8 Real Estate Digital Marketing Tips That Improve Sales: Lessons to Keep in Mind for 2023

2021 will continue the trends that have been developing in the recent years, with the only difference that real estate will be even more digital.

Real Estate is different now. Significant changes this market has seen in the last ten years have made old marketing methods obsolete. The way people buy homes is not like it used to be. Instead of wandering around in the neighborhood and going through ads in the paper, home buyers now begin their search online while having their ideal home’s image in mind. Real estate digital marketing is here to stay. Read along to learn about real estate digital marketing tips for 2023.

Top agents these days have not achieved their success by relying on old methods. Digital marketing is what agents need to keep up with the new trends and the novel ways customers shop for products and services. In this article, we have gathered several real estate digital marketing tips to help agents make better sales and make the most out of the online world.

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1. Do Market Research

Many agents start marketing online without even recognizing their market and customers. They have no idea what they will offer as their unique value proposition, who will benefit from it the most, and what the ultimate outcome is. When you have no idea, how do you expect your audience to feel they need your business?

Real estate agents need to do extensive research before doing any marketing online. By studying past clients and the local market they are active in, they can get some deep insights into who has been using their services. This will help them differentiate themselves from other agents. They can then better describe the positive changes they can offer potential clients.

When you understand your business, you can tailor your content online to fit the needs of your audience. Make every step you take count. As a real estate agent, all your marketing efforts should be effectively targeted toward your defined audience.

2. Email Campaigns

Email marketing might seem like a thing of the past, but for small businesses, it could be one of the main avenues for getting leads and turning them into clients. Many agents send emails only occasionally. What’s more, they do not follow a consistent, purposeful mindset. To make the most out of your email marketing:

  • Build a decent audience database
  • Share valuable and compelling content like videos
  • Include specific CTAs
  • Set goals and targets
  • Track and measure the performance of your email campaigns.
real estate digital marketing tips
roomvu Email Marketing Platform

Running email campaigns is almost impossible without email platforms’ help. There are many services out there that help you send mass emails and keep track of their performance. Roomvu offers an email marketing platform in its all-in-one dashboard that allows you to:

  • Upload your contacts
  • Choose ready-made videos from its vast data archive
  • Add your branding
  • Send the emails
  • Monitor the performance of the emails.

3. Deliver the Right Message

Digital marketing can help real estate agents like any other business only if:

The right message is delivered through the right content

This is one of the more important real estate digital marketing tips. The online space is full of messages that all look alike. Hopeless and desperate efforts to gain attention across various social media platforms have left the agents wondering what went wrong. In most cases, the problem is the message. People do not care how cool you think you are. They want to know what value you can offer.

To make your efforts count and matter, you need to ensure you share the right messages through the right content. People are sick and tired of reading all the text content that is poorly written and inconsistently shared. Time is more money than ever nowadays, and many won’t bother reading your text. Go with the videos. Videos are easy to watch and share across almost all popular social media platforms.

4. Improve Your Online Reputation

The online world has made life easy for all of us. When we feel the need for a product or service, the first thing we do is to search online. While doing our initial research, we come across many products and services and tend to see what other people say about them. After all, customer reviews and testimonials will likely provide a more honest and balanced view than the seller.

In real estate, too, people will be looking you up. They can find you across different platforms, from your reviews and real estate websites to the comments you get on social media to the testimonials you share on your website. The latter is easy to improve since you will write your happy clients’ testimonials. But the other ones, including your profile on third-party platforms, are where people will express themselves. Always try to make your customers happy and politely ask satisfied customers to leave a positive review. Keep that image attractive on social media and agent reviews.

5. Be Careful with Ads

Ads everywhere. Audiences are so tired of ads that they ignore most of them. Most of these ads try to sell without providing any value. They fail to mention why customers should pay for their product or service and cite many claimed stats and features. You must ensure your ads work with all those companies and businesspeople paying for the exact keywords. Identify possible opportunities and threats while using ads. Many ads are ignored, and there are many different reasons. They are:

  • Targeting the wrong audience
  • Delivering the wrong message
  • Offering no value
  • Are they being used in the wrong channel
real estate digital marketing tips
roomvu Content Calendar

All these may be pretty confusing for most agents if they are not tech-savvy and could result in a waste of money. If you are unsure how to use ads, you’d better leave it to professionals. Use social media advertising platforms to offer the right audience, channels, message, and time.

6. Develop A Solid Online Presence

2023, like 2022, will be a year of digital trends where people use the internet for almost everything. Your online presence and how your target audience is AWARE of your brand plays a crucial role in how your business performs. You will not go far without a decent company, even if you are great at what you do. People need to know you. Even if you aren’t a fan of social media for your own life. Your business depends on it. Your audience is on social media and the internet. Make sure you are there when they need you.

real estate digital marketing tips

7. Offer Virtual Content

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed real estate dramatically. Open houses are not very popular at the moment. When people are limited in some way, they will look for other options. When it is dangerous to go out, people need something to do their business at home. Virtual services in real estate, like virtual tours and open houses, are the key to winning those who are looking for a home to buy from home.

It is unlikely that 2023 will be much different from 2022 in the pandemic, at least not for the beginning months. Therefore, we are bound to keep up with virtual trends. Additionally, the pandemic has made people use alternative options, many of which have proven to be just as good. In some cases better.

Chances are, even after the pandemic, many trends that developed due to limitations will stay in our lives as people realize how convenient and valuable they are. This, combined with our lives becoming more digital, convinces agents to go virtual.

8. Host Webinars

Webinars help agents in two distinct ways:

  • First, they help increase awareness of your brand.
  • Then, they prove your expertise to your audience and build trust.

These two are essential for your real estate business. However, many agents lack the confidence to host webinars. However, 2023 will require you to level up your game. You must do whatever it takes to win the audience to stand out. Webinars are still relatively new among real estate agents, and the sooner you start doing them, the more edge you will have over the competition.

Going all in digital requires you to be comfortable using digital tools. Digital marketing in real estate depends heavily on inbound marketing and leads. Outbound methods are less effective than those used, and agents must think long-range.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Tips: Takeaways

2023 will be the year of digital measures. Regardless of how tech-savvy you are (or are not), you need to adapt. A few years back, opting out of digital marketing in real estate was not such a big deal since offline marketing methods were still somewhat effective. However, that’s not the case anymore. The pandemic has made it even more essential to invest in digital marketing. And with Millennials entering the market, these real estate digital marketing tips will grow in relevance.

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