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Top 10 Real Estate YouTube Channels You Should Follow in 2020

How top real estate influencers are using YouTube videos to build a trusted brand

YouTube, a video sharing platform is the second most popular search engine its owner, Google, being the first. 30 million users watch close to 250 million hours of video (5 billion videos) daily. What makes YouTube great is that it is a free solution for people learning on the go. YouTube can serve as a great reference for all the new trends and developments in the world of real estate. There are lots of content producers out there, and it can get pretty overwhelming to sift through all the channels to discover top real estate YouTube channels. 

In this article, we have done the job for you and come up with a list of top channels on the platform you should follow if you want to learn the latest trends and developments in the world of real estate. Here you can watch the top players in the business and learn the best practices and prosper as a realtor. Real estate is an evolving business. Things change every day and what works today may be history tomorrow. Here are the top 10 real estate YouTube channels you should follow in 2020:

1. Ryan Serhant

Ryan Serhant
Ryan Serhant Youtube

Ryan is an American realtor and TV personality appearing on shows like “Million Dollar Listing New York” and “Sell It Like Serhant” on Bravo. His team at Nest Seekers International sold over $630 million in real estate in 2015 and is the #1 sales team in New York and the #5 sales team in the U.S. according to the Wall Street Journal. He shares different types of videos on YouTube which are all professionally produced and edited.

What Are They Posting?

He has managed to acquire close to 964K subscribers on YouTube. His playlist includes items like Property Tours in which he showcases luxury properties in great style. 

Such videos are great for finding inspiration. How he does the property tour and the style of videos are remarkable. He creates a sense of joy and the desire to own the property in the viewers. 

What’s interesting about his property tours is how he provides on-screen info and property images while showing the house. A combination of video, images, and onscreen data makes his videos pleasing to watch. 

He also has a Vlog series in which he educates his audience to get the right mindset in life and business. He explains how he has managed his career so far with all the ups and downs he has faced along the way. New realtors and agents can learn a lot from these videos and find inspiration for their careers. 

Here is a video on how a career in real estate will be like:

What Did They Do Right?

Ryan does a wonderful job at creating cinematic videos with great music where he utilizes his acting skills to create amusing videos where he presents and shows listings. He creates all the positive associations needed regarding the properties in the audience. The videography, music, editing, etc are all top-notch. He also includes a comprehensive description of the videos with his contact info and website links.

2. Graham Stephan

Graham Stephan
Graham Stephan Youtube

Graham is a 28-year-old real estate agent and investor who has been working in real estate since turning 18, with over $120,000,000 in real estate sales since 2008. He is on YouTube to share his successes, failures, and experiences and to help others who are trying to get their foot in the door in real estate. With 2.18M subscribers and all the informational videos he shares he is a great source of educational videos for realtors.

What Are They Posting?

He shares informational videos for realtors giving insights on how a career in real estate would be like and the dos and don’ts of the job. There also videos about his passion: Cars

There are also videos providing tips on how to make profit as a realtor and succeed. 

What Did They Do Right?

Graham tries to explain the complex concepts in real estate in the simplest way possible. Below in his videos, you can find thorough descriptions which add more value to the video. Furthermore, he tries to create a bond with his audience by using a more personal language.

3. Kris Krohn

Kris Krohn

Kris Krohn is a business coach, real estate agent, author, speaker, and mentor. He is quite successful now but at first, he struggled, maybe just like any other realtor.

What Are They Posting?

On his YouTube channel, Kris talks about many different topics including how to prosper as a realtor:

There are also some videos elaborating tips about investment:

You can find some Q&A videos aiming at answering his audience’s questions which are compiled and answered in a long video:

What Did They Do Right?

Kris has done a great job of creating different playlists for numerous topics. His videos follow the same visual pattern through different playlists. He has made sure he has links to his website for different purposes. He talks directly to the audience and to the camera keeping a close and friendly tone.

4. PLG Estates

PLG Estates

PLG Estates is another one top real estate YouTube channels running on close to 6K subscribers providing informational and educational content for real estate agents including tips, tricks and how to’s:

What Are They Posting?

They also share listings videos on their channel. See how they showcase a property and its neighborhood using astonishing footage and visual effects.

There are also some short videos around one minute featuring important and key insight in real estate marketing:

What Did They Do Right?

PLG Estates YouTube channel is all about consistency in design, performance, and value. They post what their audience most needs. They have targeted the new and beginner realtors and try to educate them through easy to understand videos. They also have incorporated a friendly yet serious tone of voice. There are links to their accounts on other social media channels.

5. Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone

Running on 1.38M subscribers, Grant Cardone, titled by Forbes as one of the top business influencers on social media, is the author of eight business books, thirteen business programs, and the CEO of seven private companies.

What Are They Posting?

He provides motivation tips for realtors in a series of videos:

Being a top salesperson he shares some tips on how to be good at selling:

What Did They Do Right?

Grant introduces himself as an expert who knows his way around in the business. From the extensive categories in his playlists to the complete descriptions for the videos with all the links to their social media accounts and website, they all show how dedicated Grant is toward educating and training his audience on YouTube.

6. The Mike Ferry Organization

Mike Ferry

Voted as Most Influential Real Estate Coach in North America by the National Association of Realtors, Mike Ferry, with over 43 years of coaching experience, shares videos on a variety of topics to help realtors and brokers grow their real estate business by teaching how to improve their mindset, develop skills and create a plan of action to increase production.

What Are They Posting?

He shares insights on how to be great at real estate:

What makes Mike’s channel special is the extensive series of videos in which he educates realtors: 

What Did They Do Right?

If one word describes Mike Ferry it is professional. His storytelling skills convey profound concepts simply. He takes a serious approach towards his videos on YouTube and that’s how he portrays himself as the expert he is.

7. Greg Harrelson

Greg Harrelson

Greg is passionate about real estate and selling real estate and also helping other realtors by educating them on how to generate listings and leads and other helpful topics. He has been in the real estate market for more than 20 years and has sold over 300 properties per year for multiple years. See what he has got to offer in his channel for yourself:

What Are They Posting?

He has playlists where he educates his audience by quick tips:

There are also some more videos on how to become a better real estate agent:

What Did They Do Right?

Although Greg uses simple equipment to record his videos for YouTube, he uses decent video editing to display important data onscreen. The same theme and style are seen in all his videos. He also makes sure he has his contact info in the description in the videos to provide his audience with a quick way to contact him.

8. Loida Velasquez

Loida Velasquez

Loida is a passionate real estate agent with love for fitness and adventure. Her channel provides the audience with tips and advice for real estate issues and helps realtors to succeed in real estate business. Agents new to the business will find her content highly valuable.

What Are They Posting?

She covers many topics in her channels, including tips for open houses:

What’s special about her channel is the live and real examples she has done and recorded that she shares on her channel. Check this video where she calls a FSBO case:

What Did They Do Right?

Loida tries to gain her audience’s trust by using a friendly tone of voice and addressing the most common issues they might have. She provides simple and easy to understand answers for these issues. She also uses the same theme and design.

9. Bryan Caselle

Bryan Casella

Bryan is a real estate agent in Southern California. On his YouTube channel, he shares videos about sales, supercars, and business. He also tries to encourage and motivate his audience to prosper by displaying his own lifestyle. 

What Are They Posting?

He offers many educational videos where he mainly tries to explain the point by doing some real examples live. Like in this video he cold calls an expired listing:

There are also many videos about tips and strategies for realtors like this one where he explains how to negotiate in real estate:

Other interesting videos to watch on Bryan’s channel are the real sessions where he is training others to become a better agent.

What Did They Do Right?

Just like Loida, Bryan masters the art of teaching by example. Complementary to all the tips and tricks he provides, he shows all those points in action and demonstrates how they are done with real examples. He lets his audience get to know him as a person to allow an opportunity for building trust.

10. Deric Lipski

Deric Lipski Youtube

Deric Lipski has been known for a great business based out of Easton Massachusetts. He sells residential real estate all over Massachusetts. On YouTube, Deric has his informational channel on real estate and offers educational content on expired listings, for sale by owners and different ideas for everyone to share. 

What Are They Posting?

There are numerous types of videos he shares on his channel including client testimonials which can be useful for other agents to learn the basics: 

There are other videos on sold listings which demonstrate his expertise and gain his audience’s trust in what he is capable to do:

Tips and tricks for the buyers and seller are the other section of his channel which have their own dedicated playlists:

What Did They Do Right?

Deric tries to gain his audience’s trust by posting videos about his success stories in real estate. Videos like client testimonials and sold houses all convey this message to his audience that he knows what he is doing and can be trusted. Empowering audiences with informational and educational videos are the other focal point on his YouTube channel.


Real estate business offers much to learn and every day there is some more knowledge added due to the latest developments and advances in both technology and the science behind the business. Keeping up with the latest trends seems to be an important factor for realtors. Online marketing is the game changer these days and keeping up with the digital marketing best practices and finding inspiration for developing your own tactics and methods should be a part of your career. 

There are many great realtors out there who target their audience as customers or use their channels to train and help other realtors. If you are considering creating your own channel on YouTube, take note that the examples here were just tip of the iceberg and if you dive deeper you will find a vast ocean of knowledge shared freely by many users and realtors on YouTube. 

YouTube is one of the best avenues to promote your business as a realtor. This article focused on the top 10 real estate YouTube channels but there is much more to learn. We have another comprehensive guide for YouTube which will cover everything in the platform here


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