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Creating Customer Personas for Real Estate Marketing

Today, let’s talk about creating a customer persona, a move by which you can further sharpen your real estate marketing strategies to cut more deals. The property market has grown increasingly competitive these days, so the sharper your strategies are, the better are your chances of being ahead on the marketplace.

What is a customer persona?

Customer Personas for Real Estate Marketing

First, let’s define what customer persona is.

Also known among marketers as a buyer persona, a customer persona is a creative representation of a customer’s identity.  It differs marketing-wise from your target audience or target market in the sense that a customer persona is more focused and specific.

When you create a real estate customer persona, you’ll include not only demographic factors like age, gender, occupation, and location, which are the elements that define your target markets. Creating real estate customer personas entails including more parameters in the process. These add-ons zero in on behavior patterns and psychographic factors, such as the customer’s likes, dislikes, pain thresholds, and motivations.

Creating a real estate customer persona helps you close more deals.  Buyer personas (also known as customer personas) help you connect with your ideal customers more personally, based on mutual goals and motivations. This way, you can form connections on a human basis. Doing so then helps your brokerage stand out as one that really knows and cares about their customers.

Importance of developing customer personas for real estate

Customer Personas for Real Estate Marketing

In a nutshell, customer personas help you better understand the thinking of your customers. In so doing, it puts you in a vantage position to, improves your marketing communication initiatives.

You can identify and tap the communication channels popular among your customers. Customer personas let you fine-tune the marketing content that specifically appeals to your customers and addresses their specific needs and concerns.

Steps to create customer personas for real estate

1. Source information for creating customer personas

Customer Personas for Real Estate Marketing

Generate background information as specific as possible, using your roster of previous customers whom you’ve successfully engaged before. Pick five to 10 individuals with whom you’ve established good relationships and interview them.

Dig into these customers’ occupations, home locations, purchasing power, recreational habits, and other personal traits. Importantly, you should likewise weigh the demographics of the customers including their age, sex, and marital status.

2. Understand customer problems and challenges

Customer Personas for Real Estate Marketing

Draw from these prior customers the hurdles that they faced in the process of your prior dealing with them. Try to determine the potential deal-breakers that they encountered or other negative things that bothered them. Seek the alternatives which they would have preferred.

Information from the experience of these customers is valuable for you in avoiding similar situations in the future.

2.1 Know customer needs and goals
Know customer needs and goals

Using the initial inputs from your five-to-10 customer samplings, establish the needs and goals that dictate the life directions of these subjects. Learn what their long-term aspirations are regarding their careers, income or investment opportunities, as well as domicile and lifestyle preferences.

Given this deep insight on the life objectives of your customers, you can develop a marketing roadmap precisely suited to their type of personalities.   

2.2 Analyze and adopt appropriate web content

appropriate web content

Determine the online messaging best suited to the real estate customer persona that you have identified. Also, take into account the communication channels that this particular customer prefers to access or use for their own messaging.

Apply this customization as you come up with ad or website copy, e-books, articles, newsletters, social media posts, and calls to action. In doing these, keep your messages always aligned with the goals and needs of the customer. Likewise, always address this persona’s concerns in all of your messaging.

2.3 Create the customer personas

Create the customer personas

Name the customer persona, highlighting the customer’s dominant characteristic based not only on their demographics but also on their demeanor or idiosyncrasies and even physical features. For easier recall, the names that are typically adopted for real estate customer personas are alliterations that best describe specific customers like Starter Stan, Techie Tony, or Caring Carl. 

Try to limit the real estate customer personas that you create from three to five of your core clientele. This way, you can really focus on the segments that deliver positive results in real estate marketing.

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