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Improving The World Of Real-Estate With Fringe Technologies

Company was founded in April 2017

Office in Vancouver and San Francisco

Visited by 6,000+ Agents on a monthly basis

Loved and shared over 10,000+ times by Agents

Currently providing 9 premium services

Currently serving over 6,000+ Agents

Generated around 10,000+ quality leads in 2019

Active in all Canada and Western USA

About Roomvu

Roomvu is a professional real estate marketing and analytics platform built specifically with Real Estate Agents in mind. The platform was created by REALTORs, so we know exactly what you need to take the stress out of marketing. We have three divisions that are key to successful real estate growth.

research analytics, automated content creation based on MLS data, and Premium Listing Services.

Automated Marketing Suites:

Our job is to help you covert your audience to leads. We create affordable automated unique videos for your marketing. We don’t think content creation for social media has to break the bank. The roomvu ecosystem includes monthly market updates and market forecasts in your area, tips and tricks for home buyers and sellers and landing pages for you to better market yourself and capture leads.

Premium Listing Services:

Our services include Real Estate Photography, Cinematic Video Tours, Feature Sheets, 360 Virtual Tours, IGuides. We have sourced the best photography and automated tools to help Real Estate Agents market themselves and their listings. For a full list of these services please visit

Data Analytics:

through research partnerships with faculty at the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University, we have created a team of passionate data scientists that look at real estate data to create meaningful content and find useful real estate analytics insights. The three Ph.D. data scientists on our team combined with insights and oversight from academia, has created a dynamic team that look at real estate data through various means. You can find more about our research on

Meet our team

Sam Mehrbod, PhD, our Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

Sam Mehrbod, PhD

Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

Veteran Top-Producer REALTOR®
Serial Prop-Tech Founder
Ph.D. Project Management (U.B.C)
B.Eng Comp. Sci. Uni. Southampton, UK
2018,2019 Medallion Club Winner of REBGV

Amir Vohooshi, our Chief Strategy Officer / Co-Founder

Amir Vohooshi

Chief Strategy Officer / Co-Founder

A serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist with deep technical understanding of the challenges that startup faces. He is second to none when it comes to providing strategical consultation.

Neshat Piroozan, our Talent Acquisition Manager

Neshat Piroozan

Talent Acquisition Manager

Neshat is our in House Chief Content Creator with years of experience with Real Estate Marketing, Photography, and Videography. She ensures every roomvu production meets our high standard.

Vivek Yadav, our Senior Full Stack Developer

Vivek Yadav

Senior Full Stack Developer

Highly talented full stack developer with over 8 years of programming experience and 6 years of startup working experience. He is also a photography enthusiast.

Denisse Moran, our Human Resources Manager

Denisse Moran

Human Resources Manager

Denisse is our HR Guru, If you are joining our awesome team, she is the one to talk to, she will walk you through step-by-step interviews and welcomes you to our team. She is also in charge of our team wellness and all other HR matters .

Arian Alemzadeh, our Marketing Consultant

Arian Alemzadeh

Marketing Consultant

Business school graduate with extensive experience in customer services and marketing. He is really outgoing and has a proven track record of providing wonderful client relationship.

Cheryl Ang, our Marketing Coordinator

Cheryl Ang

Marketing Coordinator

Our very own hybrid wordsmith with a background in Advertising, specifically in digital writing and strategy.

Kaai Suzuki, our Web Developer

Kaai Suzuki

Web Developer

Front-end web developer with over 5 years of experience in UX/UI design, as well as graphic design. She is also a yoga enthusiast and gallery-goer who loves exploring art, music and fashion.

Abby Hung, our UX/UI Designer

Abby Hung

UX/UI Designer

Abby is roomvu's resident User experience and user interface designer. An expert in creating design solutions through a deep understanding of users and businesses.

Nima Tonekaboni, our Marketing Coordinator

Nima Tonekaboni

Marketing Coordinator

Nima is a certified digital marketer with a background in sales and customer care. He is a lifelong Optimistic Learner and enjoys studying the psychology of human behavior.

Negar Pouraaly, our Marketing Specialist

Negar Pouraaly

Marketing Specialist

She is a digital marketer with a background in sales and customer care.

Roozbeh Sarraf, our Senior Hardware Designer

Roozbeh Sarraf

Senior Hardware Designer

Roozbeh is in charge of design and development for our state of the art autonomous hardware.

Shahin Kazemi, our Software Developer

Shahin Kazemi

Software Developer

Shahin is in charge of our software development and ongoing data integration projects.

Marjan Radfar, our Data Scientist

Marjan Radfar

Data Scientist

Marjan is a passionate data scientist and a process engineer with a graduate degree from UofA. She loves working with data and has inherited her analytics perspective from the engineering background. In her spare time, Marjan enjoys working out, yoga, planting, and nature photography.

Meherul Mizu, our Full Stack Developer

Meherul Mizu

Full Stack Developer

Tech enthusiasts self-learner with a curious mind to explore the world. He loves traveling, he wishes to have unlimited air miles to fly anywhere anytime. Fishing, Hiking, and amateur photography are the things he does to energize his inner soul.

Our Advisors & Investor

7 Gate Ventures

7 Gate Ventures is a investment firm focused on guiding the organic growth of early stage startups, resulting in investable & sustainable companies.

Assembled by a group of serial entrepreneurs specializing in tech, 7 gate’s team holds key industry connections along with a wealth of experience and the foresight to effectively strategize, mentor and scale new businesses.

arash, our investor

Arash Fasihi

Arash is a Serial entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience developing, growing, and selling multi-million dollar businesses from scratch in the eCommerce, logistics, SaaS, and consumer product industries. He is a Tenacious business leader known for possessing the tactical and strategic management skills needed to optimize a company’s operational capacity. Experience growing companies to 200+ employees and $1.5B in sales. His leadership work includes Cymax, Channel Gate, and Growthpipe Ventures!

Our Offices

Vancouver Office

#226 970 Burrard St,
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 2R4

San Francisco Office

2 Embarcadero Center, 8th Floor,
San Francisco, CA
Zip: 94111