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State of Market & Market Snapshots


Homes are Selling at the Fastest Rate Recorded

Where are Housing Prices Heading?

Permits at 13-yr High: Builders Regain Confidence in the U.S. Market

What a COVID-19 Vaccine Would Mean for the Housing Market

The Housing Market is Hot but not in a Bubble

Single-Family Homes Sell Faster than Condos — and at Higher Prices — in the U.S.

What the 2021 Seattle Housing looks like

Home Prices Hit a New All-Time High

Competition to buy a home is heating back up in these U.S. Markets

New report shows Real Estate market set 6 new records in 2021

US housing starts rise more than forecast to 8-mo high

Why rent prices will continue to rise in 2022 even after surging last year

2022 Housing Market Forecast: Where Are the 'Hidden Gems'?

Super-luxury home sales surge across America, rising 35% in 2021

Buyers, get ready for another crazy housing market in 2022

Things to consider before investing in short term rentals

Rental Prices Hit Record Highs as Market Rebounds

2021 Housing Market Frenzy Concludes With Double-Digit Price Growth

Housing Market Reflects Affordable Benefits of Homeownership Over Renting

There Was No Housing Bubble in 2008 and There Isn’t One Now

Homes Selling Above Listing Price, New Listings Decrease

How Much Will Today’s Median Home Price Really Get You Across the U.S.?

Roaring U.S. housing market may cool, keep climbing as Fed ends emergency support

America’s housing market is in the grip of an inflation storm

US Housing Market Indicators

Purchasing Vacation Homes Is Not Just For The Rich Anymore

Housing prices continue to soar due to supply chain, labor shortages

Top 10 highest rental rate increases in 2021

Housing Market Drops, Still Up 5% Year Over Year

Number of Homes a Buyer Views Hits Record Low

Homebuyer Relocation Nears Pandemic Peak

Things to Do With Your Investments to Beat Inflation

Would banning single-family zoning solve the housing crisis?

Best Places To Invest In Property in 2022

One-Third Of Houses For Sale Are New Construction, An All-Time High

The best US cities to invest in a rental property

Least Expensive Homes in the Priciest ZIP Codes

Rent prices surge over 10% across US

New Construction on the Rise

Buyers vie for fewer homes as listings decline

1 in 4 First-Time Homebuyers Are Using Stimulus Money For Down Payment

Is this a Good Time to Sell a Home?

Homes are selling faster than ever before, and the spring market is arriving

Why has rent gone up across the country by 14%?

Important Factors Influencing Housing Prices In The US

Homeowners' rates rise nationwide, affordability remains an issue into 2022

It's tough to buy a starter home these days

With an Aging Housing Stock, What Are Buyers Purchasing?

The housing market’s double trouble

Will Rent Prices Surge In 2022?

Will 2022 housing market be hotter than 2021?

When will hot housing market finally start to cool?

Key Indicator Hints America Is Headed For Worst Real Estate Crash Ever

Will the spring 2022 housing market crush buyers?

Why your rent is going up?

Median Home Prices Rise in Least Affordable Metros

Should I Buy a House in This Crazy Real Estate Market?

Out-Of-Town Home Buyers With Deep Pockets Are Edging Out Local Buyers

How Could the Russia-Ukraine Crisis Impact Real Estate Market?

Will housing prices continue to surge amid record inflation?

Will Rent Continue To Increase Across The US?

How Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Is Already Rippling Through the U.S. Housing Market

Home prices will continue to boom: rising 12% in 2022

Home Ownership Turning Into Pipe Dream for Many Americans

Higher Rents vs. Higher Mortgages: In Some Places, Buying Now Wins

When Home Values Go Up, Take Advantage Of Your Home Equity

Will Russia-Ukraine Tensions Impact US Housing Market?

Here Are the Cheapest Places in America To Buy a Home

Why Moving To A State With Low Income Taxes Could Cost More?

Housing Market Predictions for 2022

A Record 8% Of U.S. Homes Are Worth At Least $1M

Rent Prices Continue to Surge Nationwide

Home Price Appreciation Reaches Highest Level In At Least 45 Years In America

Asking price for a typical U.S. home nears $400K, up 13% in just one year

What Can Be Done If US Home Prices Keep Going Up in 2022

Are Americans Expecting Rents To Keep Rising In 2022?

As Home Values Soar, The Wealth Gap Grows In America

Home Showing Traffic Continues To Rise In The US

Feb 2022-Feb 2023 Home Value & Sale Forecast

How To Claim Exclusion From The Capital Gains Tax In Real Estate?

The housing market's key metric just took an ugly turn for home buyers

Is Now The Right Time To Sell a Rental Property?

Do More House Permits Positively Impact Housing Prices?

Warning Lights Start To Flash On US Housing

Buying a Home Even More out of Reach?

Buyers Pay Up To 3.7% More For Homes That Work Hard, Play Hard

Home Remodeling in 2022 Calls for Patience and Flexibility

Home Prices Won’t Cool Off Anytime Soon In America

How To Stay Positive in Today's Crazy-Competitive Seller's Market

US Home Buyers Shouldn’t Wait For Home Prices To Drop In 2022

Fed watching red-hot housing market for financial stability risks

Will The Housing Market Continue To Bubble, Or Burst In 2022?

Rent Increases by Nearly 20% Across the US

US Housing Bubble Brewing

Relocation is a top priority among more Americans

Housing market inventory could peak in summer 2022

Housing Affordability Is About To Crash The Most On Record

Is a U.S. housing crash on the horizon?

Report of a possible housing cooldown is good news for buyers and investors

A housing crash is unlikely, but a correction could be around the corner

Will The Housing Market Slow Down, And Should You Worry?

Millennials Make Up The Largest Share Of Homebuyers In America

Why US House Prices Skyrocket And Why The New Housing Plan Won’t Work

Home Prices Continue to Rise as Supply Dwindles

Why higher rates shouldn’t dissuade buyers

Homeowner equity surges again

Home sellers gain the highest premiums in these months

Why is waiting out the hot housing market wrong?

What should homebuyers know about the current market?

Housing Wealth Gains Record $1.2T, But Signs Suggest Market Is Cooling

Tenants grapple with rent hikes amid overall inflation spike

How buyers can get an edge in a cutthroat seller’s market?

Why new home sales are plunging across the US

What drove US home price growth, and can it continue?

Here are a few things to know about the current US market

US Housing Market Enters Uncharted Waters

Why is the cost of rent going up in America?

Big shifts in US housing

National rent is over $2K/mo for the first time in US history

Why this housing downturn is nothing like the last one?

More Americans choose Real Estate as the best investment

Prices are still breaking records in June, amid slower rent growth

US new home sales still up in May

Prices still up amid sales declining

Homes still selling quickly and above asking price amid fewer bidding wars

Rents for 1-bedroom units still rising in June

Baby Boomers will have a big impact on the housing market

We are still there at 6.8M housing shortage in the US

It’s still a seller’s market despite inventory uptick

US Residential Median Asking Rents Up in June on Annual Basis

The housing market isn’t in a bubble

The housing market remains competitive

We are still short on Inventory in the USA

Most Americans think now is the time to buy homes

The seller’s market still persists in America

A construction slowdown is adding to the US's housing shortages

Potential buyers must do the purchase as there are more options now in the market!

Average US long-term mortgage rates retreated

How a price reduction can lead to a bidding war

Half of US renters plan to continue renting, providing investment opportunities

Hot markets for Real Estate in the U.S.

It's not going to be a crash like 2008

Median home price rises in US

Good things which can happen during a recession

Buyers gaining time and options as housing market rebalances

Homeowner equity insights

Americans still think a home is a great investment, despite every challenge

August 2022 housing market trends

What does a housing recession mean for buyers?

Apartment rents still soaring with no slowdown in sight

Redefined priorities for buyers and sellers in a shifting market

Why home-price growth is still up 18% yearly

The American city where home prices are rising fastest

Waiting on the housing market to crash? Don’t

Buyers regaining negotiation power in the current market

Tips on saving to buy a home by 2030

Current Housing Market Trends in 2022

Financial repercussions in home purchase cancellations

How Property Taxes Are Calculated?

The Fed Says the Housing Market Needs a Correction

Prices continue to rise in America, amid rate-hikes and supply shortage

Selling a family vacation home

Housing costs for renters increased more than for owners in America

The best month to buy a house for a good price

The shift to a more balanced market is still in its early stages in America

The housing market decline in the US is not a bubble

A positive perspective on 2022 housing market

5 Expected 2023 Rental Property Investing Trends

Falling rents can actually help the US economy in the long run

The Biggest Market Misconceptions Going into 2023

Rate Drops Fuel Uptick in House Hunting

Will There Be A Housing Crash In 2023 Similar To 2008?

How Will The US Real Estate Market Change In 2023?

The Perks Of Being A First-Time Homebuyer In 2023

US Housing Values Continue To Soar

Top 10 US Markets for First-Time Homebuyers in 2023

Even Housing Market In 2023

Consumers Are More Optimistic About Buying

Opportunities for Buyers and Sellers in 2023

Is a Housing Bubble About to Burst?

US Housing Market to Remain Strong in 2023

Which Markets Are Ripe for Single-Family Home Investors in 2023

What to Expect in the Housing Market This Spring

Innovative Ways to Invest in Real Estate in 2023

Bank Failures in 2023: Why It Can’t Crash Real Estate?

The Spring Housing Market for Buyers and Sellers

Multifamily Real Estate: Why It's a Smart Investment

The Best Time to Put a House on the Market This Spring

Home Prices Rose More Than Previously Thought in Q1 2023

Mortgage Pre-Qualification vs Pre-Approval

Housing Shortage Hits Some Buyers Hard

The Future of Homebuying

Signs of Housing Market Rebound

Will There Be a Housing Market Crash?

Wealth-Building via Homeownership

How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax on Real Estate

How Will the US Housing Market Fare for the Rest of 2023?

Home Prices Continue to Increase Despite Decreasing Demand

What Is a Bad Credit Score?

What Are Closing Costs?

US Construction Boom: High Until 2025?

Soft Landing for the U.S. Economy?

Build Your Passive Income: The Real Estate Solution

Nearly One-Third of Homes for Sale Are New Construction

Home Prices in 2024: Experts Weigh In

What Are the Pros and Cons of Co-Owning Your Home?

Tacoma is Nation's Fastest-selling Housing Market; Seattle Prices Soar 18%

Median Home Sales Price Reaches an All-time High

Housing Recovery in Full Swing as Sellers Inch Their Way Back into the Market

Gold prices holding steady as U.S. new home sales hold near 14-year highs

The hottest housing markets in 2022

After rising all year, Seattle-area rents start to cool down

Signs of a healthy housing market

Omicron variant threatens more disruption in Real Estate

The boom in US home prices is just the start of a major generational shift

Housing market trends fuel single-family home rental growth

Home prices are set to cool, where they’re still hot

Home Buyers Eager to Act Sooner Rather Than Later

Seattle-area home price growth starts to level off, still No. 7 in the nation

The suburbs of Seattle are hotter than ever

Median home sale prices rise to record high

Some buyers still face bidding wars in a cooler Seattle-area housing market

Rental prices jumped more than 10% this year

Here’s what you need to know about relocating

Omicron Variant Hits the Luxury Real Estate Market

The Biggest Winners in Real Estate in 2021

Single-Family Homes, A Good Bet For Landlords In The Post-COVID-19 Market

Inflation? There’s Another Explanation for Rising Housing Costs

Cities with the most expensive homes in Seattle metro area

Seattle’s Young Renters Are Looking North And South For Solutions

Renting Is Climbing to a New High in These U.S. Cities

‘Perfect storm’ slows Seattle-area housing market in December

Underneath a hot housing market, an even hotter rental market

Why Seattle is not one of the most affordable cities for single renters

Average home insurance rates are rising faster than inflation

Takeaways from Seattle’s red-hot 2021 housing market

Insights to Seattle Real Estate Trends in 2022

Home Sales Post Largest Monthly Decline Since May 2020

Crazy housing market has Seattle-area homes selling half-million over asking price

Seattle Among Surprising Cities That Could Be More Affordable in 2022

Seattle Suburbs to Watch

6 Seattle Micro Neighborhoods with Rapidly Rising Home Prices

U.S. Housing Market has Doubled in Value since the Great Recession

As housing prices continue to spike, national rent hits an all-time high

Nowhere to go: how record-high rent hikes have cornered renters

Housing Market Gains $6.9 Trillion in 2021

U.S. Housing Costs Surge, With No End In Sight

Seattle sellers can 'kick back and let the market' decide what people will pay for their homes

US Housing Supply Gap Expands in 2021

How To Invest When Home Prices Rise

Seattle’s Housing Development Process: How Does Regulation Increase Price?

1979 vs 2022: Why Interest Rate Hikes are Different

Seattle's housing market is so hot, homebuyers are getting burned

What builders and buyers expect in new homes in 2022?

New-home construction falters, even as builders secure more permits

Surprisingly Affordable Housing Markets Across America

Seattle Real Estate update

Median net worth of Seattle-area homeowners neared $1M in 2021

Rental rates skyrocketing in Seattle, expected to keep rising

Apartment hunters face double-digit rent increases across the country

US Consumer Confidence Slips; House Prices Maintain Upward Trend

US market braces for ‘rapid’ rebound of Chinese home purchases in 2022

Can you afford to buy a house in the Seattle area?

Vacation-Home Boom Continues Into 2022

Home appreciation posted huge jump across Whatcom County in 2021

Washington Metros on home sales bidding war list

What is happening in Seattle housing market?

¿Influirán las tensiones entre Rusia y Ucrania en el mercado inmobiliario estadounidense?

The most popular metros for millennial homebuyers

What Are The Impacts Of Climate Change On The US Real Estate Market?

Why Buying A Home Is Basically Unaffordable For Every US Generation?

What Are The Migration Opportunities And Risks For US Real Estate Investors?

Home Buyers’ Desire to Relocate Reaches Record High

Which US Markets Are The Hottest For House-Flipping?

US Housing Market Ahead Of Spring Surge

What Is The Fed Rate-Hike Impact on Seattle’s Housing Market?

Housing Demand Outpaces Active Listings In America

Rent-Control Measures Are Back As Home Rents Reach New Highs In America

US Metros Where Homeowners Pay The Lowest And Highest Property Taxes

Luxury Homebuyers Seek Turn-Key Lifestyle

Inflation, Soaring Rents, And The Housing Crisis

Multifamily Investor Demand Remains Strong Despite Rising Interest Rates

High-end housing markets see influx of millennials

Condos Surge As An Affordable Alternative In America

The Average US Home Price Hits $405K for the First Time

Higher Home Prices in America

Seattle's Hot Housing Market Means More Competition For Renters

What Does High Inflation In America Reflect?

Is the US housing market about to crack

Homes for sale up in Cowlitz County

Crypto Mortgage Lenders Are Entering The Hottest Housing Market Ever

How Home Improvement Funds Upgrade A New House To A Home

How Much Living Space $1,500 Gets You in America's Largest Cities

Competition For Housing Is Falling In America, But Bidding Wars Aren’t Over Yet

The median price of a Thurston County is now half a million dollars

Seattle Weekly Real Estate Update

Inflation, Interest and the Housing Paradox

More Inventory Could Open up as U.S. Homeowners Plan to Sell

Building suppliers boom as homeowners focus on renovations

How Persistently High Oil and Gas Prices Could Affect Luxury Real Estate?

Sales of New U.S. Homes Drop to Lowest in Four Months

Sharp increases in US rent forecast in 2023

There isn't a housing bubble, but the current seller's market should end this year

Rent in Seattle Skyrockets

Rents in Seattle Were Up 16% YoY

King County median home price nears $1M, but the market shows signs of cooling

The Most Expensive Neighborhoods In Seattle

How Many Prospective Sellers Are Planning To List By End Of Summer 2022?

April 2022 Home Prices Skyrocketed In These Seattle Suburbs

Single-Family Home Prices Show Double-Digit Increase in Q1 2022

How to Buy House and Land Package

Supply Shortage And Rising Rates Push Buyers Into Homes Sooner

Lumber prices fall to their lowest level in 2022

King County Property Values Soar; Tax Hikes Likely

Overall US New-Home Construction Rises In March Despite Slowdown In Single-Family

Why are condos in Seattle, WA. so rare and expensive?

What you need to know about rising rent prices

Nation’s Most and Least Affordable Real Estate Markets

What could the US changing housing market mean for investors?

Bellevue Condo Market

Spiraling Home Costs, Mounting Interest Rates Could Slam Door on First-Time Buyers

Is The US Housing Market Headed For A Price Correction?

Will the US economy hit a recession in 2023?

Seattle, WA April Rental Market

Which US Cities Have the Highest Rent In 2022?

National Housing Report for April 2022

Multifamily rents up 14.3% in 2022

The Housing Market Is on the Way to More Balanced Conditions This Spring

“Unusual” market in April

Rents in the US just hit another record high

Understanding Housing Inventory And What It Means For People

Rental Prices Continued To Soar in April

What to expect from home prices short term and longer term

2 Seattle Suburbs Among Top 5 Most Popular Housing Markets

Is the housing market rebalancing from the current conditions?

New home sales fall to pre-pandemic levels

Housing market moving at record speed

Seattle, WA housing payments

Seattle incomes aren't keeping up with surging home values

Home inventory jumps as sellers worry demand may fall

Lumber cheapest in 7 months as housing markets soften

Seattle, WA among the fastest-selling markets

Hot housing market not a bubble

Where in the US did owners rush to list homes for sale?

Seattle’s housing market in May

Puget Sound area WA housing market cools with slowdown in sales

How should people protect themselves from the housing bubble?

Seattle WA rent price growth in May

Woodinville, WA among the 10 most popular housing markets of early 2022

Edmonds, WA among the 10 most popular housing markets of early 2022

May Housing Market in Northwest Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA is Among Top Relocation Origins By REDFIN

US house prices; about to plummet?

Housing Market Could ‘Torpedo’ US Economy

Property values are rapidly rising in Snohomish County, WA

Experts recommend buying now if you're prepared

The US supply, sales and the median price in May

The best places to live in Washington

Competitive housing market in America, despite rising rates

We are not in a bubble

Great Time To Buy As Inventory Grows In US

15 most overvalued housing market in US

Tight inventory supports demand for new construction

With demand outpacing supply, experts call for new construction

Great time to invest in build-for-rent sector

Seattle homebuilding lags as housing shortage continues

Record Home Prices in May

Inventory still low in US despite rate hikes

A balanced, healthy housing market in Snohomish County

Home prices hit a new record in June, amid mortgage rates taking a breather

Cool beach towns with houses costing $250K or less

Still a great time to buy in Seattle

US home prices still rising in June, while DOM at record lows

Washington markets among top 5 cities for price drop

Prices still rising in Western WA

There still is a housing shortage in the US, despite rate hikes

Despite rising inventory, Western WA prices still rising

Still ‘Seller’s Market’ in King County

Rental bidding wars are happening as there’s not enough supply

Multifamily rents rise again in June, as demand increase

What happens when the market recovers

Seattle, Among Top Relocation Origins in Q2

Forget Recession! There aren’t enough homes being built in the USA!

Real Estate Remains The Favorite Investment in The US

Mortgage rates are still historically at normal levels, Best time to get in

There are still not enough homes in America

Prices still rising yearly in June, as the market shows signs of slowdown

Supply still tight in America, despite rising inventory

The demand for US housing is mostly Local

Construction edging down in July, affecting the already tight supply

Rising rents make rental construction a good investment in the US

Private equity’s effect on the housing market

King County, WA home prices skyrocketed in 2022

Tacoma, WA among cities where it’s easier to find a home

Rental market performance in Seattle

Homes sell fast in Washington

A hot rental market amid US housing shortage

First-time homebuyers were more active in June's housing market

Housing shortages are causing a slowdown in the US

Tacoma, WA ranked 4th among cities with the most price-cuts in June

Seattle ranked 7th among cities with the most price-cuts in June

The US housing shortage is likely to get worse

Budget Realistically for Home Repairs

Single-family rental market still robust, despite rate-hikes

Steps to boost housing supply with stimulus funds in America

America still suffers from a housing shortage, amid rate hikes

Newcomers’ homebuying budget in Seattle

The single-family rental market in First Half of 2022

High demand and low supply driving home values in West Seattle

US cities with the most rental rises

Residential rates to increase under Seattle City Light rate hike plan

Seattle still a seller’s market, amid sales down

Demand for Lowest-Priced Homes is Strongest as Market Rebalances

The Olympia, WA housing market is the 3rd-busiest in the US

The Bremerton, WA housing market is the 4th-busiest in the US

The Seattle housing market is the busiest in the US

Spokane, WA among Cities With the most modest price declines in 2023

What are recession-proof homes?

How Housing Supply Is Still Low

Investing in the Seattle rental market still gives a bang for the buck

Prices in Seattle Metro still rising annually in July

Seattle housing market in July

Rent-hikes in Seattle still give investment opportunities

180-degree opinion divergence between markets & industry

The US is short of 3.7M new apartments

Vacation Home Markets with the Highest Demand in the US

Market still competitive in Port Angeles, WA

Seattle built the 3rd-most apartments in H1 2022

What does a housing recession mean for homeowners?

August 2022 Housing Overview in Seattle

What You Should Know About Rising Average Apartment Rents

Stanwood-Camano area, WA still a seller's market

Seattle Metro Apartment Production Jumps

Tacoma rents still high but holding steady in most areas

Seattle Metro: No. 10 in housing growth over the last decade

The US needs millions more apartment homes

Spokane: No. 14 among most overvalued cities

US rent prices start to return to traditional seasonal trend

A ‘buyer’s market’ for homes is still elusive in the US

August update in the US

Renters are struggling to find affordable housing in the US

Home sellers’ demographics in August 2022

Sellers still getting top dollar for their properties, despite a cooldown

How much money do you need to afford rent in Seattle?

Seattle Metropolitan Area: the most expensive statewide

US housing market; a recession or a correction?

The hottest ZIP codes of 2022 in the US

US Housing Market Won’t Crash

The most Affordable US cities in 2022

Now Is The Time To Invest In Rental Properties

Home prices change in the US

How should investors prepare for a market crash?

Seattle among the most expensive cities

Best states for first-time homebuyers: Washington

Seattle among the promising markets for homebuyers

How much income do you need to afford a home in Seattle?

Title States with the highest prices in 2022: Washington

Best cities to buy a home in the US

Income and rental affordability in Seattle

Seattle-Area rents up again in August

Time to buy a home in these Seattle suburbs

New U.S. home construction rising

Balanced US Real Estate market

US apartment construction to reach record

Asking Rents Climb 11% in August

How are new home sales in the US?

September 2022 Housing Overview in Seattle

August Rental Report Highlights

Home prices keep rising amid a seller's market

Spokane County’s housing market begins to normalize

Time to invest in these five expensive states

US housing starts rise in August

Seattle luxury market still had annual price gains

How much does the first year of homeownership cost in Seattle?

Seattle metro area’s fastest growing home prices

Buying a family vacation home

A Correction would Benefit Buyers

Best places to live in the US

Seattle-Area rents slower to normalize

Olympia, WA: among the best coastal cities for retirement

Spokane County still favoring sellers, despite sales declining

High demand for luxury second homes in Kitsap County, WA

Lewis County, WA remains a seller's market

Lewis County WA market becomes more balanced

Towns in Tri-Cities, WA, with the most expensive homes in May

Arlington, WA still sees relatively strong home-buyer interest

Most expensive cities for first-year homeownership

Kirkland, WA is the third-best place to live in the US

US New Home Sales Rise

Metro Seattle house prices increased 145% in a decade

Nation's Biggest Rental Rises in September

September Rental Report: Seattle

Seattle rent trends in September 2022

How Much needed to buy a Starter Home In Seattle?

9 biggest homebuyer regrets and how to avoid them

Prices Would Have to Fall 25% for Homes to Be Affordable Again

US rent trends in September 2022

5 Myths About Renting You Should Stop Believing

Washington still had great investment opportunities in September

Luxury 2nd home demand is above pre-pandemic levels

5 best things to get for your home in the coming year

7 Secrets Luxury Home Buyers Need to Know

Homebuyers can lock a rate for 150 days ahead of a sales contract

What are the typical duties of a Real Estate agent?

Builders are slowing starts amid uncertainty in the market

Housing market correction amid rate-hikes

High demand for built-to-rent communities in America

Most valuable US property markets for investment

The number of US individual investors rose annually in September

October Housing Report: Seattle

Top markets to buy, sell apartment buildings

Lumber Prices in Today’s Housing Market

The Richest Town in Washington

Seattle Jumps to Fourth-Highest Household Income

Seattle-Area Homes Linger Longer on The Market

October 2022 rental trends: Seattle

Mountlake Terrace had the biggest rent-hike in Greater Seattle

October 2022 rental trends: Everett

King County Housing Market in October

Top 5 US Markets for Multifamily Deliveries

Property Taxes in a more balanced housing market

Top cities for highest income needed to afford rent

The most affordable places to live in the US

Top 10 Equity-Rich Housing Markets in Q3 2022

3 Best Housing Markets for Growth and Stability across the US

Current Situation in Real Estate Market

What is the average down payment in Seattle?

Seattle home prices are nowhere close to affordable

Institutional Investors Shedding Single-Family Home Rentals

How Inflation Affects Multifamily Real Estate

29% of Homes for Sale in Q3 Were New Construction

Resales of homes in October

Northeast Seattle Housing Market in October

West Seattle Housing Market in October

What’s The Outlook For The Housing Market?

Income required to buy a house in Seattle

America is still facing a supply/demand imbalance in housing

Northwest Seattle Housing Market in October

5 Best Places To Invest in Winter Vacation Homes

Puget Sound Home Prices Are On The Decline

Homes Are Selling So Fast That Buyers Don’t Have Time To Analyze

Clark County Real Estate Market Trends In Mid-Fall

Seattle has fourth-least inventory among US large cities

Shifting Market in Pierce County, WA

Pierce County, WA home prices skyrocketed in 2022

Residential property values take another big jump in Pierce County

Pierce County, WA still a seller’s market in May

Spokane housing market in mid-fall

Top US Housing Markets for Home Value Gains in 2022

Washington’s Real Estate construction in the past decade

Most active markets for new construction in the past decade

Snohomish housing market in mid-fall

Hunters Hoping for Steep Price Cuts Next Year Are out of Luck

Construction Market in The US during the past decade

2023, A Unique Market for Young Buyers

Key Factors for Determining Affordability

Rental growth trend in the US in early-Q4

Tacoma has third-least inventory among US Midsize cities

Demand for housing is still very strong

Mid-Q4 rent trend in the US

What to expect from the US housing market in 2023?

2 Hot Real Estate Trends Attracting Billionaires

Single-Family Home Sizes Trending Smaller

How is the current housing market different from 2008?

Seattle still had annual rent-hikes in Mid-Q4

Two-year outlook of the US Real Estate market

Is there a Real Estate bubble in the US?

What Does A Recession Mean For Homebuyers?

How will US Real Estate prices change?

Home prices went up in Seattle, except in one neighborhood

Is This the Best Time to Get A Good Rate?

Late-Fall Housing Report: Seattle

Should you hold off your Real Estate purchase or not?

Top US cities with smallest losses in square footage in 2022

2023, an Explosive Year for Real Estate Investing

Are We Finally in a Balanced Market?

Late-Q4 Brings A Record Increase in Housing Supply

US cities with biggest losses in square footage in 2022

US market currently gives huge opportunities amid fears of crash

First-Time Homebuyer Programs in Washington

Is It a Good Idea to Tap Into Your Home Equity?

Best Lake Towns in Washington to Live in

Pierce County Has An Affordable Housing Crisis. A New Sales Tax Can Help Solve It

Strategies for investors to take advantage of rising rates

Single-Family Housing Starts Slowed

10 Least Tax-Friendly States for Middle-Class Families

Is the US Headed for a Housing Market Crash?

Top 10 Real Estate Markets to Watch in 2023

Mid-Q4 rental price trends in the US

Top US markets where renters are becoming homeowners

America’s most competitive rental markets of 2022

Why is There A Housing Shortage?

Lumber Price Hit Its Lowest Level in Early-Winter

What really happens if house prices fall 20%?

How Low Inventory Affects Homebuyers And Sellers

Seattle suburbs with lower prices in mid-Q4 2022

Late-Fall Home Prices in Lewis County

Seattle Suburbs With Rising Prices in Mid-Q4 2022

Late-Fall Home Prices Fluctuated in Whatcom County

Bremerton had 17th highest increase in home values since 2000

Bellingham had sixth-highest increase in home values since 2000

Hot US spots for institutional investors in 2022

Agent-Assisted Home Sales Have Increased

Trends to Watch in the 2023 Housing Market

5 least affordable down payment cities in the US

Different Types of Foreclosed Properties

5 US cities taking the shortest to afford a down payment

Top Commercial Real Estate Trends for 2023

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US Offices Reach 50% Occupancy for 1st Time Since Pandemic

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Commercial Real Estate Loan Rates, Terms and Fees

Construction Costs In 2023

House Prices Will Rise Fastest In These 6 Cities In 2023/24

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Seattle In Mid-Winter: The Rental Report

The Possible Outcomes Of 2023’s Housing Market

US Pending Home Sales Improve In Early-Q1 As More Buyers Return

How Is A CRE Appraisal Different From A Residential Appraisal?

Commercial Real Estate Loan Requirements

Lumber Soars 13% As Housing Market Shows Signs Of Life

What Is An Escrow Shortage?

New Home Sales Unexpectedly Rise In Late-Q4

What Are The Different Methods for CRE Valuation?

US Home Prices Post Small Increase As More Sellers Enter The Market

Real Estate Market Resilience In Economic Recessions

2023 Guide To Low Down Payment Mortgages

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Converting Downtown Offices Into Apartments

End of A Frenzied Market in 2023

How to Increase The Value of A CRE Appraisal

Supply Chain Issues May Be The New Normal for Commercial Real Estate

Builders Remain Optimistic About 2023 Despite Complicated Landscape

Collaborative Solutions for Housing Crisis

New Actions to Protect Renters And Promote Rental Affordability in The US

Housing of all types is coming to Everett in 2023

October Housing Report: Washington, DC

Baby Boomers and Millennials: Good Time to Enter The Market

How to Add Rent Payments to Your Credit Reports

Washington, DC still had annual rent-hikes in Mid-Q4

Early-Q4 prices up annually in Washington, as sales down

A Normal Market In Whatcom County

What’s Ahead for Washington’s Housing Market?

Cities With Median Rent Declines In Washington

Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue Market In 2023 Early-Q1

Early-Q1 Real Estate Market in King County

Early-Q1 Real Estate Market in Snohomish County

Traits to Look for in A Real Estate Broker in Today's Market

Understanding The Reverse 1031 Exchange in Real Estate Investing

U.S. Home Builders' Confidence Increases in Mid-Q1 2023

How Will The Seattle Housing Market Perform in 2023?

Vacation Rental Market to Reach $113.9B by 2030

Make the Most of Your Rental Options in Redmond, WA in 2023

The Avg Lifespan of 5 Common Home Features

Homeowners Still Remodeling in 2023 Amid Challenges

2024 Recovery Ahead of the US Housing Market

Homeownership Tax Advantages

Demand Is Driving The US Housing Market

Seattle’s Early-Q1 Sales and Prices

Late-Q4 Home Sale Stats for Pierce County

How to Purchase a House in Seattle Area’s Market

How Much Can My Landlord Really Increase My Rent?

What Kinds of Politics Can Affect a Market Favourably?

Ways to Find out How Much Your House Is Worth

What Trend Did the US Deals Follow in Early-Q1?

Housing Market Moves Toward Normal

What Should I Do if My Home’s Value Went Up?

Navigating 2023 Challenges and Opportunities in a Balanced Landscape

How Multifamily Developers Keep The Construction Pipeline Flowing

Auburn’s Rental Market Saw a Massive Annual Growth in Early-Q1

Main Types of Home Valuation

Things to Know Before Opening a Home Equity Line of Credit

Early-Q1 Rents Fell in Seattle

US Apartment Rent Growth Flatlines in Early-Q1

US Housing Starts and Building Permits Tumble in Mid-Winter

Pierce County Sees Moderate Increases in 2023 Property Taxes

Are Home Prices Dropping in 2023?

Opportunities Ahead of Patient Buyers

Real Estate Market Stays Strong Despite Slight Dip in Demand

If the Market Returns to Normal, What Do We Need to Relearn?

Percentage of All-Cash Home Sales Grows in Seattle

How to Get Top Dollar for Your Home in 2023?

Pending Home Sales Improved in Early-Q1 for the 2nd Straight Month

Seattle in Late-Winter: The Rental Report

Rents Rose the Smallest in Early-Q1

Homebuilder Sentiment Improved in Mid-Q1

Queen Anne and Magnolia Sees Exponential Annual Growth in Early-Q1

Skyway Sees Exponential Annual Growth in Early-Q1

A Look at the US Rental Market of Mid-Winter

Are Manufactured Homes a Good Investment in 2023?

Multiples vs Singles in the US Home Building Market

Time to Buy in Seattle

At Least 5.5M Homes Are Needed in the US

Reasons Why Homeownership Is a Good Investment

Single-Family Smart Homes to Experience Rapid Growth by 2028

Real Estate Investment Markets in Washington

What Do Experts Expect From the US Market by the End of 2023?

A Positive Outlook on Cities Where Home Prices May Decrease

The Pros of Leasing Land

Pros of Investing in Seattle Real Estate

US Housing Market Tracker of the Mid-Q1

How Do Rent-to-Own Homes Work?

Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue Housing Metrics in Late Winter

American Apartment Rental Guide

Who’s the Target Audience for Rent-to-Own Homes?

Tract, Spec, and Custom Homes

What Does the Future Hold for Build-to-Rent?

Reassessing Finances When Your Rent Goes Up

The Housing Market Hits a Turning Point

Highlighting Factors That May Help Stabilize the Market

Things Developers Should Know About Multifamily Market of 2023

How Was the Late-Winter Real Estate Market Across the US?

Spokane: Top Emerging Multifamily Markets

Is My Money Safe in the Bank?

How to Get an Instant Home Offer?

The Very Best Week to List Your Home in 2023

Instant Home Offer Pros

US Housing Market Outlook for 2023: Prices and Sales

Washington: Second on-Time Rent Payments Nationwide

What Is an Instant Home Offer?

Seattle and King County Trends in Late-Winter

Which Home Sellers Should Consider an Instant Offer?

Who Pays REALTOR® Fees?

What Do REALTOR® Fee Cover for Buyers?

What Happens When the Housing Market Crashes?

Housing Market 2023: Reasons for Stability

Multifamily Real Estate for Long-Term Investing

WA Most Affordable Places to Live In

Housing Market Momentum in Spring

King County’s Need for Affordable Housing of the Next 20 Years

US Home Prices to Fall in 2023 Despite Higher Rates

Housing Market 2023: Prices Continue on Downward Trend

More Residents Calling Downtown Seattle Home

New Seattle Apartments Are Some of the Country's Smallest

Seattle Market in Mid-Q1 2023

Real Estate Rental Market Share From 2023-2029

How Svb’s Collapse Could Affect the US Housing Market in 2023

Pending Sales Trends Across the US

Limited Options for Would-Be Seattle Home Buyers

How Was the Overall US Real Estate Market in Late-Q1?

All Cash Offers Making Home Buying Tougher; Here's How to Compete

Housing Is Suddenly a Bright Spot in the Economy

Housing Market Correction Is Losing Steam

Spring Selling Season Started Strong

What Gen Z Homebuyers Desire When Buying a House?

Home Improvement Reality Check: Costs and Returns in USA

US Housing Starts Surge, Led by Multifamily Construction

Homebuilders Optimistic About Business Despite Banking Fallout Concerns

Renting a 1-Bedroom Apartment Now Costs $2K in the Largest US Cities

How to Price Homes Properly in a Volatile Market?

More Opportunities With New Homes This Spring

5 Rental Market Trends to Watch in 2023

How Is Seattle Affected by the SVB Collapse?

America's Best Housing Markets for Growth and Stability

What Type of Home Is Selling for Over the Asking Price?

US Real Estate Market Outlook of Spring

Home Prices Could Drop Through 2023

Real Estate Price Cycles: Getting Bid Up

Is the Aftermath of Bank Failures the Best Time to Buy?

City Planning Is for Boomers, but Millennials and Gen Z Drive the Market

US Commercial Real Estate Investment Report

Higher Rates Put Brakes on Multifamily Finance Requests

Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate in USA

What Impact Does a Bank Failure Have on Commercial Real Estate?

Spring Real Estate Season Is off to a Rocky Start

Things to Know About Renters Insurance

Incremental Improvements Expected in US Pending House Deals Numbers

Overall View of the US Housing Market in Late-Q1

US Housing Market Shows Moderate Rebound

Exploring the Mid-Q1 Market Stats in the Tri-Cities

Ways to Lower Renters Insurance Costs

What Is a Homeowners Insurance Premium?

Get Tax Credits and Rebates for Home Energy Upgrades

2023 Second-Quarter Housing Trends in the US

Builders Create Luxury Apartments Despite Quality

Banking Crisis Becomes a New Variable in the Housing Market

US Households’ Attitudes Towards the Future of Housing

What Should Americans Expect From the 2023 Market?

Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue Housing Metrics in Early Spring 2023

Data Suggests Market Downturn May Be Ending

Home Prices Won't Drop Despite Cooling Market

Seattle’s Commercial Market Slows as Bank Challenges Pile Up

Is the Real Estate Market Heading Towards Another Crash?

Cities With the Largest Increase in Housing Inventory in 2023

Spokane in Early-Spring: The Rental Report

What Is Fractional Ownership?

CRE: Next Shoe to Drop for Regional Banks and Stock Market

US Jobs and Housing Spring Report

Real Estate Market 2023 Expectations

US Housing Market in 2023

US Markets That Are Most Likely to Keep Their Value

Seattle Needs More Development

Seattle's Investment Forecast in Early-Spring

Commercial Real Estate Market Stays Steady

A Look on the US Multifamily Market of Q1 2023

4 Tips to Save the Most on Housing in Case of a Layoff

Early-Spring Housing Market Trends in King County

US Office Market: Physical Property Values Resilient to REIT Selloff

Effects of High Inflation on Real Estate Developments and Leasing

Housing Prices Drop After a Decade, but There’s Still Hope

Will There Be a Housing Market Crash Due to Climate Risks?

What a Housing Market Crash Would Mean for Homeowners

A Look on the General Trend of US Home Prices

2023 Volatility in the Home Insurance Market

The 2023 Housing Market in the US

Luxury Real Estate Market Research Analysis 2023-2031

Is Spring the Best Time to Sell a Home?

Seattle’s Median Property Taxes

How to Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment

CRE Market Poised for Growth Despite the Pandemic

How Will the Housing Market Look by End of 2023?

US Housing Market Shows Signs of Recovery

Time to Check Your Insurance Policy as Hurricane Season Approaches

Challenges and Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate

Homebuying Demand Still High Amid Lack of Supply

Late-Q1 Sales and Prices in Thurston County

How Are Office Vacancy Rates in Seattle?

Seattle in Early-Q2: The Rental Report

Housing Payments Hit All-Time High in Early-Q2

Can the Spring Housing Market Be Rescued?

Home Sales Surge in the US

Despite Improving Inventory, Housing Supply Shortage Persists

Early-Q2 Rent Prices in Seattle

Late-Q1 National Rent Price Trends

Reasons Why You Should Refinance a Mortgage

Top US Housing Markets for Growth and Stability

Second Home Sales Slowing Down Due to High Mortgage Rates

Real Estate Market Challenges

Foreclosure Rates Rise Across the US

Home Equity Loan Requirements to Know

Strategies to Bring Down the Cost of Purchasing a Home

What You Can Deduct From Your Taxes This Year

What Happens When You Pay off Your Mortgage?

Gen Z Leads in Homeownership Ambitions

How to Lower the Cost of Refinancing?

Reasons Why Experts Believe Worst of Slump Is Behind Us

Rent Is Coming Due for the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Demand Outpaces Limited Supply, Making Some Markets Feel Hot

SFR Rental Yields Are Projected to Rise This Year

Home Prices Anticipated to Remain Flat Over Next Year

Single Women Own More Homes but Get Lower Returns

Where Experts Expect America’s Housing Market to Head To?

Foreclosures up, but Will the US Housing Market Crash?

US Apartment Rental Prices Stabilize as Inventory Increases

Homebuyers Eager but Sellers Scarce

Washington Proposes Fund to Cover High Cost of Living

Vacation Home Sales Are Down From Pre-Pandemic Levels

A Broader Correction in Commercial Real Estate

When Will Home Prices Be Affordable Again?

Seattle Housing Market Prices Starting to Come Down

The Housing Market Is Confusing Top Real-Estate Forecasters

2023 Summer Housing Market Predictions

Housing Market Faces Shortage in Inventory as New Listings Drop

Is Your Home Price Still High? Do This Now

Washington’s Monthly Mortgage Payments in 2023

Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue Market in Mid-Spring 2023

Businesses Face Higher Insurance Costs Amid Flood Risks

Current National Mortgage Rates: May 15, 2023

Rent Prices Continue to Stabilize in the US

Most Active US Rental Markets in Mid-Spring

The Industrial Real Estate Market 2023-2030

Seattle Area Property Taxes Lower Than Similar Markets

Home-Buying Costs Could Soar if US Defaults on Its Debt

Buying a House by End-2023: A Window of Opportunity Emerges

Debt Defaults Affecting the US Housing Market

Why Are There so Few Houses on the Market?

Unpredictable Times in Commercial Real Estate

Buying a House by End-2023: A Window of Opportunity Emerges

Home Prices Could Drop by the End of 2023

What Will the Housing Market Do Next?

Smart Home Market Expected to Reach $537B by 2030

US Sees Slower Growth in Rental Price

Commercial Real Estate Loans Face Challenges

Current National Mortgage Rates: May 23, 2023

Most Expensive ZIP Codes in US

Lower Interest Rates Will Be a Bright Spot This Summer

Examining the Future of Commercial Real Estate

Remote Work Accelerates the Suburbanization Trend in America

Mid-Spring Rent Growth Report in the US

How Is the US Mortgage Market Trending in Mid-Q2?

Refinance Applications Surging in Mid-Q2

Cash Offers by First-Time Home Buyers: Pros and Cons

How Late-Spring House Prices Changed Across the US?

Seattle Rent Increases in Two Years

How Was the General US Market Outlook for Mid-Q2?

CRE Market: Higher Interest Rates and Credit Crunch

Cost of Living in Washington State: Analysis and Rankings

US Homebuilders Confidence up Despite Challenges

New Zoning Rules in Seattle

What Can the CRE Industry Expect in 2024?

Hidden Costs of a Vacation Home

Mid-Spring Housing Trends in the US

Current National Mortgage Rates: May 29, 2023

House Hack With an FHA Loan

Seattle: Housing Affordability and Median Income

US Vacation Rental Market Is Thriving

Want a 5% Mortgage Rate? Buy a Newly Built Home

Global Office Asset Trends: 2023 and Beyond

What Is the Conforming Loan Limit?

Pros of Investing in Seasonal Real Estate Properties

How to Buy a House With No Money Down?

Buying a Home Above the Conforming Loan Limit

Conforming Loans vs. Jumbo Loans: What's the Difference?

A Look on the Mid-Spring Rent Growth in America

Housing Market: Is Now Finally a Good Time to Buy?

Home Sales and Price in Michigan Dropped From a Year Ago

Reasons to Invest in Real Estate During an Economic Downturn

Mortgage Loan Originators: Roles and Responsibilities

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a House?

Low Housing Inventory Blamed on High Interest Rates

Expect More Affordable Starter Home Construction in 2024

How Did Mortgage Applications Change in Mid-Q2?

Homebuyers' Confidence Improved in Early-Q2

4 Surprising Things Homeowners Insurance Covers

Dollar Depreciation and Commercial Real Estate Investment

Seattle in Late-Spring: The Rental Report

Loss of Use Coverage Key Information

What Trend Did the US Market Follow in Mid-Spring?

Record-High Multifamily Construction Eases Housing Shortages

The Concerns Surrounding a Commercial Property Crash

Air Conditioning Becomes Standard in Newly Built Homes in Washington

Investors Are Building a Record Number of Rental Homes

Attainable Housing Options: Rethinking the Starter Home

How to Improve Your DTI?

Best Months for Selling Your House

How Will the US Landlord Behavior Change?

The General Trend Expected for the US Housing Market

What’s Next for Single-Family Rentals?

Income Balance and Safe Mortgage Payment

Seattle's Budget-Friendly Rentals Still Favor Investment

Insights on CRE Industry Expectations in the Next 3 Years

Housing Market Shows Resilience Amidst Challenges

Cities Are Unprepared for the Commercial Real Estate Crash

King and Snohomish Counties: Affordability Shift

What Is Condo Insurance?

How to Take Advantage of High Home Prices

Moderate Rent Growth Expected Through 2023

A Record Number of Homes Built to Rent Out

How Is the US CRE Market Going On?

Affordable Housing in Seattle

Why Housing Prices Haven't Dropped: The Current Market Scenario

US Housing Starts Rise, Indicating Stabilization

Navigating Opportunities in the Evolving Housing Market

Housing Levy Is Critical to Keeping Seattle Affordable

Seattle Rent Skyrockets From Early Pandemic

~50% of Millennials Are Homeowners in Seattle

Seattle’s Most Affordable Neighborhoods in 2023

How Is the General Outlook of the US Housing Market?

Steps to Keeping Seattle Affordable

More Affordable Housing Needed for Middle-Income Americans

Do I Have to Pay a Fee for Late Rent Payments?

Tight Inventory in Washington Counties

Multifamily Borrowers Face Further Scrutiny From Banks

US Homebuilder Sentiment Surges

Building Material Costs Rise

Warning for REIT Investors

Resilient Housing Market in the US

Economic Expansion Expected in 2024

Housing Affordability for a $125K Salary

Washington's Home Prices Trend

US Saw More Buyer Competition in Mid-Q2

US Office Market Trend

Single-Family Rental Construction More Active Than Ever

No Need for 20% Down in 2023

Maximizing Returns: Modern Real Estate Reinvestment

Diving Into US Residential Investment Trend

Where in the US Are Rental Vacancy Rates the Highest or the Lowest?

Navigating the Late-Q2 Market Trend in the US

Late-Q2 Listings Lag, Shoring up Prices in the US

Late-Spring Rental Market Outlook Around the US

Home Price Growth Surges as Homebuyers Outnumber Sellers

Surge in Single-Family Built-to-Rent Homes

Housing Market Challenges in 2023

Seattle’s Allure: A City Worth the Price Tag

Seattle Approves 2023 Housing Levy for Affordable Housing

Home Values Rise in the US Amid Drop in Listings

Home Prices Rise Amid Record Low Inventory

Post-Pandemic Office Challenges

Single-Family BFR Homes Breaking Records

King, Snohomish Counties See Lower Home Prices in Mid-Q2

Seattle: A Renter’s Paradise

Foreign Investors Capitalize on US Real Estate Dislocation

Inherited Homes: Increasing Preference for Selling

Building Wealth Without Owning a Home

Renting Bliss in Everett, WA

Seattle: A Premier City for Renters

Seattle's Shrinking New Listings Fueling Property Boom

High Hidden Costs of Homeownership in Seattle

A Look on the Lakefront Property Market Around the US

Navigating the Late-Spring Market in the US

Home Sales Boost in May

Essential Fundamentals for Successful Real Estate Investing

Housing Market Recovery and Regional Variations

Housing Market Recession Ends: Cautious Optimism

The Return of Rent Control in US

Single-Family Home Starts Jump in Mid-Q2

Home Asking Rents Dip in the West, yet Rise in Eastern US

US Rents Are up, While They Should Not

Seattle: Your Path to Wealth in a Decade

Record High Multifamily Construction in the US

Rent Growth Slows but Remains High: Early-Summer Report

The Hidden Costs of Owning a $1 Million Home

Insights on the US Economy and Mortgage Market Outlook

Overcoming Property Tax Debt: A Guide

How Is the Overall Market Outlook in the US?

Record-Low Home Sales of Late-Spring in the US

Effective Strategies to Reduce Monthly Expenses

Mid-Year Assessment of Real Estate Market

How Does Credit Impact Home Insurance Premiums?

FICO Credit Scores vs. Credit-Based Insurance Scores

Does Credit Score Affect Homeowners Insurance?

Pierce County Property Values Down This Year

Top Cities for Real Estate Investment: Seattle

Seattle in Early-Summer: The Rental Report

Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue in Early-Summer 2023

Benefits of Office-to-Residential Conversions

Seattle Fast-Tracks Downtown Housing Construction

Spokane in Mid-Q2 2023

How Has the US Market Changed?

The US Is Short in Affordable Housing

Alternative Allocations: Opportunities in CRE

The Complex US Housing Crisis

A Turn-Round Point in US Housing Starts

What US Investors Think of the Market?

Managing Rent Increases: Budget Tips

Millennials' 5-Year Homeownership Goal

Homebuilders Are All Smiles Right Now

Impending CRE Crash Threatens Market

Looking for a Housing Price Crash? That’s Unlikely

Cities With the Most Expensive Homes in Seattle Area

US Housing Market Slowdown Impact & Trends

Will the Commercial Real Estate Market Crash?

US Most Expensive Housing Markets

US Multifamily Market Outlook

Home Improvement Market Growth

Darker Moody Colors Boost Home Prices in 2023

Zoning Changes for Housing Crisis: Insights From Seattle

Housing Market on Road to Recovery

Convincing Price Rebound to Come in 2024

Seattle-Area Housing Market Stabilizes

Current HELOC Trends

Will Home Prices Drop in Early-Q3?

Seattle Offices: Uncertainty and Rising Vacancies

Managing Homeownership Debt: The 28/36 Rule

Housing Market Struggle: Affordability vs. Low Inventory

Early Summer 2023 US Housing Market Trends

US Home Values on the Rise

The Top Most-Expensive States for Real Estate

Converting Downtown Office Into Multifamily Residential

Real Estate Market Key Insights 2023-2030

King County Early Summer Trends

Unlocking the Potential of Your Seattle Rental Property

Washington Ranks 8th for Increased Home Value

Cities With the Fastest Growing Prices in Walla Walla Area

Most Popular Coastal Towns in Washington

Where Is the US Housing Market Heading To?

California Home Sellers Pocketing Record Amounts of Cash

A Look on the Market in Vashon Island

Income Washington Renters Need

Washington Homeowners' Equity Takes a Hit as Market Cools

US Housing Market Hits Record High

Commercial Real Estate Values Are Set to Crater by 2025

Importance of Mortgage Brokers in the Current Market Climate

Office Market Unlikely to Bounce Back Before 2040

Affordable US Cities With High Quality of Living

50% of Americans Put Less Than 20% Down on Their Homes

America's Housing Shortage Is Keeping Home Prices High

Seize the Opportunity: Buy Your Dream Home Now!

What You Need to Know About PMI

Different Types of Real Estate Deeds

Millennials' Housing Shift: Tenants to Homeowners

Seattle Streamlines Design Review for Affordable Housing

How to Find a Real Estate Agent?

Cities With the Priciest Homes in Wenatchee

The Most Expensive Cities in the Seattle Metro

August 2022 Real Estate update in Washington area

Home values surging in Aberdeen, WA despite rate-hikes

Walla Walla, WA: among the best places to live for families

September 2022 Housing Overview in Washington

Price hikes are moderating in Washington

September Rental Report: Washington-Arlington

Benton County home price average tops $400K in Sept

Mid-Q1 Housing Prices in King, Snohomish Counties

Tacoma; A Different Housing Market Nationally

Pros of Living in Covington

A Detailed Look on Late-Q1 Market in King County

How Was the Late-Q1 Market in Snohomish County?

Whatcom County’s Late-Q1 Market Statistics

Washington’s Housing Markets Have Shifted Again

How Is the Housing Market Performing in Lewis County?

Washington-Arlington-Alexandria Market in Mid-Spring 2023

Whatcom County’s Sale Prices in Early-Q2

Early-Q2 Home Prices in King County

Early-Q2 Home Prices in Snohomish County

Early-Q2 Home Prices Down Yearly in Washington

Washington Needs 1M New Homes Within Next 20 Years

Washington’s Total Costs of Homebuilding

The Cities With the Most Expensive Homes in Washington

WA Signs Law Allowing Duplexes and Fourplexes to Address Housing Crisis

High Rates and Tight Inventory Impact Pierce County Home Sales

Bellevue, WA: Housing Affordability and Median Income

DC Housing Affordability and Median Income

Washington Down Payments Among the Highest in the US

A Look on the Housing Affordability in Washington

Cities With the Most Expensive Homes in Washington

Washington Renters Need to Earn Twice the Minimum Wage to Afford Rent

Best Washington Counties to Live In

2024 Trend in King County Prices

How Is the Market in Pierce County?

Adam County: Least Expensive Housing Markets in Washington

Investing in Real Estate in Washington

A Look on the Market in Pierce County

Hazard Insurance vs. Homeowners Insurance

Most Expensive States in 2023: Washington

U.S. Housing Market Crash Indicators

Tacoma’s Dual Rental Measures

Reducing Rental Property Depreciation Tax

A Healthier Real Estate Market in the US

How Is the US Rental Market Going On?

New Washington Law Could Make Condos Less Expensive

No End in Sight for Housing Shortage

Cities With the Fastest-Growing Home Prices in the Seattle Metro Area

Top Places With the Most Surging Rent

A Look on the Late-Q2 Market Stats in Whatcom County

How to Finance a Rental Property: Requirements and Options

Unlikely Housing Recession

Rent Growth: Slowing Down or Speeding Up?

Global Housing Market Stabilizes Post-Correction

America’s Real Estate: A Market of Multiple Offers

Wildfires Could Drive a Real-Estate Correction

Understanding Capital Gains Tax on Real Estate

West Seattle in Early Summer 2023

Most Expensive States in 2023: Washington

Seattle in Mid-Summer: The Rental Report

Apartment Construction Boom Likely to Bring Renters Relief

What Is a Housing Market Correction, and Are We in One?

US Home Prices at Record Highs

Housing Market Rebound by 2025

Is Housing Looking up This Fall?

The Top States for Real Estate Investment

Major US Cities With Decreasing Rent Prices

Spokane in Mid-Summer: The Rental Report

Rent Control's Impact on Seattle Market

Renting vs Buying in Puyallup, WA

Most Affordable Places to Live in Washington

Retail Show Resilience Amid Challenges

Investing in Anti-Displacement Housing: Rainier Valley Initiative

Commercial Real Estate and Construction Outlook

In What Direction Has the US Market Been Moving?

Changing Landscape of Commercial Real Estate

Retail Real Estate Is Entering a Golden Age

US Median Home Price up in Early-Q3

Fewer Homes on the Market in Seattle Area

Here's How to Test Drive Your New Budget

Cost of Living in Portland vs Seattle

The US Housing Market Faces an Affordability Crisis

Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue in Mid-Summer 2023

Common Real Estate Scams, and How to Protect Yourself

Office-to-Residential Conversions: A Partial Solution

Cons of Selling Your House FSBO

Cost of Living in Austin vs Seattle

Housing Market to Slow Down in 2024

Why Homeownership Is Still a Smart Financial Move

U.S. Home Builder Confidence Falls for the First Time in 2023

Most Affordable Cities for Individuals in 2023

Rents Are Dropping for the First Time Since the Pandemic

Income Requirements for Seattle Starter Homes

How Rent Controls and Subsidies Distort U.S. Housing

Saving Money on Property Taxes: Tips and Process

US Home Prices Stable

More Housing Needed in Pierce County

Washington Ranks 13th in U.S. Home Construction

Washington State: A Cost-Effective Place to Live

Seattle: Standing out With Top Curb Appeal

The General Trend Going on in the US Market

Investment Potential in Spokane's Overpriced Market

Tax Planning Tips for Real Estate Investors

Resilience and Growth: Analyzing Historic Housing Data

Washington Cities With Fastest-Growing Home Prices in Late-Q2

Affordable Housing in Washington: Multifamily Tax Exemption

Seattle Metro Faces Slowdown in New Apartment Construction

Seattle in Mid-Q3: The Rental Report

Demand Rises, Builders Go Smaller

HUD Raises Fair Market Rents

Real Estate Excise Tax Revenue in Seattle Projected to Be Down

Smart Payment Strategies for Construction Projects

The Supply of Affordable Housing May Dry up in 2025

Will the Golden Age of Remodeling Persist?

Converting Office Space to Apartments: America's Housing Opportunity

Early-Q3 Market Activity Remains Low in the US

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost in 2023?

US Housing Market Avoids Crash, but Challenges Remain

Slowing Rent Growth in Early-Q3

The Avg Cost of Living in Tacoma

Rents Are Down in Washington State

Seattle Shines: A Top West Coast City for 2023-2024

Yarrow Point Has the Most Mega Homes in Washington

Can Condo Fees Be Deducted From Your Taxes?

Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue in Late-Summer 2023

What Factors Affect Property Tax Rates?

Foreclosure Volume Expected to Rise by End-2023

Reaping the Rewards in Real Estate Investments

Mercer Island’s Quality of Life Triumphs

Washington's Top 10 Dream Destinations

Home Remodeling Spending to Decline in 2024

How to Invest $5000 in Real Estate

Managing Housing Costs Amidst High Prices

What Is an Escrow?

Rent Prices in Tacoma See Big Drop

Seattle-Area Buildings Prime for Office-to-Housing Conversion

U.S. Housing Affordability Hits 30-Year Low

Concerns of a Black Swan Event in the Market

Mid-Fall Housing Outlook: What's Ahead?

Seattle Rental Scene an Early-Fall Perspective

The CRE Market Faces a Significant Downturn

Home Renovation Costs in King County in 2023

Anticipating a Thriving Home Price Surge!

Navigating Late-Q3 Market: 6 Key Insights

What Is Cap Rate in Real Estate?

Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue in Late-Q3 2023

CRE Rebound Could Be Delayed Until 2024

Seattle Real Estate Market Update: Inventory and Prices

Seattle’s Market Remains Competitive and Fast-Paced

Seattle's 91 Office Buildings for Housing Conversion

Late-Q3 Prices in King, Snohomish Counties Mixed

Spokane’s Rental Market Exposed: Early-Fall Edition

The Housing Market: A Tale of Two Parties

Leveraging Retirement Accounts for Real Estate Investment

Seattle Metro's Hotspots: Where Home Prices Soar!

Seattle's Housing Struggles Across Generations

New Home Construction Fuels US Market Growth

Autumn Market Shift: U.S. Home Values Slip

The Smartest Home Projects to Tackle in the Seattle Area

Early-Fall Seattle: Overvalued Gems for Investment

Property Insurance Changes and Commercial Real Estate Lending

Affording an $800K House: What Income Do You Need?

Will the US Housing Market Face a Reckoning Before 2025?

NAHB Housing Market Index Falls to 40 in Early-Q4

Why Current Housing Inventory Shows a Crash Isn’t on the Horizon

Housing Market Surge: Bubble or Boom?

Seattle's Home Value Index in Early-Fall 2023

Tips for Thriving in Commercial Real Estate During Recession

What Challenges Do Builders Face Beyond Lumber Prices?

Commercial Real Estate Values Slide 11%, Analysts Say

US Rent Quicksand: Navigating Late-Q3 Slide

Cut Commercial Real Estate Costs: 5 Strategies

Challenges and Trends in Housing Market Inventory

Addressing Rising Rents and Tenant Protections

US Residential Market Hits $52 Trillion, Rebounds Strongly

How a Government Shutdown Affects the Real Estate Market

Office Market Faces $1.5 Trillion Debt Crisis by 2025

5 Reasons There Will Be No Housing Market Crash

Multifamily Real Estate Market Trends in Q3 2023

Washington: Top 10 States Most Interested in Property Investment

How to Check if a House Is in Foreclosure

Guiding Steps to Homeownership Before Turning 30

Seattle and Eastside Office Market Trends

Renters Rejoice as Rental Rates Continue to Fall

Want a Seattle Home? See the Income You Need

Emerald City Rentals: Seattle's Early-Q4 Quandary

Late-Q3 US Rent Increases Slowing but Still Up

Perfect Timing for Your Apartment Hunt

Do You Know the Essentials of Home Insurance?

Your Guide to Down Payment Assistance

Why Experts Don't Foresee a Foreclosure Crisis?

2023 Down Payments: Shrinking Trends

Budget-Friendly US Cities to Call Home

Seattle: America's Most Expensive Places to Live

Seattle's Office Market: Can You Guess the Trends?

Residential Real Estate Market Growth and Prospects by 2027

Take Back the Narrative in Commercial Real Estate

Adapting Empty Offices: Innovative Conversions

Are Home Prices Expected to Rise in 2024?

Is a Housing Market Recession Upon Us in 2023?

Is Millennials' Homeownership Dream Fading in Today's Market?

High US Empty Homes: Market Pressure or Potential?

Housing Market Quandary: A Prices Soar

Seattle's $970M Housing Dilemma

Retail Market in Seattle Region Shows Resilience in Q3

6 Warning Signs of a Housing Crash You Should Watch

Seattle's Surprise: Annual Rent Declines

What Happens if You Don't Insure Your Home for the Full Value?

Housing Market in Crisis: Officials Remain Passive

Housing Market in Crisis: Officials Remain Passive

Will House Prices Go Down Fed Official Gives Prediction

Fed Warns: $24T Commercial Real Estate Stability Risk

Tactical Strategies for Commercial Real Estate

Early-Fall Housing Market: Mixed Signals

Where Are Homes Vanishing From Listings Fastest in the US?

Why the US Rates Surge Went Worldwide

2024’s Top 10 Issues Affecting Real Estate

Haunted Houses in Demand: Prices Scare, Not Ghosts

Investment in Seattle: Beat Overvalued Homes

What Is the Washington State Homeowner Assistance Fund

Want Wealth in 5 Years? Invest in These States!

Navigating the Singles Tax: Practical Tips

Seattle's Affordability Gap: Median Income vs. Costs

Seattle Among Least Cost-Burdened Cities

Going Bare on Home Insurance? 3 Future Regrets

Seattle Office Market: Rent Drops, Tenants Benefit?

Seattle's Housing Crisis: Tripling Solutions

Home Remodeling Will Hit $1.3B by 2030

Seattle: Top 10 Cities for Highest Household Expenses

Which Insurances Are Crucial for Commercial Real Estate Investors?

Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue in Early-Q4 2023

Americans' Mixed Views on Housing

Growing Share of Homes With Price Drops

Lending's Steering: Protecting or Profiting You?

Ways to Boost Home Value on a Shoestring!

Is Going Without Home Insurance Worth the Risk?

Washington-Arlington-Alexandria in Early-Q4 2023

Home Insurance 2024: Rising Costs

Which States Lead and Lag in Millennial Homeownership?

Early-Q4 Housing Snapshot: Costs, Challenges, and Anticipated Trends

Impact of Extreme Weather on Property Values

Here's Your Complete Guide to Wholesale Lending

Key Insights for Investors in Today's Market Landscape

Predicted Dip in Home Remodeling in 2024

Emerald Echo: Zillow's Early-Q4 Seattle

Rental Market Softening in Seattle

Seattle Port’s 2024 Budget Set to Increase Property Tax Revenue

Seattle-Area: Prices Fluctuate, Sales Prefer Relaxation in Early-Q4

When Will Home Prices Fall?

Medina: A Popular Choice for the Wealthiest Americans

Which Cities Top the List as Popular for Renters in Mid-Q4?

Unlocking Tax Perks in Homeownership

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