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State of Market & Market Snapshots


Earnings Needed to Afford Life in Toronto vs. Other Ontario Regions

Toronto Home Prices Dip in 2024, Condo Market Rebounds

Rate Relief? BOC May Ease in 2024

Comparing 4 Canadian Metro Areas in Autumn Market

Unlock Your Homeownership Dreams: FHSA

Blind vs. Open Bidding

Flip Lands Investment: Gains and Risks

Home Prices Expected to Fall 10% in 2024

Toronto's Real Estate Rollercoaster

Over 100 Rapid Toronto Homes Backed by Governments

York Region Plans 3.75% Tax Rate Increase

2024 Construction: Strong Demand Ahead

Toronto Real Estate: Trends and Market Insights

Ontario Rejects Cities' Request for Expanded Infrastructure Funding

Toronto Real Estate: Supply Concerns

BoC to Cut Rates Starting in Q2 2024

Milton Council Approves Fourplexes for Federal Funding

Reviving Canada's Housing: Innovative Solutions

Economists' Outlook on Bank of Canada's 2024 Rate Forecast

Canadian Housing Market: Softening Trends

Housing Aid: Trudeau's $6.2B Initiative

Home Building Costs in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide

Affordability vs. Median Incomes in Hamilton

Construction Setbacks in Greater Toronto Area

Canadian Real Estate Investment Opportunities

BoC's Revelation: Rates at Peak, Demand Vanished?

Key Homeowner Tax Credits for This Tax Season

Mastering Real Estate: Wealth Building

Credit Losses Linger in Q4 Bank Reports

4 Units, 1 Lot: Burlington's Bold Housing Move

Transforming Lives: $44M for Toronto's Affordable Housing

Toronto REIT: Mid-Fall Distribution Insights

Toronto's Housing Plan: Bold Ambitions, Challenges Ahead

Canadian Real Estate: Steeper Price Decline

Canada Extends Tax Deadline for Cottages to April 30

Unlocking GTA Real Estate Trends in Mid-Fall

Why Can't Toronto Build More Homes Despite Funding?

Richmond Hill Housing: Early-Q4's Price Dip

Renting a One Bedroom in Toronto: The Third Highest in Canada

Toronto Housing: High Rates, Low Sales

The 5 Most Profitable Canadian Cities for Condo Investors

Consumers Overestimating How Low-Interest Rates Will Fall

Early-Q4: Houses Prices Rise, Condos Dip in Mississauga

Rent Trends Across Ontario Cities

2026 Canadian Immigration Stability: Housing Impact?

GTHA's Multi-Family Market Dynamics Unveiled

Toronto's Rental Market: Housing Desperation

New Tax Law Prompts Closings in Toronto’s Luxury Market

Toronto Office Leasing: Q3 Report Reveals Trends

Leasing Commercial Real Estate in Canada: Beginner's Guide

Toronto's Rental Market: Prices and Trends Revealed

Toronto's Housing Market Continues to Deter Potential Buyers

Toronto’s Real Estate Market Shifting Towards a Buyer's Market

Toronto's Rental Revolution: Housing Initiative

What to Make of the Bank of Canada’s Hawkish Hold

Canada: Early-Q4 Rent Growth Slows From 11.1% Surge

Surging Home Values: Whitby's Early-Q4 Market

Peel Region Sees Upward Trend in Early-Q4 Home Price

Toronto’s Core East Market Stats for Different Housing Types in Early Q4

What Experts Say You Should Consider When Downsizing

Market Stats for Rosedale and Moore Park in Early Q4

Market Stats for the Annex and Yonge-St Clair in Early Q4

How Busy Will Canada's Housing Market Be in 2024?

Toronto’s Core West Market Stats for Different Housing Types in Early Q4

Toronto's Ambitious Affordable Housing Plan

Newmarket’s Early-Q4 Market Stats for Different Housing Types

How to Overcome Canada’s Housing Affordability Challenge

Toronto's Housing Overhaul: Bold Plans Unveiled

Hamilton: Rent Affordability in Canada

Ambitious 7-Year Housing Plan Approved by Toronto City Council

Early-Q4 Market Statistics for Different Housing Types in Ajax

5 Tips to Get the Most out of the First Home Savings Account

Here's Your Complete Guide to Wholesale Lending

Key Insights for Investors in Today's Market Landscape

Toronto: Rent Affordability in Canada

Ajax Rent Trends in Mid-Q4

How Changing the Commercial View on Housing Solves the Crisis

Dufferin County’s Early-Q4 Market Stats for Different Housing Types

What Are the Pros and Cons of Co-Owning Your Home?

The Hidden Faces of Canada's Housing Shortage

Oshawa’s Early-Q4 Market Statistics for Different Housing Types

Canada's Investor-Led Condo Wave: Impacting Real Estate?

Are Toronto Real Estate Investors Rushing to Sell?

Toronto Luxury Homes: A Glimpse Into Exclusivity

Early-Q4 Key Trends in Canada's Rental Sector

Home Prices in Canada to Fall 5% as Rates Curb Activity

Ways to Boost Home Value on a Shoestring!

What Will the Boc’s Next Decision Mean for the Housing Market?

Caledon, on Property Values Reach New Highs in Early-Q4

Barrie Councillors Consider Updates to Zoning Bylaw

Brock, on Real Estate Trends: Early-Q4 Prices Plunge

Toronto’s Retail Market Finding Equilibrium

BoC Expected to Cut Rates in Mid-2024

How to Secure Your Dream Home Deal

Hamilton Achieves Record-Breaking $2B in Construction

Which Insurances Are Crucial for Commercial Real Estate Investors?

Pushback Developing in Burlington Against 2024 Tax Increase

Gen Z's City Shift: Priorities and Demands

Milton Housing Market Trends in Early-Q4

Greater Toronto Market Snapshot

Durham Region Market Snapshot

Peel Region Market Snapshot

Uxbridge Market Snapshot

York Region Market Snapshot

Orangeville Market Snapshot

City of Toronto Market Snapshot

Mississauga Market Snapshot

Clarington Market Snapshot

Halton Hills Market Snapshot

Markham Market Snapshot

Newmarket Market Snapshot

Oakville Market snapshot

Oshawa Market snapshot

Milton Market Snapshot

Pickering Market Snapshot

Richmond Hill Market Snapshot

Stoufville Market Snapshot

Vaughan Market Snapshot

Whitby Market Snapshot

Ajax Market Snapshot

Brampton Market Snapshot

Burlington Market Snapshot

Caledon Market Snapshot

Aurora Market Snapshot

Uxbridge Experienced a Surge in Early-Q4 Home Prices

Oakville’s Home Prices Experienced a Dip in Early-Q4

Burlington’s Early-Q4 Home Prices Surged

Brampton Experienced a Drop in Early-Q4 Home Prices

East Gwillimbury Saw a Dip in Early-Q4 Home Prices

Vaughan's Early-Q4 Home Prices Experience Decline

Georgina's Home Prices Experience Decline in Early-Q4

Pickering Housing Market Trends in Early-Q4

Early-Q4 2023 Oakville Real Estate Update

Housing Squeeze: Population's Unwanted Gift for Canada

Markham's Early-Q4 Home Prices Surge, Setting Positive Trend

Investor Ownership Reshapes Toronto's Condo Market

Promoting Rental Housing Development in GTA

Early-Q4 Clarington Housing Market Updates

Toronto's Vacant Home Tax: Addressing the Housing Crisis

Construction-Ready Vacant Land Is Scarce in Toronto and Vancouver

Generational Changes to Build More Affordable Homes in Toronto

Reviving Toronto: From Offices to Homes

Reviving Toronto: From Offices to Homes

To Revive Canada’s Economy, Housing Prices Must Fall

Why Settling in Toronto's West Side Is a Wise Move

What's Behind the Decline in Canada’s Condo Sales?

Behind Ontario’s Controversial Housing Changes

Toronto Considers Office-to-Housing Conversion

Toronto's Quest: 65K Homes by 2030

Toronto's Rental Cost Growth Slows

Lutheran Church's Affordable Housing Initiative for 2024

Toronto's Soaring Home Price Crisis

Your Real Estate Investment: Condo vs. House Prospects

Oakville Rentals: Condos on Fire, Townhomes Cool

Ontario: Four Times Pricier Than Other Provinces

Ontario to Miss Housing Construction Targets

Fixing Toronto's Housing Crisis: A Call to Action

Toronto Condo Market Tightens in 2024?

Interest Rate Influence on 2024 Home Prices

Toronto Home Prices Are Down, but Salary Required Up

How Long It Takes to Save up a Down Payment in Canada

Rebound for Toronto in 2024?

2023 National Condominium Report: GTA Market

Chill Set to Embrace the Canadian Housing Market

Toronto Hikes Vacant Home Tax to Fund Housing Program

Canadian Real Estate Prices to Decline Due to Yields

Navigating Canada's Evolving Townhouse Market

Unboxing Canada's Housing Price Plunge

Canadian Real Estate: Is 2024 the Turning Point?

Toronto Rental Construction Hits 9-Quarter Low

Canada's Housing Market Unveiled: Insights for 2023

Ontario's Rocky Road to 1.5M New Homes

Predictability Is Returning to Ontario’s Real Estate Market

Ideas for Fixing Toronto's Housing Market

Will Tax Tsunami Waves Hit Burlington in 2024?

London’s Late-Q3 Rent Trends: Resilient Amid Uncertainty

Pickering’s Late-Q3 Market Witnesses Decline in Prices

Milton's Late-Q3 Housing Market Sees a Price Dip

Perfect Timing for Your Apartment Hunt

Toronto's Real Estate Slump Hits City's Revenue

How Can You Master Risk With Commercial Title Insurance?

Mississauga's Late-Q3 Home Prices Buck Downward Trend

Toronto's Rental Market May Be Cooling Off

Hamilton's Late-Q3 Monthly Rent Trends Show a Slight Dip

Oakville’s Late-Q3 Rent Trends Reflect Annual Growth

Burlington’s Late-Q3 Rent Trends Reflect a Minor Decline

Oshawa’s Late-Q3 Monthly Rent Trends Reflect a Minor Decline

Clarington’s Late-Q3 Market Experienced Falling Prices

Early-Fall Toronto: Cooling Market, Holding Prices

The Council Votes to Increase Toronto's Vacant Home Tax

Vancouver and Toronto Ignite Canadian Housing Growth

Toronto's Office Buildings Face Obsolescence

GTA Listings Have Nearly Doubled

Housing Starts up in Canada, Supply Crisis Persists

Navigating Canada's Landscape in the Next Five Years

Inevitable Burst for Canada's Housing Bubble?

Toronto’s Income Required to Buy a Home Keeps Increasing

How Much Should Gen Z Spend on Housing?

CRE Lending a Bigger Risk Than Previously Thought

Toronto’s Late-Q3 Monthly Rent Trends

Cut Commercial Real Estate Costs: 5 Strategies

Challenges and Trends in Housing Market Inventory

Late-Q3 Canadian Housing Market Trends and Projections

Hamilton’s Income Required to Buy a Home Keeps Increasing

Canada's Housing Gap Widens Amid Population Growth

Why a $1 Price Tag on a Toronto $1.4M Property?

Build Your Passive Income: The Real Estate Solution

Sizing up Affordability in the GTA

Unlocking Affordable Homeownership in Canada

Toronto's Real Estate Disparities: From Bargains to Pricey Homes

Tips for Thriving in Commercial Real Estate During Recession

What Challenges Do Builders Face Beyond Lumber Prices?

Canada's Average Rent Rates Spike to 9-Month High

Toronto Condo Market: Late Q3 Lull Sparks Curiosity

Toronto's Housing Enigma: Rent Freeze vs. Control

Late-Q3 Benchmark Price for Single-Family Homes in GTA

New Report Addresses Canada's Housing Crisis

Mississauga’s Late-Q3 Monthly Rent Trends

Are Canadian Home Prices Set to Surge This Winter?

Canada Late-Q3 Mixed Market Signals as Listings Increase

Are Things Looking up for the Canada Office Market?

Condo Affordability Challenges in the GTA

Q4 Brings Surging Canadian Home Prices!

GTA Market: New Listings Surge, Sales Drop in Late Q3

Opportunity Still Exists in GTA and GVA Real Estate

What Kind of Housing Do We Need Most in the GTA?

Canadian Housing Market Cooling

Toronto Rental Registry: Insightful Data for Renters

Examining Short-Term Rentals in Downtown Toronto

Saving for a Toronto Condo Down Payment: Renters' Reality

As Toronto Housing Market Cools, Inventory Builds

Toronto Housing Insights for Newcomers

Toronto Real Estate Market Sees Increase in Sellers

Young Canadians Exit Housing Market

Brampton Rent Surging 3 Times Faster Than Other Cities in Canada

Toronto Condo Market Could Be Heading for Slowdown

Toronto Real Estate: Resilient Amidst Price Drops?

Now You Can See How Much People Pay for Rent Across Toronto

How Toronto Home Equity Financing Benefits You?

Toronto's 10-Yr Housing Deficit Challenge

Brampton Detached Homes: Time to Buy

Toronto Renters Fear Losing Affordable Homes

Toronto’s Most Affordable Area for Detached Homes

Canadian Housing Starts to Remain Under Pressure Until 2024

Canada’s Market Slowdown Likely to Last for a Prolonged Period

Toronto's Transparent Rental Insights

Toronto's Vacant Home Tax Set to Rise

Durham Residents Face a ~10% Property Tax Hike

Toronto Market Falls to 1-Year Low as Bond Yields Jump

Hamilton Facing Potential 14.2% Residential Tax Hike in 2024

Housing Gap in Canada Steady Despite Construction Slowdown

Canada's 3.5M Housing Gap by 2030

Moving to Toronto? Must-Know Insights

Housing Affordability Across GTA Subregions

4-Unit Homes Proposed for Housing Crisis in Mississauga

Tax Cuts Aim to Boost Toronto's Rental Housing

Toronto Class-Action Impact on Commissions

Rising of Real Estate Prices in the Halton Region

Here’s How Long You Need to Save to Afford a Condo in Toronto

Toronto’s Wake-up Call: Affordability Matters

Saving for Condos in Toronto

Toronto's Office Vacancy Trends Q3

How Expensive Has Toronto Housing Become Since 1990?

Ontario Most Exposed to Further Housing Downturn in 2024

Toronto's Hot Market: A Rising Global Attraction

Toronto's Thriving Real Estate: Trends and Challenges

TRREB Calls for Property Tax Review

Brampton Rent Prices Soaring Fastest in Canada

Ajax Real Estate Market Snapshot: Mid-Q3 Version

Volatility Continues to Shape Mississauga’s Real Estate Market

Mid-Q3 Home Prices Dropped in Peel Region

Canada's Housing Markets Show Signs of Balance

Thriving in Housing Market After BOC's Rate Pause

Toronto’s COA Delays and Costs in Construction Expenses

Greater Toronto Area Sees Slower New Home Sales in Mid-Q3

Toronto's Housing Bubble Risk Subsides

Tips for Toronto’s First-Time Renters

Toronto Real Estate: Bubble Burst!

Kitchener’s Mid-Q3 Monthly Rent Trends

Toronto Housing Woes: Private Room for Rent Raises Concerns

Mid-Q3 Monthly Rent Trends in North York

Building Resilient Homes to Avoid an Insurance Crisis in Canada

Navigating Toronto’s Opportunities Amid Uncertainty

Canadian Rents Reach a Record High

Turbulent Real Estate Pricing Scenarios in Toronto

Canadian Real Estate: Cooling or Booming?

Canadian Housing Price Trends: Highlights Over Five Years

Toronto's New Housing Taxes and Revenue Strategies

Burlington’s Mid-Q3 Monthly Rent Trends

Exploring Split-Level Properties in Toronto

Brampton’s Mid-Q3 Monthly Rent Trends

Income of $233,300 Needed in Toronto

Mississauga’s Mid-Q3 Monthly Rent Trends

Fall 2023 Outlook for Canada

Ontario Delays Property Reassessment Until 2025

Mid-Q3 Home Prices Remain Flat in Mississauga

Price Trends Across Property Types in Mississauga

Oshawa’s Mid-Q3 Monthly Rent Trends

Housing Market Outlook: Vancouver, Kelowna, and Ontario in Late 2023

Toronto Area Listings Increasing

BoC Rates Expected to Standstill Till Q2 2024

Mid-Q3 Sales in Hamilton-Burlington Region

Canada's Housing Market Is Eerily Similar to 2013

Waterloo Region Home Prices Take Dramatic Dip in Mid Q3

Toronto's Bold Actions to Tackle Financial Crisis

Shifting Perspective: Housing as a Home, Not Just an Investment

Brampton's Hot Market: High Demand, Low Supply

Toronto Street-Front Retail Leasing Activity Picks Up

Reassessment of Ontario Properties Officially Delayed

Mississauga Condo Prices Dip Amidst Steady Market

Toronto Adopts New Housing Revenue

Mixed Results in Toronto Housing Market?

Mid-Q3 Housing Market Cools in Halton Region

Cracking the Toronto Housing Affordability Puzzle

Oakville’s Mid-Q3 Residential Real Estate Prices

Brampton’s Real Estate Prices Experience Decline in Mid Q3

Mid-Q3 Residential Real Estate Statistics for Oakville

GTA Prices Set to Increase in Fall 2023

Is Rezoning Sufficient to Create Affordable Housing in Toronto?

The Changing Landscape of Toronto’s Real Estate Market

Toronto's New Condo Market Hits a Decade-Low

Toronto City Hall Audits Multimillion-Dollar Contracts

Stagnant Fall for Toronto Real Estate?

Toronto Awards $21.5 Million to Secure Affordable Housing Units

Waterloo Region Sees Mid-Q3 Dip in Home Sales

Canadian Housing Investment Is Correcting at the Fastest Rate

Canadian Regional Housing Market Trends for Fall 2023

Toronto Region’s Housing Activity Cools

Toronto's Struggle With Missing Middle Housing

Canada Urged to Develop Strategy for 2M Rental Homes

Tax Changes to Spur Rental Construction in Ontario

A Look on the Summer Condo Market in Barrie

Is the Best yet to Come for Canada's Commercial Market?

Developers Need to Build More Affordable Housing in GTA

Housing Target Set for York Region

Lending Rates Stifle Toronto Housing

A Look at the Future of Toronto’s Real Estate Market

Canada’s Office Vacancy Could Peak in 2024

Canadian Housing Market Shows Resilience Amid Rate Hikes

Avg Rent Hits Record High in Brampton

Long-Term Outlook: Toronto and Vancouver Prices Remain Elevated

Invest in Pre-Construction

Ontario’s Building Faster Fund

What You Need to Know About Rent Control in Ontario

Toronto's Dynamic Home Price Changes in 2023

Toronto’s Affordable Housing Plan and Financial Challenges

Toronto Is in a Housing Crisis Leaving Residents in the Lurch

Windsor Faces Housing Shortage

Canada's 2.2M Rental Unit Challenge in a Decade

2 Cities With the Highest Property Taxes in Canada

Reclaiming Abandoned Properties for Ontario Housing

Early-Q3 Rents Increased in Mississauga

Hybrid Work Effects: Toronto's Office Landscape Shift

Early-Q3 Avg Rents Spiked Nationally

Canadian Real Estate Correction and Recovery

Toronto Builders Face Challenges

Toronto Real Estate: Steady Climb Amid Challenges

Toronto Proposing Higher Taxes in Face of Massive Shortfall

Evolving Trends in Canada's Alternative Lending Scene

How Do Different Markets Function in Ontario?

Funding in on to Support Affordability

GTA Market Starting to Balance Out

Housing Starts Plummeting in Canada

Toronto Housing Market Sees Surge in New Listings

A Look on the General Market Trend in Vancouver and Toronto

Shifted Priorities for Canadian Sunseekers

Toronto Real Estate Shifts

Housing Starts Down in Windsor-Essex

Toronto-Area Home Building Shifts Into Low Gear

The Real Estate Market in Canada Is Dynamic

More Housing Planned in Bradford

Smaller Canadian Markets See Avg Price / Sq-Ft Up

What to Expect of the Mississauga’s Market Going Into Fall

GTA New Condo Sales Hit 23-Year Low in Early Q3

Niagara Falls: Top Spot to Buy Now

Sudbury’s Cost of Homeownership Jumps Slightly

Canadian Real Estate: Rate-Driven Fluctuations

Waterloo’s Expensive Housing Market

10,000 Affordable Homes Coming to Waterloo Region

Oakville: Ontario's Desirable Lakeside Community

Guelph: Expensive for Renters

A Look on the Current Trends in GTA Condo Market

Enhancing Property Rights for Canada's Housing Solution

Wellington County: Quality Living in Ontario's Southwest

Early-Q3 Market Stats in Hamilton

Commercial Real Estate Investment Drops 27% Across the GTA

Cost of 1-Bedroom Apartment in Oshawa Jumps

How Are High Rates Continuing to Impact Canada's Market?

Retailers in GTA Bracing for Real Estate Market Shifts

Toronto Plans to Tackle the Housing Shortage

Sean Fraser: Canadian Housing Prices to Ease as Inflation Cools

Affordable One-Bedroom Rentals Under $2,000 in GTA

Rental Costs in Burlington to Be Among Highest in Canada

Essential Keys to Achieve Homeownership Dream

Toronto's Mid-Summer Rent vs. Purchase Face-Off

Mid-Summer Dilemma Rent or Buy in Mississauga

Burlington’s Mid-Summer Rivalry: Rent or Buy?

Downtown Office Vacancy Rates Showing Signs of Improvement

Oakville Is Among the Cities With Sky-High Rental Costs

Hamilton-Burlington Housing Market Trend in Mid-Summer

Most Affordable Places to Live in Canada

Long-Term Savings Strategy With FHSA

Early-Q3 Real Estate Statistics in GTA

Mid-Q3 Rental Costs in Mississauga

Toronto’s Condos: Where to Find the Most Affordable Options

Toronto Housing: Densification Is the Answer

Late-Summer Rental Costs in Oshawa

Canadians Embrace RBC's Home Savings Account

Canada's Soaring Rental Market Trends

GTA Rental Prices on the Roller Coaster

Toronto Housing Strategies React to Rate Changes

Investor Strategies in Toronto Condos

What's Driving the Drop in Home Listings in Canada?

Toronto's Approach to Housing Challenges

Mid-Summer Real Estate Stats in Oakville

Despite Summer Slump Early-Q3 Home Prices up in Mississauga

How Is the Housing Market Going on in Oakville?

Canadian Retail Market Beats Recession Odds

Canadian Cities Where It Takes at Least Two Years to Upsize

Balance Returns to Major Canadian Housing Markets

Building More Homes in Hamilton

Ontario’s Audit of Housing Finances

Late-Q2 Was Quiet for GTA's New Home Market

Strong Real Estate Markets in Canada's Metros

Canadian Real Estate Markets Show Strong and Stable Growth

The Average Profit You Can Expect Flipping Houses in 2023

Renting in Ontario: 5 Essential Steps

Property Tax Assessments in Ontario Shrouded in Mystery

Hamilton's Housing Blueprint for the Next Decade

Caledon's Housing Decadal Plan

Clarington's Housing Aspirations for the Next 10-Year

A Mid-Summer Rollercoaster by Region: GTA Version

Revamping HST Rebate Program: A Game-Changer for Affordable Homes!

Markham's Housing Agenda for a Decade of Change

Toronto Vacation Homes: All You Should Know

The Market in Mississauga Is Picked up Pace in Late-Q2

What’s Going on With Canada's Luxury Real Estate Markets?

GTA Housing Market: Mid-Summer Update

Burlington's Housing Ambitions for the Coming Decade

Ajax's 10-Year Housing Plan

Toronto's Office Vacancies Spark Tenant Deals

Housing Aims in Brampton for the Next Decade

How to Avoid Sublet Scams in Toronto

Inventory Shortages Hit Toronto Luxury Market

Toronto's Downtown Office Vacancy Rate Inched up in Q2

Ontario Tenant Eviction Rights & Protections

Vaughan Property Taxes: Next Installment Deadline

Vacant Home Tax on Hold for Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon

A Look on Bidding in Canada

A Look on the Cottage Market This Summer

Annual Property Taxes in Canadian Cities

Ontario Residentials Spending Less Time on Market in Late-Q2

Summer Trends in the Canadian Cottage Market

Home Prices in Urban Canada Won’t Fall

How Are Toronto Luxury Home Sales Trending?

Ontario’s Cottage Prices Plummet, but Recovery Expected

Toronto Condo Segment Tightens in Q2

Income Needed to Buy a Home in Cambridge Up

Boosting Homeownership: Canada's New Opportunity

Sales Edge up in Key Canadian Markets in Early-Summer

Canadian Housing Market to Cool in H2 2023

Importance of Mortgage Brokers in the Current Market Climate

Maximizing Canadian Home Buyer Programs

Homebuilding Costs Soar in Canada

Relying on Old Notions Is No Longer Possible

Rental Costs Increasing in Oakville and Burlington

Late-Q2 Rents on the Rise Across Canada

What Are Tenant Restrictions in Canada?

Monthly Brampton Sales Decline for First Time in 2023

Ontario Rent Increase Guideline Set at 2.5% for 2024

What an Avg Worker Can Afford Around GTA?

Early-Summer Market Outlook in Mississauga

How Did Toronto Condo Market Perform in Q2 2023?

Affordable Housing Crisis in the Peel Region

Toronto Rental Prices Climb in Late-Q2

Real Estate Prices Are Rising Again in Waterloo Region

You Need to Make Double Minimum Wage to Afford Rent in Toronto

Rural Oshawa Developments Tackling Ontario’s Home Building Dilemma

Toronto Home Prices to Rise by the End of 2023

Nationally High Rents in Kingston

Ontario's Cost of Living: Still Affordable

Late-Q2 Rents on the Rise in Oshawa

Energy Efficiency: Top Factor for Buyers in Ontario

Late-Q2 Sales Cooled Across Northern Ontario

Upgrading From Condo to House in Mississauga: Costly

Early-Q3 Median Rent Price in Toronto

Canadian Housing Market on the Brink of a Slowdown

Early-Q3 Median Rent Price in Oshawa

Detached Home Sales in Oshawa and Durham

Canada’s Record High Rents in Early-Summer

The Comeback of Real Estate Conditions in Canada

Growth in Oakville Affected by the Housing Crisis

A Look on the Overall Affordability in Ontario

Resilient Luxury Real Estate Markets Around Canada

Financial Benefits for Seniors: Tax Grant & Investing

A Look on the Q2 Real Estate Market in Canada

What to Do if Your Property Assessment Is Too High in Ontario

Navigating the Early-Summer Market in Brampton

How Was the Early Summer Market in Toronto?

Property Investment: Is Now the Right Time?

Early-Summer Market Outlook in Mississauga

Has Toronto's Housing Rebound Already Peaked?

Cheapest Places to Rent in Oshawa

The Most and Least Expensive Cities in Canada

Late-Q2 Market Trends Around Canada

Late-Q2 Market Outlook in Oakville

A Look on the Late-Q2 Market in Hamilton, Burlington

Canada's Housing Market Resurges

Assessing Risk in Canada's Housing Market

Canada’s Priciest Rental Market: Vancouver or Toronto?

Homebuilding Costs Soar in Canada

Construction Costs Fuel New Home Price Growth

Canadian Housing Market Trends in Summer

Luxury Market Is Really Healthy Across Canada

Will Rents Fall in Canada in 2023?

Rental Market Challenges in Canada

Expensive Homeownership in London, On

In What Direction Is the Toronto Housing Market Moving?

Office Vacancy Rate in Toronto Hits Highest Level in 3 Decades

Ontario's Affordable Real Estate Market

Income Needed in Hamilton for a Starter Home

Exploring Housing Affordability in Ontario

Sault: Among Cheapest on Cities

Late-Q2 Condo Sales Slowed Down in Toronto

Income Needed to Buy a Home in Burlington

Ontario Greens' Solutions for People-Centric Housing

Ontario Government to Help Lower Home Prices

Listowel: Most Affordable Places to Live in Ontario

Toronto's Real Estate Market Trends in 2023

Decoding Toronto's Real Estate Trends

Mississauga's Plan: More Housing Types and Mid-Rise Buildings

Unprecedented Growth in Ontario Rental Market

How Much Can Landlords in Ontario Hike Rents in 2024?

The Housing Market Landscape in Ontario

Ontario’s Recreational Property Prices to Rise

The Most Expensive Rental Markets Across Canada

Ultra-Affordable Green Apartments in Canada

Lack of Inventory Plagues GTA Luxury Real Estate

Demand Far Outpacing Housing Availability in Toronto

The Housing Market Is Still Hot in Toronto Area

Canadian Housing: Resurgence and Affordability Challenges

Private-Market Affordable Housing in Canada

The Allure of Condo Living in Brampton

Tax Burden on Canadian Families

Starter Homes Now Cost More Than $530K in Brampton

Despite Downtown Construction, Toronto Has Lost Housing Units

Addressing Canada's Housing Affordability Challenge

Canadian Housing Market Rebounds, Strength Continues

Canada Needs More Homes to Be Built

Home Sales up Across Canada

A Look on the Mid-Q2 Mortgage Market in Canada

Exploring Canada's Real Estate Potential

Why Canadian Home Prices Are Bulletproof

Canadian Housing Prices up in Mid-Q2

Canadian Regulator Warns Banks on Mortgage Extensions

Mid-Q2 Market Outlook in Lakelands North

Canadians Looking to Refinance Their Mortgages

Mid-Q2 Rental Market Outlook Around Canada

Owners and Renters Look for Virtual Experiences

Top Real Estate Investing Strategies for Canadians

Affordability Challenges Newmarket Residents

GTA Communities With Prices Less Than $1M

How Was the Waterfront Market in Lakelands North?

Demand for Condos up in GTA

Oakville Market: Bidding Wars Continue in Mid-Q2

Toronto Among the Priciest Cities in the World

Tenants in Richmond Hill and Vaughan Pay Highest Rents

Additional Residential Units in Wellington County

Mid-Q2 Housing Starts in Ontario

Mid-Q2 Rental Market Outlook in Brampton

Don’t Expect Relief on Toronto’s Rental Prices

Mid-Q2 Rental Market Outlook in Canada

Homes Under $200K in Ontario: Rare, but Possible

Toronto in 2023: Income Required

Apartment Rents in Mississauga Among the Highest in Canada

More Canadian Cities Are Turning Office Towers Into Homes

Toronto Home Sales Surge in Mid-Q2

Canada's First Tiny Home Village Opens in Ontario

Late-Spring Rental Market Stats in Toronto

Toronto's New Condo Project Receives Zoning Approval

Warning for REIT Investors

Growing Interest in Real Estate Investments in Canada

Busy Q2 in Toronto Real Estate Market

What Is First Home Savings Accounts?

What Is to Come if BoC Raises Rates?

A Look on the Property Tax Rates Around Ontario

How Much Property Tax Are You Paying in Brampton?

Progress Continues on York Affordable Housing Developments

A Look on the Industrial Market Stats in GTA

A Look on the Rental Market in Canada

Ontario Commercial Real Estate Upswing Later This Year

Toronto Rent Rises: Time to Move Towards the Purchase Market?

Affordable Housing in Toronto Is Possible

Time Needed to Save for a Home Around Canada

Napanee: 7th Most Affordable City to Live in Ontario

Casselman: 3rd Most Affordable City to Live in Ontario

Kincardine: 6th Most Affordable City to Live in Ontario

Mount Forest: 5th Most Affordable City to Live in Ontario

Nepean: Most Affordable Large City in Ontario

Summer 2023 Housing Market Challenges

GTA Housing Price Trends and Listings

Finding the Right Mix for Housing in Toronto

More Homes Sold Auring Mid-Q2 in Burlington, Oakville, Milton

Here's How Much Mississauga Prices Have Increased in 2023

Cities in Southern Ontario With the Highest Property Tax Rates

How Much You Need to Earn to Afford a Home in Toronto

Wasaga Beach: Most Affordable Ontario City to Live In

Mid-Q2 Was the Strongest Sales Months for the GTA

How Did the GTA Housing Market Perform in Late-Spring?

Here’s How Mississauga’s Real Estate Scene Looked in Mid-Q2

How Canadians Think About Homeownership?

Canada's Housing Affordability Soars

GTA Housing Market Demand Heats Up

Canada’s Commercial Real Estate Looks Strong

Spring Uptick in Greater Toronto Area’s Prices

Toronto Embraces Multiplexes to Address Housing Supply

Cities in Southern Ontario With the Lowest Property Tax Rates

Building Construction Investment Trends in Canada

More Construction Is Needed in Canada

Price Trends for New and Existing Homes

Property Tax Rates in the Greater Toronto Area

Reverse Mortgages Gain Popularity

Toronto Real Estate Market Makes Slow Return

Cities With Lowest Property Taxes in the GTA

A Look on Property Tax Rates in Mississauga

Risks for Canadian Real Estate Market

Commercial Rent Trends in Canada

Don’t Give up on Home Ownership

Canadian Banks See Earnings Risk in Commercial Property Loans

Canadians Choosing Longer Amortization Periods

Toronto’s Plan to Intensify Housing Won’t Work on All Streets

26% of Canadians Plan to Purchase an Investment Property by 2028

What Existing Owners Can Do Amid Rising Interest Rates

Global Office Asset Trends: 2023 and Beyond

Oversupply of the GTA Office Space Until 2041

GTA New Home Market Returning to More Traditional Levels

Canada’s Regulatory Barriers Add to New Home Prices

Changes to Toronto’s Multiplex Allowances

Rent in Many Canadian Cities Soars Yearly

Rental Demand in Toronto Continues to Outpace Supply

Single-Family Homes the Most Popular Investment Property Type in GTA

Ontario Helping to Build More Housing in Mississauga

Rising Interest Rates Hit Hamilton-Burlington Prices the Most

Toronto Condo Market Faces Challenges

Risks and Benefits of 40-Year Mortgages

Rebound in GTA Sellers Should Keep Price Gains in Check

Ontario Real Estate Is Heading Towards a Shift to the Seller’s Market

Potential Surge in Mortgage Delinquencies and Insolvencies

Development Land Prices up in GTA's Border Regions

Advice for Vacant Retail and Office Space Owners

Surging Home Building Costs in Canada

Commercial Real-Estate Prices Could Tumble From Their Peak

Inflation in Canada Quickens to 4.4% With Housing Costs Rising

Navigating Mortgage Rates: Fixed or Variable?

New Home Prices Fall in Canada for First Time Since November 2019

How Much Cash Do You Need to Close on a Home in Brampton?

First-Time Homebuyers Face Big Closing Costs in Oakville

How Much It Costs to Live Alone in Toronto in 2023

Home Inspections Rebounding in Canada

Eastern Ontario Addresses Lack of Affordable Housing

Choosing the Right Region in the GTA: A Homebuyer's Guide

A Guide to FHSAs in Canada

Stretching Mortgage Amortization Risks Higher Payments on Renewal

Lack of Listings Boosts GTA Home Price Recovery

Expensive Rental Market in Oakville

Canada's Office Real Estate Sector Facing a Reckoning

Smart Home Market Expected to Reach $537B by 2030

GTA Condo Sales in Q1 2023

Housing Starts Increased in Early-Q2

Mortgage Borrowers Facing Challenges in Canada

Will Canadian Homes Sales Finally Look Up?

A Look on the Mid-Spring Sales in Northeastern Ontario

Mid-Spring Market Trends in Richmond Hill

2024 Is Projected to Be a Year of Housing Recovery in Canada

Toronto Housing Market Shows Signs of Rebound

Early-Q2 Market in Richmond Hill by Housing Type

Market Stats in East-End Toronto Areas by Housing Type

Average Monthly Rent up in Canada

Top Family-Friendly Investment Areas in Toronto

Mortgage Fee Structure by End-2023: Here’s How It’s Changing

Shift in Canadian Mortgages: Short-Term Fixed Rates Rise

Exploring the Market in Toronto by Housing Type

How Was the Mid-Spring Market in GTA by Housing Type?

A Look on the Market in Greater Toronto Area in Early-Q2

How East-End Toronto Market in Performed in Mid-Spring?

Early-Q2 Home Prices in Midtown Toronto by Housing Type

Private Mortgages: Rising Popularity Despite High Costs

How Did Toronto Housing Market Perform in Mid-Spring?

Yesterday’s Office, Tomorrow’s Home

Toronto Market Roars Back With Sales, Prices Surging in Early-Q1

Canada Targets Underused Housing, Restricts Non-Canadian Purchases

Exploring the Mid-Spring Market in Mississauga

York’s Early-Q2 Annual Trends for Houses and Condos

Durham’s Early-Q2 Annual Trends for Houses and Condos

Mississauga Saw Costly Rentals in Early-Q2

Peel’s Early-Q2 Annual Trends for Houses and Condos

The Industrial Real Estate Market 2023-2030

Canadian House Prices Rise in Mid-Spring

Demand for Multi-Family Homes up in Canada

Canadians Are Optimistic About the Real Estate Investment

Toronto’s Early-Q2 Annual Trends for Houses and Condos

Checking the Early-Q2 Market Stats in Midtown Toronto

Halton’s Early-Q2 Annual Trends for Houses and Condos

Mortgage Fee Structure 2023: Here’s How It’s Changing

How Long It Takes to Save for a Condo in Toronto

How Was the West-End Toronto Housing Market in Mid-Spring?

Early-Q2 Sales and Prices in Durham Region by Housing Type

Market Stats in West-End Toronto Areas by Housing Type

Mid-Spring Sales and Prices in Whitby by Housing Type

Mid-Spring Sales and Prices in Newmarket by Housing Types

Mid-Spring Sales and Prices in Mississauga by Housing Types

Mid-Spring Sales and Prices in Ajax by Housing Types

Here’s How Much It Costs to Live Alone in Toronto in 2023

Mid-Spring Sales and Prices in Innisfil by Housing Type

Early-Q2 Market Stats in Ajax

Early-Q2 Market Stats in Whitby

A Look on Mid-Spring Market Stats in Aurora

2023 Living Expenses in Toronto

Costs of Living Based on Lifestyle in 2023 in Toronto

Will Homes Ever Be Affordable Again in the Greater Toronto Area?

Mid-Spring Sales and Prices in Markham by Housing Type

Mid-Spring Sales and Prices in Vaughan by Housing Type

Mid-Spring Sales and Prices in Brampton by Housing Types

Mid-Spring Sales and Prices in Oakville by Housing Types

Early-Q2 Market Stats in Brampton

Mid-Spring Market Trends in Mississauga

Early-Q2 Housing Market Trends in Markham

Mid-Spring Market Trends in Newmarket

Mid-Spring Sales and Prices in Aurora by Housing Type

Early-Q2 Housing Market Trends in Durham Region

Early-Q2 Housing Market Trends in Vaughan

Early-Q2 Housing Market Trends in Oakville

Where Experts Expect the Canadian Housing Market to Head To?

Uncertainty and Optimism Driving Canadians' Home Buying Decisions

Canadian Housing Market Predictions for the Rest of 2023

A Detailed Look on Mid-Spring Market in Toronto

What to Expect From Canada’s Luxury Real Estate Market?

Tips for Those Looking to Renew Their Mortgage in 2023

A Vacant Home Tax Proposed in Mississauga and Brampton

Early-Q2 Real Estate Market Stats in the Greater Toronto Area

Toronto Plans New Condo Towers in 6 Years

Multi-Task to Make Your Real Estate Wait Productive

How Much Does It Cost to Build a House in Canada?

A Competitive Early-Q2 Market in the Greater Toronto Area

Mid-Spring Housing Prices up in Mississauga

A Look on Mid-Spring Market Stats in Halton Region

Opportunities for Canadian CRE Due to Population Growth

5 Affordable Cities in Canada in 2023

The First Home Savings Account Has Some Surprising Benefits

Bank Regulator Sees Growing Concerns in Real Estate

Renewing Canada's National Housing Strategy

Canadian Real Estate Association Sees Housing Rebound in 2024

National Home Prices to Stabilize in Mid-2023

Sarnia Area Market Shows Signs of Pent-up Demand

OSFI Advisory on Reserve Fund Requirements for Co-Operative Corporations

Buyers in Niagara-on-the-Lake Region Re-Entering the Market

Brampton Home Prices Increased by Over 90% of Income

Real Estate Taxes Property Owners in Canada Must Know About

Oshawa Had the Most Affordable Homes in Late-Q1

New Study Highlights Sharp Changes in Canadian Rent Rates

Toronto Neighbourhoods With Cheaper-Than-Avg Homes

Cottages and Cabins in Canada Expected to Drop in Price

Canada Needs More Development to Meet the Demand

Canada’s First-Time Home Buyer Incentive Explained

Flexible Mortgage Strategies Help Canadians Navigate Surging Interest Rates

Luxury Consumers Increasingly Demanding Experiences

Ontario Plans to Increase Financial Protections for Home Buyers

Canada Needs More Housing to Meet the Demand

Canadian Housing Market Poised to Accelerate in 2023

BOC Rate Hold Expected to Heat up Real Estate Markets

Canadian Office Vacancy Spikes in Q1

Canada's Recreational Real Estate Prices to Soften in 2023

Observing the Durham Region Market Trends in Late-Q1

A Look on the Richmond Hill Market Trends in Late-Q1

Whitchurch-Stouffville Market Trends in Late-Q1

Observing the Early-Spring Market Stats in Barrie

Canadian Housing Affordability Expected to Improve in 2023

How Did the Clarington Market Perform in Late-Q1?

A Detailed Look on Oakville Market During Early-Spring

Late-Q1 Market Statistics for Ajax

Luxury Sales Expected to Climb in Greater Toronto

Toronto Home Prices Stabilizing in Early-Spring

Clarington’s Early-Spring Prices by Housing Type

Canada’s Office Vacancy Rates up in Q1 2023

How Were Early-Spring Sales in Whitchurch-Stouffville?

Early-Spring Prices in Durham Region by Housing Type

Q1 Luxury Sales in Hamilton-Burlington Area

Late-Q1 Prices in Ajax by Property Type

Ending REIT Tax Exemptions Would Save $286M

How Were Early-Spring Sales in Richmond Hill?

How Were Early-Spring Sales in Durham Region?

A Look on the Early-Spring Sales Stats in Clarington

Luxury Sales in Canada Expected to Climb in Q2

Late-Qa1 Prices in Aurora by Property Type

Cheapest Places to Live in Canada

How Was the Early-Spring Rental Market in Canada?

Late-Q1 Market Statistics for Whitby

A Look on Early-Spring Benchmark Prices in Mississauga

Early-Spring Real Estate Market in Uxbridge

Late-Q1 Prices in Burlington by Housing Type

What to Expect From the Canadian Housing Market in 2023?

Outlook for the Canadian Real Estate Market in 2023

Late-Q1’s Record Vacancy in Toronto Offices

Late-Q1 Prices in Newmarket by Property Type

Rents on the Rise Again as Demand Outpaces Supply

Late-Q1 Price Trends in Markham by Housing Type

Late-Q1 Market Statistics for Aurora

Late-Q1 Market Statistics for Newmarket

How Did Early-Spring Sales Go on in Brampton, On?

Late-Q1 Prices in Vaughan by Property Type

Late-Q1 Prices in Whitby by Property Type

Late-Q1 Market Statistics for Vaughan

Late-Q1 Prices in Pickering by Housing Type

How Etobicoke’s Housing Market Performed in Late-Q1?

Late-Q1 Price Trends in Brampton by Housing Type

More Confidence in the Current Canadian Housing Market

A Detailed Look on Early-Spring Market Trends in Oshawa

Real Estate Market 2023 Expectations

How Will the BoC's Latest Decision Affect the Rental Market?

Canadian Housing Is a Seller’s Market Again

How Did the Toronto Market Perform in Early-Spring?

How Were Early-Spring Housing Sales in Pickering, On?

A Look on Early-Spring Market Trends in Caledon

Late-Q1 Prices in Caledon by Housing Type

How Were the Late–Q1 Housing Prices in Uxbridge?

Observing Early-Spring Market Stats in Markham

How Were Early-Spring Housing Sales in Caledon, On?

How Were Early-Spring Housing Sales in Oshawa, On?

How Did Early-Spring Sales Go on in Markham, On?

How Were Early-Spring Housing Sales in Burlington, On?

Observing Early-Spring Market Stats in Brampton

Late-Q1 Prices in Oshawa by Housing Type

Hamilton in Early-Spring the Rental Report

London, on in Early-Spring: The Rental Report

How Did Early-Spring Sales Go on in Mississauga, On?

Late-Q1 Price Trends in Mississauga by Housing Type

Toronto Dominates North American Crane Count

A Look on Early-Spring Market Trends in Burlington

Optimism Grows for a Spring Market Rebound in Mississauga

A Look on Early-Spring Market Trends in Pickering

Observing Early-Spring Market Stats in Mississauga

Canada Introduces Tax-Free First Home Savings Account

Late-Q1 Home Prices in West Midtown

Market Tightens for Toronto Condos

Late-Q1 Home Prices in Mount Pleasant

Late-Q1 Home Prices in Leaside

Canada Overhauls Foreigner Ban to Allow Purchase of CRE

Ontario's Real Estate Office Market Trends 2023

5 Forces Contorting Canadian Home Prices This Spring

How Downtown Toronto Market Performed in Late-Q1?

Toronto Buyers Back to the Market

Canadian Market Rebounding in Spring

A Detailed Look on the Late-Q1 Market in Bloor West

York Centre Housing Market Trends of Early-Spring

What to Expect From the GTA Market in the Rest of 2023?

How Did the Canadian Office Market Perform in Q1 2023?

Late-Q1 Stats for Each Housing Type in High Park-Swansea

Low Inventory Remains an Issue in Canada

How West-End Toronto’s Market Performed in Late-Q1?

Toronto Home Prices on the Rise

Renting vs Buying: Ontario Real Estate

Canada's Luxury Home Market Grows Stronger

Will Canadian Homes Sales Finally Look Up?

Investors’ Insatiable Demand for Housing in Canada

Waterloo Council Aims for 15K More Homes Over the Next Decade

Rental Costs and Supply Shortage in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Canadian Cities With the Cheapest First Year of Homeownership

The Hopeful Toronto Market

Canadians Waiting for Interest Rates to Drop

Good News for Canadians Looking to Buy or Refinance

Urgency for Toronto's Housing Strategy

Barrie in Early-Spring: The Rental Report

Ontario Considering Cooling-off Period for New Home Sales

Kitchener in Early-Spring the Rental Report

Mississauga; A Sought-After Housing Market

Toronto in Early-Spring: The Rental Report

Real Estate Rental Market Share From 2023-2029

Is Toronto’s Market on the Road to Recovery?

Costs to Consider When Buying and Selling a Home

Ontario Needs to Speed up Housing Approvals

Mississauga’s Housing Markets Attractions

Private Lending on Real Estate: An Attractive Investment Option

Oshawa’s Costs of Homeownership in 2023

Canada's Foreign Buyer Ban Putting Housing Developments on Hold

Foreigners Can Still Buy Recreational Properties in Canada

Durham in Most Searched Real Estate Markets in the GTA

More Housing Developments on the Way for Burlington

A Look on Toronto’s Rental Market of Late-Q1

Rents in Canada Keep Rising

Burlington’s New Condo Development

How Fast Did Mid-Q1’s Condo Rents Grow in Toronto?

Local Confidence in Real Estate Investment Remains Strong

Optimistic Outlook of Canada’s CRE

Renewed Price Growth Expected in Toronto

Ontario: Thriving Economy, Top for Immigrants

A Look on Specialized Sectors That Will Define CRE in 2023

What to Expect From Housing After BoC Holds Rates?

Mid-Q1 Attached Home Sales Statistics in Toronto

Canada's Provinces Growth Predictions: Recession Unlikely

Canadian Housing Market: Interest Rates and Inventory

Mid-Q1’s Most Expensive Areas to Buy a Condo in GTA

Ontario Has Enough Land for 2M Homes

Who’s the Target Audience for Rent-to-Own Homes?

Mid-Q1 Home Prices Surge in Toronto

Rate-Hikes’ Impacts on Affordability in Canada

Mid-Q1 Detached Home Sales Statistics in Toronto

Mid-Q1 Apartment-Style Condo Sales Statistics in Toronto

Whitby’s Mid-Q1 Market Statistics

Oakville’s Mid-Q1 Market Statistics

Mid-Q1 Home Prices by Property Type in Whitby

Mid-Q1 Home Prices by Property Type in Oakville

Markham’s Mid-Q1 Market Statistics

Canada's Housing Markets Not Going Into Freefall

Affordable Housing Options in Burlington

Buyers Returning to Toronto’s Housing Market

How Do Rent-to-Own Homes Work?

St. Catharines in Late-Winter: The Rental Report

Mid-Q1 Market Statistics for Richmond Hill

London, St. Thomas Market Stats of Late-Winter

Mid-Q1 Townhouse-Style Condo Sales Statistics in Toronto

Mid-Q1 Semi-Detached Home Sales Statistics in Toronto

Mid-Q1 Home Sales and Listings Down in Greater Toronto Area

Burlington Real Estate Market Stats of Late-Winter

Hamilton in Late-Winter: The Rental Report

Mid-Q1 Home Prices by Property Type in Markham

Mid-Q1 Home Prices by Property Type in Richmond Hill

OSFI to Start Daily Monitoring of Canadian Banks’ Liquidity in Wake of SVB Failure

Where in Ontario Will Prices Go Down the Most by the End of 2023?

Toronto’s Costs of Homeownership in 2023

Late-Winter Market Stats in Midtown Toronto

How Were the Mid-Q1 Prices in Midtown Toronto?

GTA Market Conditions Picking up in 2023

A Look on Mississauga Real Estate Market Stats of Mid-Q1

A Look on the Oakville Housing Market of Mid-Q1

Barrie in Late-Winter: The Rental Report

London in Late-Winter: The Rental Report

Canadian CRE Investment Could Reach High of $59B in 2023

Mississauga City Council Approves Action Plan for New Housing

Newmarket’s Mid-Q1 Market Statistics

Mid-Q1 Home Prices by Property Type in Newmarket

Bully Offers and Bidding Wars Are Back in the Toronto Real Estate Market

House Prices Have Risen Continuously for Two Decades in Canada

How Much Are the 1st-Year Homeownership Costs in Ontario?

Mid-Q1 Home Prices in Toronto Area

Canadian Commercial Real Estate Trends to Watch for in 2023

Canada's Challenge: Immigration, and Housing

What the Boc’s Rate Hold Means for the Spring Housing Market

Single-Family Smart Homes to Experience Rapid Growth by 2028

Clarington’s Ambitious Plans on Housing Development

Property Tax Hike Ajax Residents Will See in 2023

Inflation to Fall to 3% by End of 2023, and Reach Boc’s Target by 2024

Retail Rents in Canada Rising Despite Economic Headwinds

City of Toronto to Accelerate Building Permit Process

Opportunities for Canadian Market Improvement Amidst Current Slowdown

What Will Toronto’s Spring Housing Market Look Like?

Oshawa, ON in Late-Winter: The Rental Report

Kitchener, ON in Late-Winter: The Rental Report

Kingston, ON in Late-Winter: The Rental Report

Toronto in Late-Winter: The Rental Report

Canada's Home Sales Bottoming Out Expected in H1 2023

Canada’s Immigration Goals Require More New Homes

Ontario’s Housing Market Decrease Is an Exaggeration

Canada Pushes for Tax Debt to Be Imposed on Real Estate Companies

Discover Canadian Cities Offering Affordable Homes in Mid-Winter

Canada's Real Estate Landscape: Emerging Trends in 2023

What Kinds of Politics Can Affect a Market Favourably?

Are There Detached Homes Selling for Under $1M in Toronto?

Toronto’s Early-Q1 Apartment Rents Spiked

Toronto’s Home Prices to Tick Upwards in 2023

Canada's New Underused Housing Tax

High Construction Costs in Ontario

Early-Q1 Home Sales in Waterloo Region

Canada Housing Starts in Early-Q1 2023

GTA Market Starts The New Year The Same as it Ended Last Year

Correction Easing in Canada

Toronto’s Early-Q1 Avg Price by Home Type

The Avg Lifespan of 5 Common Home Features

Toronto’s Early-Q1 Sales by Home Type

Canada’s Multiresidential Sector Bracing for A Big Year of Activity

GTA Home Prices Expected to Stabilize in Spring 2023

Canada's Housing Starts Rise with Immigration

BOC Maintains Key Lending Rate Despite Market Expectations

Vacation Rental Market to Reach $113.9B by 2030

GTA’s Early-Q1 Avg Price by Home Type

A New Look on GTA’s 2023 Housing Market

Canada’s Market to See Listings Fall in Q1 Before Rebounding

FHSA, TFSA or HBP: Which Is Best for Hopeful Homeowners?

Tax Changes and Deadlines in Canada for 2023

Traits to Look for in A Real Estate Broker in Today's Market

Early-Q1 Real Estate Market in Brampton

How Is GTA Multi-Residential Investment Faring?

Early-Q1 Housing Market Roundup in GTA

A Look on 2023’s Housing Market in GTA

GTA New Home Sales Dropped During 2022

Baby Boomers and Millennials: Good Time to Enter The Market

Will Canada’s Home Prices Rise in the Near-Term?

Larger Down Payments Help Buyers Weather the Downturn

Investors Own a Big Chunk of Canada's Housing Market

Oakville Housing Market in Early-Q1

Toronto’s Luxury Real Estate Market Outlook of 2022

Why Now Is A Great Time to Invest in Canadian Real Estate

How Will Be the Real Estate Market in GTA in 2023?

Listings Down in Q1 2023, But Then Rebound

Office Conversions Will Soar in 2023

Most expensive Canadian cities for a single person

Pent-Up Demand for Housing Is Growing in GTA

Will Canadian Occupancy Levels Grow in 2023?

Toronto Needs A Huge Influx of Rental Buildings

How Have Prices Changed in Greater Sadbury in 2022?

Early-Q1 Real Estate Market Trends in Mississauga

Draft Changes to The Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002

Top 5 Most Affordable Canadian Cities for A Single Person

Canada’s RRSP Home Buyers’ Plan

Affordability In Canada for Single-Income Buyers

Is Mass Timber The Next Major Commercial Construction Trend?

Dedicated Rental Housing In Toronto

The Affordability Of Condo Living In Toronto

Canada's New Homes Sheltered From Price Pressures

Canada's Housing Market Is Contributing To Lower Inflation

Canada’s Most Expensive Rentals Markets In Mid-Winter

What's Next After The Uncertainty In Canada's Market?

Halton’s Home Sales and Prices In Early-Q1

Oakville’s Home Sales and Prices In Early-Q1

Burlington’s Home Sales and Prices In Early-Q1

Milton’s Early-Q1 Home Sales and Prices

Toronto: Vacant Home Tax Deadline Extended

Early-Q1 Real Estate Market In GTA

Retail Leasing In Canada Rebounds With Positive Fundamental

Canadian Rents To Keep Rising In 2023

Ontario's Wild Housing Market Could Soon Level Off

Office Vacancy Rates To Continue Rising Through 2024

Canada Home Price Index Decline Persists

Surviving Market Volatility In Canada

Q4 Home Prices In Canada Broke Another Record

Canada's Banks Adjust Prime Lending Rates To Keep Pace With Central Bank

What Trend Will Canada’s Housing Market Follow After 2023?

Mid-Winter Rent Report for Canada

2022’s Luxury Home Sales In Toronto

Expensive Housing In Oakville, ON

Canadian Real Estate Adjusts To Changing Market

Will Canadian Housing Prices Fall In Near Term?

Late-Q4 Real Estate market trends in Burlington , ON

How Was The GTA Housing Market Performance In 2022?

How Are The Ontario Housing Starts Going On?

Late-Q4 Real Estate Market Trends In Whitby, ON

Late-Q4 Real Estate Market Trends In Oshawa , ON

Late-Q4 Real Estate Market Trends In Ajax, ON

Ontario’s Housing Market In Early-Winter

Reasons Why We Are Not In A Housing Bubble

Q4 Avg Cost To Rent A Condo In GTA

Toronto Ranked 2nd for Avg Rent

Urgent Call To Boost Housing Supply In Ontario

Will The Toronto Real Estate Market Recover In 2023?

Late-Q4 Real Estate Prices In West-End Toronto

Late-Q4 Home Prices In Downtown Toronto

Housing Affordability Issue for Ontarians

Toronto’s Vacant Home Tax

Late-Q4 Midtown Toronto Home Prices

Toronto Housing Supply Gets Boost From Governments

Income Needed To Afford Living Alone In Toronto

How Canadian home sales activity is shaping up

Late-Q4’s most expensive rental markets in Canada

Canadian housing market recovery ahead

First-Time Homebuyers Programs in Ontario

Canada’s Rental Rate Growth of Late-Q4

Late-Q4 rental growth rates across Ontario

Toronto Real Estate Market: A Decade Of Growth and Change

Toronto’s Rental Crisis: Zoning As A Solution

What’s The Latest About Canada Rent Prices?

Bank Watchdog Weighs Tighter Mortgage Rules As Default Risks Rise

BoC's New Regulations: A Step Towards Stability

Canadian Prices Still Above Pre-Pandemic Levels Amid Declines

Builders in Toronto face high development and property taxes

2023: A Year of Recovery for Canada's Office Market

Pre-Construction Buyers in GTA Shouldn’t Worry About Closing The Deal

Grey Bruce Real Estate Market in 2022

Sales and Prices To Bottom Out In Early 2023

Local Homeownership Programs In Ontario

How Did Canada’s Housing Prices Change In Q4 2022?

Record Number Of Condos To Flood Toronto Market In 2023

Best and Worst Office Markets In Canada

Canada’s Industrial Leasing Remains Strong

Higher Property Taxes In Ontario

Expensive Rental Market In Burlington

Canada Home Sales In 2023 To Edge Down

Some Tips for Sellers and Buyers In 2023’s Market

Vacancy Rate for Downtown Toronto Offices Climbs

Average Canadian House Price Fell 12% In 2022

Canadian Housing Starts In Late-Q4

Housing Price Correction In Ontario

Canada’s Shelter Costs: Homeowners vs. Renters

Ontario's Cities With The Most Affordable Housing Fees

Where Ontario’s Housing Market Is Headed In 2023

Canadian Office Market In Q4 2022

More Condo Investors Are Hitting The Sell Button

Toronto’s Property Tax Bill Hike In 2023

Toronto’s Proposed 2023 Budget

Housing Demand Remains High In Northeastern Ontario

Windsor Among Lowest Housing, Renting Fees In Ontario

Toronto Real Estate sales vs. inventory

Perfect time to buy in Windsor-Essex, with price-hikes expected by 2025

Will 2023 be The Year to Enter The Housing Market?

Toronto's New Vacant Home Tax – Deadline Fast Approaching

CRA Areas of Concern in Real Estate Transactions

Selling Real Estate? The CRA Is Still Watching

Brampton’s Inventory Became Tighter Despite Sales Declining

Homes in Ajax and Oshawa Still Selling for Above Asking Price

Is Canada Headed for A Recession?

Toronto, A Desirable Choice for Property Investors

Condo Market Still Going Strong In Canada

Tax Changes Affecting Finances In 2023

Ontario Needs More Housing and The Trades

Late-Q4 Real Estate Market Trends In Oakville and Milton

Early-Winter Market In GTA

Don't wait for a return to normal in commercial real estate

GTA condo market outlook of 2023

Late-Q4 Home Sales in Mississauga

Late-Q4 Home Prices in Mississauga

Oshawa, An Affordable Place With A Mixture Of Urban Living And Nature

Should Ontario regulate short-term rentals?

Kitchener, an affordable place with plenty of opportunities for everyone

What Will Retail Look Like in 2023?

Ideas for Consideration To Solve the Housing Crisis

Will Canada’s housing prices rise or fall in 2023?

Toronto’s Housing Correction Set to Stabilize

Impact of inflation on commercial real estate

Opposing Forces at Work on the GTA Market

A Tighter Rental Market to Come in Toronto

Home Ownership A Priority For Ontarian In 2023

Homes in Ajax Are Selling for Above Asking Price

Homes in Oshawa Are Selling for Above Asking Price

Toronto’s Vacant Home Tax is Coming

Ontario Headed for Buyer’s Market

Late-fall annual pace of housing starts in Canada

Canada housing market outlook 2023

Housing Market Changes Since 1990

Annual tax levied on vacant Toronto residences in 2023

Tecumseh residents facing increase to property taxes

Homes in Markham Are Selling for Above Asking Price

Rent-To-Own Can Help Seal The Deal For Prospective Buyers In Canada

Considerations For Investing In Commercial Real Estate

A New Rate Hike Looms, But Will It Hurt or Help?

Challenges Facing the Housing Market in 2023

Canadian building permits fall as developers plan fewer units

2023, A Year for the Sideline Buyers

Canada’s housing market prices in 2023

Late-Fall Condo Market Stats in Barrie

Top 3 most family-friendly Canadian cities

Best cities to raise a family in Canada

Late-Fall Rent Price in Oakville

Late-Fall Rent Price in Burlington

Oshawa, Brock Township and Clarington See Biggest Drops in Housing Prices in 2022

Ajax Home Prices Drop 2.2% to $947533 in Mid Q4

Pickering Home Prices Drop 1.9% to $962,726 in Mid Q4

Canada’s housing market trends of late-fall

Property Taxes Could Rise in Mississauga

Toronto's market performance in Mid-Q4

Popular locations to buy Real Estate in Canada

GTA housing market trends in Mid-Q4

Tips to consider if you’re reaching your trigger rate

West-End Toronto Performance in Late-Fall

Canadian housing is going through a welcome adjustment

How will Ontario's newly passed housing legislation help the market?

Doubling first-time homebuyers’ tax credit to cost $115M in Canada

GTA Performance in Late-Fall

Dufferin County, ON Performance in Late-Fall

Vaughan, ON Performance in Late-Fall

Newmarket, ON Performance in Late-Fall

Ajax, ON Performance in Late-Fall

Durham Region, ON Performance in Late-Fall

How Much Does It Cost To Build A New House?

How color of walls affect the selling price of homes

What will it take for the housing market to heat up again?

Fees to Consider When Buying a Home

How is Canada’s housing market doing?

York Region is predicted to be a seller’s market in 2023

How is Toronto’s housing market doing?

Borrowers reaching their trigger rates in Canada

Late-Fall Sales for All Property Types in Hamilton

Late-Fall Home Sales in Hamilton-Burlington

Toronto Real Estate market trends in mid-Q4

Late-Fall Home Prices in Toronto

Late-Fall Market Stats in Hamilton

Mid-Q4 market of townhouse-style condos in Halton Hills

Mid-Q4 market of semi-detached houses in Halton Hills

Mid-Q4 market of detached houses in Halton Hills

Halton Hills mid-Q4 housing market trends

Mid-Q4 market of apartment-style condos in Halton Hills

Mid-Q4 market of apartment-style condos in Halton Hills

Mid-Q4 market of townhouse-style condos in Burlington

Mid-Q4 market of apartment-style condos in Burlington

Mid-Q4 market of detached houses in Burlington

Mid-Q4 market of attached houses in Burlington

Burlington mid-Q4 housing market trends

BoC Rate Hike Pushed Many Mortgage Borrowers Above Stress Test

Most Canadians see homes as best long-term investment

Can You Save Tax by Moving Into Your Rental Property?

Commercial Housing Market is Still Full of Opportunity

Buying A Home Will Be Cheaper in GTA 2023

Government Can't Solve Housing Issues Alone

GTA condo market report Q3-2022

Supply Low, Demand High in Cottage Market

What Does A Recession Mean For Homebuyers?

Ontario’s Revision of Real Estate Planning Framework

October rental market trends in Scarborough

High rents in Brampton still give investment opportunities

Who is impacted by the foreign buyers ban in Canada?

What property types are affected by the ban in Canada?

Average Rent in Oshawa Skyrockets As Interest Rates Rise

High rents in Oakville still give investment opportunities

High rents in Mississauga still give investment opportunities

Toronto to see further boost to affordable housing supply

Toronto Vacation Rental Market Overview

Housing Start Rate in Canada

October rental market trends in Barrie

High rents in Kitchener still give investment opportunities

High rents in Burlington still give investment opportunities

High rents in Etobicoke still give investment opportunities

High rents in Guelph still give investment opportunities

High rents in North York still give investment opportunities

Top Trends for Investors to Consider Next Year

The income you need to buy a house in Toronto

October Average Rental Cost in Toronto

A majority of Canadians earn rental income

Toronto East Real Estate market in October

Halton Hills, ON Real Estate market in October

Leaside, ON Real Estate market trends in October 2022

Sign point to end of Canada's housing correction

Halton region real estate market in October

October Trends in Dufferin County

October Average Price for All Property Types in King

October Trends in Lawrence West

October Average Price for All Property Types in Dufferin County

October Trends in King

October Average Price for All Property Types in Lawrence West

Canadian Cities Ranked Among 100 Best In the World

Where does Mississauga rank in ON’s home buyer market?

Homeseekers in Canada are interested in houses, not condos

October Trend in GTA

Rent in Toronto climbs 20%, inventory declines

Rising sales in Canada’s Oct Real Estate market

Income needed to live in Ontario cities

Toronto Real Estate Market in 2022

October Trends in Grey Bruce

Durham Region’s Performance in October?

October trends in Niagara North

Average Toronto resident spends 100% of their income on rent

Market correction in Toronto area

How did the GTA office market perform in Q3?

GTA New Condo Sales in Q3

October trends in Burlington

Ontario’s cottage country Real Estate market in autumn

Vaughan’s Performance in October

Aurora’s Performance in October

Brampton home prices decline in October

Quiet Fall Housing Market Across Canada

Big Canadian Cities Offer a Moment for Long-Hesitant Home Buyers

October Housing Trends in York Centre

Was BoC’s Low Rates Until 2023 Forecast Right?

How west-end Toronto home prices changed by neighbourhood in October

Real Estate Industry Reacts to Latest Rate Hike

How midtown Toronto home prices changed by neighbourhood in October

Apartments and Townhouses bucked the October trend in Whitchurch-Stouffville

Markham had monthly price gains in October

Apartments bucked the October trend in Milton, ON

October housing trends in Mississauga

Markham’s Performance in October

How east-end Toronto home prices changed by neighbourhood in October

How Scarborough home prices changed by neighbourhood in October

How North York home prices changed by neighbourhood in October

October Average house prices rise in Waterloo Region

GTA’s underbidding and overbidding territories

How Etobicoke home prices changed by neighbourhood in October

How to invest in real estate in Canada

Toronto Rent Prices Surge by Double-Digits in Q3

Toronto Short Term Rental Demand Spikes

Best Time of Year to Find a Rental in Toronto

How to invest in Real Estate in Canada

High rents in Toronto still make the case for investing

High rents in Oakville still make the case for investing

Tips on renting a home in Toronto

Condo market share is more in major Canadian centres

House flipper, beware of new anti-flipping tax rules

Magnitude of housing supply problem is surprising!

Housing market correcting, not crashing

Is there a shortage of homes in Canada?

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Housing starts to fall short of demand in Canada

Where home prices have increased the most in Canada

New housing construction trends in Toronto

Ontario's tax on foreign home buyers increased to 25%

Midtown Toronto home price changes in September 2022

7 Secrets Luxury Home Buyers Need to Know

Toronto rent rates likely to continue soaring

Ontario condos 35% smaller on average than 25 years ago

Toronto rent prices have risen 31% in 2022

Ontario’s condos get smaller as detached homes get larger

Toronto rents keep going up

9 biggest homebuyer regrets and how to avoid them

National Canadian statistics for September

New listings down in GTA, with annual prices gains for condos

What is the most popular home type in each Canadian province?

Scugog, ON had annual price gains in September

September housing market trends in Georgina, ON

September housing market trends in Vaughan

September housing market trends in Uxbridge, ON

September housing market trends in Durham, ON

September housing market trends in Essa, ON

How were North York prices changed by neighbourhood in September?

How much of property can 300K get you in Canada?

Toronto home prices jumped in September

GTA Still Had Price Gains in September

It’s cheaper to own than rent in these Canadian cities

Rental housing becoming more expensive in Halton

East Gwillimbury, ON prices surged in September

Expensive rentals in Mississauga and Brampton

Oshawa home prices jumped in September

Halton Region had price gains in September

September housing market in Innisfil, ON

Newmarket rental households on the rise

Milton, ON had price gains in September

Newmarket home prices surged in September

September housing market in King, ON

September housing market in Whitby, ON

September housing market in Richmond Hill

September housing market in York Region

September housing market in west-end Toronto neighbourhoods

No relief in sight for Toronto renters feeling the pinch

Highest housing price-to-income ratios in Canada

Demand still outstripping supply amid more rate-hikes in Canada

Brock home prices surge 23.4% in September 2022

How many square feet $300K buys in Ontario cities

Mississauga’s expensive housing costs per square foot

Mississauga still had annual gains, despite sales declining

September detached market in Mississauga

Toronto among Best Places To Live in Ontario

Guelph among Best Places To Live in Ontario

Home prices won’t drop any time soon in Canada

Kingston among Best Places To Live in Ontario

Housing market trends in Oakville, ON

Barrie among Best Places To Live in Ontario

GTA home prices show signs of stabilizing

How to finance the purchase of a second home in Canada

September Trends in Toronto

Income needed to afford a home in Canada in Sep 2022

Higher rents in Toronto

Waterloo among Best Places To Live in Ontario

Oakville among Best Places To Live in Ontario

Burlington among Best Places To Live in Ontario

Burlington, ON Rents Up yearly

Canadian rent prices reach a three-year high

Toronto's rentals are more expensive now

Decreasing housing starts might lead to a supply shortage in Canada

Mississauga Rent Prices Skyrocketed

Housing start trends in Canada in August 2022

Canada’s renters facing higher monthly costs than homeowners

Tips for students looking to rent in Toronto

Canada’s avg rents climbed in August

Rent Prices Reached New Highs in Toronto

High Housing Costs in Brampton

Richmond Hill, ON home prices climb in August

Canadian pandemic homebuyers have zero regrets

Canada’s Real Estate market trend

August home sales rebound in Waterloo Region

Bloor West, ON home prices climb in August

Brock, ON home prices climb in August

Oshawa, ON home prices climb in August

A greater share of expensive homes sold in Aug in Toronto

Revisiting the stress test as home sales show hints of rebound

East Gwillimbury, ON home prices climb in August

Is Canada's housing market adjustment ending?

Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON home prices climb to in August

Markham home prices climb to $1.27M in August

Ajax, ON home prices jump in August 2022

Milliken, ON home prices climb in August

Toronto Central home prices climb to $1.1M in August

Resurgence in Toronto housing market activity

GTA home prices climb to $1.08M in August

Leaside, ON home prices surge to $1.2M in August 2022

High Park-Swansea, ON home prices climb to $1.17M in August

West Midtown, ON home prices climb in August

Condo prices rising in Mississauga, ON

Toronto home prices rising marginally

Toronto’s runaway rental prices increased again

Hamilton-Burlington home sales on the rise

New zoning rules in Mississauga, ON, to boost housing affordability

The average home price rising again in Toronto

GTA Real Estate affected by borrowing costs and housing supply

Buyers coming back to Toronto Housing Market

Canada’s ultra-luxury home costs not going down

Does It Pay to Own Multiple Homes in Canada?

Middlesex County, ON needs 40K new homes by 2031

The help to navigating today’s Real Estate market

Factors in today’s Real Estate market

King had the most annual price gains in York Region during H1 2022

Brock had the most annual price gains in Durham Region during H1 2022

Brampton had the most annual price gains in Peel Region during H1 2022

Burlington had the most modest price decline in GTA during Q2

What it’s Like to Rent in the GTA

Scugog had the highest sales increase in GTA during Q2

Canadian Real Estate is normalizing

Canada's population could increase to 57M by 2068

Whitchurch-Stouffville still had annual price gains, amid market softening in Q2

Markham still had annual price gains, amid market softening in Q2

Richmond Hill still had annual price gains, amid market softening in Q2

What Shifting Ontario Housing Markets Mean for Sellers?

Toronto still had annual price gains in July

Hottest GTA Housing Markets in July 2022

Investment in a city property is sounder in the long run

Hastings County, ON needs 9,800 new homes by 2031

Lennox and Addington County, ON needs 4,000 new homes by 2031

Prince Edward County, ON needs 1,500 new homes by 2031

Kingston, ON needs 6,300 new homes by 2031

Canada’s economy remaining strong as the BOC continues to rise interest rates

Toronto: the 3rd-best city to live in North America

Prices still rising in some parts of GTA, as the market gains more balance

The Mississauga condo market remains in demand

More stability in Greater Sudbury, ON

Market normalizes in Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Average home prices now over $1M all over Durham

Brampton detached house prices climb over $1,5M

These two factors will protect Canada from a housing crash

Rent prices on the rise again in Ontario

Good things which can happen during a recession

New listings down in Niagara Falls, despite sales declining

The Milton, ON housing market in July

Soft landing in Canada instead of a recession: Story of aggressive rate-hikes

Real Estate Price Change in GTA

The Simcoe County, ON housing market in July

Six solutions by experts for the housing crisis in Canada

The Scugog, ON housing market in July

The Newmarket, ON housing market in July

High demand for condos in the GTA, amid rate-hikes

Pickering home prices still rising annually, amid decline in sales

Prices still rising in Richmond Hills, despite sales declining

Hamilton Market Activity in July

Oshawa, Pickering and Durham need 90K new homes built in next decade

Ontario will need 1.5M homes built in next decade

The Halton Hills, ON housing market in July

The Aurora, ON housing market in July

Prices still up annually in Windsor-Essex, amid sales declining

Supply remains housing market's number-one issue in Canada

Homeownership: Smart investment in Toronto

The New Tecumseth, ON housing market in July

Market conditions remained more balanced in Brampton, ON

Condo prices are expected to hold firm in GTA

Hamilton and Burlington still see annual price hikes, amid gaining more balance

The Markham, ON housing market in July

Rents are on the rise again in Canada

Good News for Canadian Single-Income Earners

Price Increases in a Decade in Vaughan, ON

Price Increases in a Decade in Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON

Soaring rents in Simcoe County, ON makes the case for investing

The slowdown won’t change anything for the majority

July market roundup in GTA

The Uxbridge, ON housing market in July

The Dufferin County, ON housing market in July

Historic housing correction not likely to impact Barrie, ON

The Clarington, ON housing market in July

The Caledon, ON housing market in July

The Ajax, ON housing market in July

The Whitby, ON housing market in July

Oakville home prices surge to $1.52M

July's performance in Georgina, ON

The Bradford West Gwillimbury, ON Housing Market in July

The East Gwillimbury, ON housing market in July

The Brampton, ON housing market in July

The Burlington, ON Housing Market in July

Toronto has the second-highest home prices in Canada

Thunder Bay is No. 5 for housing affordability in Canada

Higher interest rates affecting the housing market in Toronto

How much do you need to earn annually to buy a home in Toronto?

Demand would be higher after price stabilization in Mississauga, despite higher rates

Toronto’s market overview

Canadian home prices remain on a strong growth trend

Housing market in Durham and Oshawa still robust in June

What is the inflation impact in Canada

Average Brampton Price Up Yearly

Rental demand rising in Toronto, as condo rents hit record high

Canada needs to build more affordable housing for newcomers

Non-resident ownership leads to more demand and less supply in the GTA

GTA luxury condo sales jump as downtown living rebounds

Luxury Market is Starting to “Normalize” Post-Pandemic in GTA

High demand for rentals in Canada makes the case for investing

Time to budget and negotiate loans in Canada

Here’s what increase in stress test means for the market

Demand still high in Toronto as a slowdown in new construction is coming

Canadian home sales declines are getting smaller

Despite more needed supply, home construction slows

High rents in the GTA makes the case for investing

July is a great time to buy in Ontario

It’s the best time to buy in Canada

GTA home construction market is going to remain strong in the long run

There will still be plenty of demand in the long run for Toronto new construction

High rental demand in the GTA makes the case for investing

BOC’s rate hike was surprising, but rates remain historically low

Condo growth in Downtown GTA

Homeowners still winning in home equity, even at today's discount prices

Builders are building less homes in Canada

Rent hikes in Toronto make the case for buying rental properties

Continued low inventory in Canada is still raising annual home prices in Q2

More opportunities for first-time buyers in the GTA, while prices still rising annually

Average house prices up yearly in Windsor-Essex

Some properties still get multiple offers in Barrie

Backyard apartments are now legal in Toronto

Inventory still low in Halton Region, despite sales declining

Prices still rising in the Annex area in June, with high demand

Niagara still sees Yearly increase in home prices, amid rising inventory

It's the best time to get into the market in Toronto

Best time to buy in $1M market in Mississauga

Hamilton-Burlington area s