Scooped By Investors

GTA rental construction activity surges to 30-year high as vacancy rates improve

One-bedroom units costing an average of $1,549 a month in Hamilton

Toronto ranked one of the most expensive cities in the world to build a house

Average price for Mississauga detached homes soared nearly $400K in 2021

Brampton Real Estate prices skyrocketed 40% in 2021

Looking Back at the Year That Was 2021

House Price Index rose 26% in 2021, fastest pace on record

Canada’s housing market crushed earlier records in 2021

Buying frenzy leaves Canada with fewest homes for sale on record

Benchmark Home Prices in Toronto Catching Up to Vancouver as Gap Narrows Dramatically

Housing shortages now being felt province-wide

Rich people are scooping up Toronto’s luxury homes faster than ever

Climbing year-end prices suggest a hot spring housing market

Canada’s Luxury Real Estate Market Had a Record-Setting 2021

Spring market poised for continued price growth following double-digit gains in Q4

Here’s how much Toronto Real Estate prices have skyrocketed in the past 10 years

Luxury home sales soar by triple-digits, shattering records across Canada

Only 3,200 Homes Are Left on Toronto’s Market After Record Year

Toronto, Vancouver housing markets close out 2021 with record high sales, prices

Toronto is actually the slowest growing housing market in the entire province

Could a new tax on homes worth $1M and up help fix Canada's housing problem?

Canada urged to create surtax on $1M homes to rein in prices

Toronto home sales lead to record 2021 despite weaker December

Toronto's scorching housing market just broke an all-time high price record

Condo price gains seen outpacing detached homes as market rebounds in GTA

Toronto Real Estate Had its Biggest Year on Record in 2021

How disastrous has the COVID-19 pandemic been for Canadian housing?

Ontario raises maximum allowable rent increase as rent freezes end

Toronto's Generation Z have given up on the dream of owning a single-family home

Canada not in midst of housing bubble

Canada’s Top 3 Real Estate Markets For Price Growth Each Climbed Over $250k

Mortgage-backed securities are keeping Canada's housing market running

Housing markets in Canada continue to defy gravity and the pandemic

TRREB: Focus on Expanding Housing Supply, Not Another Investor Tax

Average price for detached and semi-detached homes in Mississauga

Are Canadian Real Estate Prices Overvalued?

Current trends in Canada's housing market activity

In Toronto’s Hot Housing Market, the Inner City and Condos Still Offer Upside Potential

Average home price in Canada hits all-time high of $720,850

Ontario market gets affordable housing boost from CMHC

The Canadian condo market is back

What's impacting housing affordability in Canada?

Canada’s housing market hotter than ever and investors are playing a big role

Toronto home prices just skyrocketed to an all-time high

People moving out of Toronto keep driving up Real Estate prices in other provinces

Average outer GTA home price soars past $1.2M

The bank of Canada only sees Hamilton and Montreal as Real Estate bubbles

Hot Real Estate markets can create gaps between a home’s list and sale price

Why grown-up dorm life might be the answer for Toronto’s housing-hungry millennials

What is the household income needed to buy an 'average' home in Guelph?

GTA home sales accelerating amid depleting inventory

It's already a record-breaking year for Canada’s resale housing market

The GTA housing crisis shows no signs of abating, now what?

Canadian home prices poised to surge again as buyers rush to beat rate hikes

First-time home buyers in Toronto being pushed out by investors

Toronto's housing market is finally cooling, but some units are still in hot demand

Canada's housing market at higher risk of correction, says Bank of Canada

Condo market slowing down but still deals in Oshawa and Durham and in smaller units

Is Guelph Real Estate now considered part of the GTA

Toronto Home Prices Hit Record in 2020

Detached Home Sales Jump 30% as GTA Housing Continues Soaring

What a COVID-19 Vaccine Would Mean for the Housing Market

Where are Housing Prices Heading?

Domino Effect in South Ontario: Condo Dwellers Flock to Exurbs

Growth of Home Prices in Toronto Shows No Sign of Slowing

Demand for Vacation Properties Spikes

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