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What Digital Marketing Channels Are More Important for Real Estate?

The rapid evolution of digital technologies has dramatically reshaped real estate marketing in the last decade or so. Relying solely on “old school” marketing tactics in print and radio-TV broadcast advertising just won’t cut it anymore for real estate agents.

To stay competitive, these agents must recognize and adopt the ever-changing modes of digital marketing for real estate.  Check out this set of game-changers to put your real estate marketing abreast of new ways to win customers.

Email Marketing

Build ties with prospects and strengthen relationships with current and past customers through email marketing. Through this digital real estate marketing channel, you can directly and conveniently communicate with them through their inbox. With email marketing, you can precisely target the market for your services at cost relatively much lower than other real estate marketing communication tools.

Furthermore, email marketing lets you save time if it is integrated into your CRM (customer relationship manager) or it is automatically operated through a digital system like Mailchimp. This setup, aside from being a time-saver, allows you to track your progress and that no lead opportunity escapes notice.

Website Design

A website is typically the centerpiece in digital marketing for real estate, and hence, its design needs careful planning and execution.  Your website design has to extend beyond effectively presenting your vision, mission, services, and brand story. You also have to design your website in such a way that all its property listings are well-presented and are appealing to your target customers.

Ease of access is also critical in website design. Current trends, for instance, call for mobile-friendly websites. Ensure that your website is optimized for browsing via smartphones, as research shows that nearly half of all web browsing now is done using a mobile device.

Marketing Automation

Many other aspects of digital marketing for real estate can be automated, besides in email as mentioned earlier. Hook up a software like WinZip to your website to convert its visitors to prospects captured in your sales funnel, allowing you to automatically cultivate these leads.

You can also explore marketing automation tools as you publish and distribute newsletters or as you send short text messages. Likewise, you can take advantage of the automation features that may be available on social media channels like Facebook.  With all these marketing automation tools in place, you not only save time and money but also enrich your customers’ experience.

digital marketing channels
digital marketing channels

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Use smart SEO tactics to drive sales leads to your website. Always keep yourself updated on algorithm changes of search engines like Google. Tweak the keywords of your web content accordingly so that your website appears high on search engine result pages. Always update your website’s contents and use high-ranking keywords, while also including other SEO primers such as backlinks, meta titles, and descriptions.

Content Marketing

Produce compelling digital content so that real estate buyers and sellers become your loyal followers, acknowledging your channel as a credible market information source. Aside from text, include engaging visuals like virtual home tours and videos. Significantly, marketing content with videos has been shown as a faster revenue generator than non-video pitches.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Optimize your lead generation through pay-per-click ad placements typically offered in social media channels. This way, you zero in on prospects genuinely interested in what you offer, and you pay for your ad once they actually click on it to learn more about your marketing pitch. With PPC ads, you can often reel in prospects whose keyword searches in Google or another search engine correlate with your advertising message.

Affiliate Marketing

Choose from the many affiliate marketers online that enable you to cast a wider net to bag sales.  The affiliate which you pick independently promotes and recommends your services or sales listings. You’ll pay a commission to this affiliate for each sale generated by its recommendations.

Online Press Release

Press releases are now more than public relations tools but have become an essential element in digital marketing for real estate. You can tap press release distribution networks like PR Newswire to disseminate your content. With your press release newsworthy or interesting enough, news media and other online portals would pick it up and create a backlink to your website, thus expanding your digital real estate marketing reach.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Linked In and Instagram have revolutionized digital marketing for real estate. The marketing clout of these channels is largely drawn from their huge audience of nearly 4.5 million users as of 2019. Social media, moreover, provides a wide selection of ways and means for marketers to draw the attention of their target audience.

On Facebook and YouTube, for instance, PPC ads or sponsored content are among the options for real estate marketers. They can likewise post on their social media pages property listings, as well as their successes, case studies, and other relevant content to further advance their forays into real estate digital marketing.

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