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Toronto Home Prices Hit Record in 2020

Metro Vancouver property assessments rise after two years of decline

B.C. housing market to remain strong until mid-2021, buoyed by ‘rock bottom’ rates

The laws of supply and demand still apply in San Francisco housing

What the 2021 Seattle Housing looks like

U.S. Housing Starts Rose For a Third-Straight Month in November

Southern California home prices jump 11% in November

Gold prices holding steady as U.S. new home sales hold near 14-year highs

Vancouver Real Estate had its Best November in 5 Years

Detached Home Sales Jump 30% as GTA Housing Continues Soaring

Single-Family Homes Sell Faster than Condos — and at Higher Prices — in the U.S.

The Housing Market is Hot but not in a Bubble

What a COVID-19 Vaccine Would Mean for the Housing Market

Permits at 13-yr High: Builders Regain Confidence in the U.S. Market

Housing Recovery in Full Swing as Sellers Inch Their Way Back into the Market

California's 2 New Housing Records

Median Home Sales Price Reaches an All-time High

Where are Housing Prices Heading?

Homes are Selling at the Fastest Rate Recorded

California Home Sellers Pocketing Record Amounts of Cash

California Housing Recovery

Tampa and St. Petersburg rank high for overall real estate prospects

Bay Area's New Housing Record Defies Seasonality

Miami-Dade & Broward: Housing Frenzy Continues

V-Shaped Recovery in US Housing - Raleigh

San Diego: Southern Cali Housing Breaks 6-yr Records

LA: Southern Cali Housing Breaks 6-yr Records

Upper-tier Homes Lead Florida Housing's Recovery

Domino Effect in South Ontario: Condo Dwellers Flock to Exurbs

Growth of Home Prices in Toronto Shows No Sign of Slowing

Vancouver Home Sales Breaks Records

Denver housing is one of the most competitive ones in America

Home Buyers Scoop Up Shrinking Inventory in the Bay Area

Tacoma is Nation's Fastest-selling Housing Market; Seattle Prices Soar 18%

Demand for Vacation Properties Spikes

Bay area resident still want to stay in California

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