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State of Market & Market Snapshots


Home Prices Continue to Rise as Supply Dwindles

What you need to know about rising rent prices

Bloomington, CA Real Estate Market

Why US House Prices Skyrocket And Why The New Housing Plan Won’t Work

Housing demand in Orange County, CA dips as mortgage rates rise

California housing affordability shrinks in Q1 2022

Overall US New-Home Construction Rises In March Despite Slowdown In Single-Family

Menifee, CA housing market update

Single-Family Home Prices Show Double-Digit Increase in Q1 2022

Supply Shortage And Rising Rates Push Buyers Into Homes Sooner

Lake Elsinore, CA Real Estate market update

Lumber prices fall to their lowest level in 2022

How to Buy House and Land Package

Corona, CA housing market update

Millennials Make Up The Largest Share Of Homebuyers In America

Q1 2022 Housing Affordability In CA

How Many Prospective Sellers Are Planning To List By End Of Summer 2022?

Q1 2022 housing affordability in SoCal

The Lure Of The Hollywood Hills Continues Even As Home-Prices Climb

California Cities In The Top 10 Most Expensive Rental Markets

The LA Real Estate Market Forecast And What It Means For Rental Owners

Housing Prices Rise In Santa Barbara County

Sharp increases in US rent forecast in 2023

Coachella Valley Real Estate Market

LA County Home Price Hits Record $840K

A housing crash is unlikely, but a correction could be around the corner

There isn't a housing bubble, but the current seller's market should end this year

Will The Housing Market Slow Down, And Should You Worry?

Sales of New U.S. Homes Drop to Lowest in Four Months

How Persistently High Oil and Gas Prices Could Affect Luxury Real Estate?

Building suppliers boom as homeowners focus on renovations

Riverside County home price hits record $580K, up 45% in pandemic

Inflation, Interest and the Housing Paradox

The cheapest middle-class neighborhoods to live in Los Angeles County, CA

$1M average home price in Orange County, California

Orange County Home Prices Set Another Record

White-Hot Housing Market Set For Cool-Down In Riverside County?

Los Angeles County Home Prices Set Another Record

Will Higher Interest Rates Tank California Home Prices?

Competition For Housing Is Falling In America, But Bidding Wars Aren’t Over Yet

California Housing Is Becoming Sort Of More Affordable

Early signs of cooling housing market seen in some U.S. cities

American Cities With the Highest Rents At The Beginning Of 2022

SoCal Apartment Rents Jump 10% in a Year

Report of a possible housing cooldown is good news for buyers and investors

How Much Living Space $1,500 Gets You in America's Largest Cities

More Inventory Could Open up as U.S. Homeowners Plan to Sell

Is a U.S. housing crash on the horizon?

California Has The Second-Highest Median Rent In The US

Push for rent control in Pasadena

LA, OC residents want more dense housing

Biggest US Metro Areas Lost Residents In First Year Of Pandemic

How Home Improvement Funds Upgrade A New House To A Home

Crypto Mortgage Lenders Are Entering The Hottest Housing Market Ever

Outpacing much of US, home prices triple in some California cities

Relocation is a top priority among more Americans

Housing market inventory could peak in summer 2022

Housing Affordability Is About To Crash The Most On Record

What Does High Inflation In America Reflect?

Is the US housing market about to crack

Huntington Beach, CA Among U.S. Cities with The Largest Rent Increase

US Housing Bubble Brewing

Multifamily Investor Demand Remains Strong Despite Rising Interest Rates

Condos Surge As An Affordable Alternative In America

Higher Home Prices in America

LA, Riverside among national leaders in price gains

Luxury Homebuyers Seek Turn-Key Lifestyle

Inflation, Soaring Rents, And The Housing Crisis

High-end housing markets see influx of millennials

The Average US Home Price Hits $405K for the First Time

Rent-Control Measures Are Back As Home Rents Reach New Highs In America

Rent Increases by Nearly 20% Across the US

Home Prices Tripled In The Bay Area

Housing Demand Outpaces Active Listings In America

Long Beach, CA Among U.S. Cities with The Largest 1-Bed Rent Increase

Will The Housing Market Continue To Bubble, Or Burst In 2022?

Fed watching red-hot housing market for financial stability risks

Irvine, CA Among U.S. Cities with The Largest 1-Bed Rent Increase

How the San Fernando Valley Became SoCal’s Newest Real Estate Hotspot

US Home Buyers Shouldn’t Wait For Home Prices To Drop In 2022

Home Values Are Climbing Faster Than Salaries In America

National Rents Reach 30% of Americans' Incomes

US Housing Market Enters Uncharted Waters

The $10M-Plus Housing Market Is On Fire In America

Home Remodeling in 2022 Calls for Patience and Flexibility

How To Stay Positive in Today's Crazy-Competitive Seller's Market

Buyers Pay Up To 3.7% More For Homes That Work Hard, Play Hard

Home Prices Won’t Cool Off Anytime Soon In America

Investor Interest in L.A. Increases in 2021

Buying a Home Even More out of Reach?

The Most And Least Affordable US Cities Of 2022

How Many Homes Are Sitting Empty In California?

Affordability issues rise as rent reaches 46% of Los Angeles incomes

Affordability issues rise as rent reaches 45.9% of Riverside incomes

Supply and Demand and Los Angeles Housing Prices

The Western destinations for a great investment

Warning Lights Start To Flash On US Housing

Affordability issues rise in CA as rent reaches more than 30% of incomes

Is Now The Right Time To Sell a Rental Property?

Do More House Permits Positively Impact Housing Prices?

What Are The Migration Opportunities And Risks For US Real Estate Investors?

Housing inflation is going nowhere but up

The housing market's key metric just took an ugly turn for home buyers

Home Buyers’ Desire to Relocate Reaches Record High

Share of Homes Selling Above List Price Doubles

Home Showing Traffic Continues To Rise In The US

Feb 2022-Feb 2023 Home Value & Sale Forecast

How To Claim Exclusion From The Capital Gains Tax In Real Estate?

Why Buying A Home Is Basically Unaffordable For Every US Generation?

US housing market fuels bidding wars, driving prices higher in California

As Home Values Soar, The Wealth Gap Grows In America

Are Americans Expecting Rents To Keep Rising In 2022?

Home Values Have Jumped Over 40% Since the Pandemic Started in Riverside, CA

What Are The Impacts Of Climate Change On The US Real Estate Market?

How Much Did CA Homeowners Gain From Equity In 2021?

Home Price Appreciation Reaches Highest Level In At Least 45 Years In America

What Can Be Done If US Home Prices Keep Going Up in 2022

Southern California house payments soar 26%, with $141,200 down

Asking price for a typical U.S. home nears $400K, up 13% in just one year

California Homes Selling for Six Figures Over Asking at Astronomical Rate

More buyers are closing home sales $100K above ask

¿Influirán las tensiones entre Rusia y Ucrania en el mercado inmobiliario estadounidense?

California Metros on home sales bidding war list

Los Angeles weekly Real Estate update

A Record 8% Of U.S. Homes Are Worth At Least $1M

Housing Market Predictions for 2022

Rent Prices Continue to Surge Nationwide

Will Russia-Ukraine Tensions Impact US Housing Market?

Why Moving To A State With Low Income Taxes Could Cost More?

When Home Values Go Up, Take Advantage Of Your Home Equity

Here Are the Cheapest Places in America To Buy a Home

LA Housing Market Fuels Bidding Wars, Driving Prices Higher

How Is LA An Example Of California’s Housing Crisis?

New CA Bill Increases Tax On House-Flippers Who Sell Within 3 Years

Higher Rents vs. Higher Mortgages: In Some Places, Buying Now Wins

Vacation-Home Boom Continues Into 2022

The Economic Impact on Home Prices in California

Home Ownership Turning Into Pipe Dream for Many Americans

Home prices will continue to boom: rising 12% in 2022

US market braces for ‘rapid’ rebound of Chinese home purchases in 2022

How Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Is Already Rippling Through the U.S. Housing Market

Will Rent Continue To Increase Across The US?

How Could the Russia-Ukraine Crisis Impact Real Estate Market?

US Consumer Confidence Slips; House Prices Maintain Upward Trend

What Is Orange County’s High-Density Future?

Apartment hunters face double-digit rent increases across the country

Will housing prices continue to surge amid record inflation?

How Do People Afford To Live in California?

What Makes California Expensive?

Southern California home sales hit New Year’s dip

Should I Buy a House in This Crazy Real Estate Market?

Real-Estate Investors Head South, Bid Up Sunbelt Apartment Buildings

Southern California’s red-hot homebuying pace catches a chill

Surprisingly Affordable Housing Markets Across America

Why your rent is going up?

Los Angeles Real Estate update

Out-Of-Town Home Buyers With Deep Pockets Are Edging Out Local Buyers

Median Home Prices Rise in Least Affordable Metros

New-home construction falters, even as builders secure more permits

1979 vs 2022: Why Interest Rate Hikes are Different

Key Indicator Hints America Is Headed For Worst Real Estate Crash Ever

With an Aging Housing Stock, What Are Buyers Purchasing?

Los Angeles Is First In The Nation For Luxury Home Sales

Will Rent Prices Surge In 2022?

What builders and buyers expect in new homes in 2022?

Homeowners' rates rise nationwide, affordability remains an issue into 2022

When will hot housing market finally start to cool?

It's tough to buy a starter home these days

Will the spring 2022 housing market crush buyers?

The housing market’s double trouble

California Housing Affordability Improves in Q4 2021

Will 2022 housing market be hotter than 2021?

Important Factors Influencing Housing Prices In The US

Home prices, rents soared in top Sun Belt migration destinations

How To Invest When Home Prices Rise

Bubble watch: California homes could be 9% overvalued

Homes are selling faster than ever before, and the spring market is arriving

Why has rent gone up across the country by 14%?

Los Angeles Office Development Rebounds Amid Shifting Trends

Is this a Good Time to Sell a Home?

US Housing Supply Gap Expands in 2021

Irvine, CA. among the top 10 highest rental rate increases in 2021

$10M-Plus Home Sales Doubled in 2021

Buyers vie for fewer homes as listings decline

U.S. Housing Costs Surge, With No End In Sight

Orange County ZIP Codes Among Top 25 Priciest ZIP Codes

1 in 4 First-Time Homebuyers Are Using Stimulus Money For Down Payment

Housing Market Gains $6.9 Trillion in 2021

New Construction on the Rise

Are average Orange County rent hikes good news or bad?

Are average Inland Empire rent hikes good news or bad?

Apartment rent continues to rise across Southern California

How much are California homes overvalued?

One-Third Of Houses For Sale Are New Construction, An All-Time High

Nowhere to go: how record-high rent hikes have cornered renters

The best US cities to invest in a rental property

House payments soar 13% despite record-cheap mortgages

Would banning single-family zoning solve the housing crisis?

Los Angeles Sees ‘Exceptionally Strong’ Luxury Market

Best Places To Invest In Property in 2022

Are average Los Angeles rent hikes good news or bad?

Homebuyer Relocation Nears Pandemic Peak

As housing prices continue to spike, national rent hits an all-time high

Least Expensive Homes in the Priciest ZIP Codes

Number of Homes a Buyer Views Hits Record Low

Things to Do With Your Investments to Beat Inflation

Rent prices surge over 10% across US

Riverside County house payments up 16% despite cheap mortgages

U.S. Housing Market has Doubled in Value since the Great Recession

Top 10 highest rental rate increases in 2021

LA ZIP Codes Among Top 25 Priciest ZIP Codes

Westside Home Prices Rising?

CA ZIP Codes Among Top 25 Priciest ZIP Codes

LA County house payments soar 12%, yet sales make record jump

Housing prices continue to soar due to supply chain, labor shortages

Annual existing-home sales hit the highest mark since 2006

Housing Market Drops, Still Up 5% Year Over Year

Record High on SoCal Home Prices Amid Tight Supply

Median Home Price For Westside Los Angeles Hits $2.5M

Home Sales Post Largest Monthly Decline Since May 2020

10 price records mark Southern California’s busiest housing market in 15 years

Where To Buy In Los Angeles

Purchasing Vacation Homes Is Not Just For The Rich Anymore

US Housing Market Indicators

America’s housing market is in the grip of an inflation storm

Pasadena Among 11 Cities With $1M Average Home Price

Irvine, CA Among 11 Cities With $1M Average Home Price

LA County Real Estate Quarterly: Q4 2021 Data

Roaring U.S. housing market may cool, keep climbing as Fed ends emergency support

How Much Will Today’s Median Home Price Really Get You Across the U.S.?

There Was No Housing Bubble in 2008 and There Isn’t One Now

The Best Places to Retire in California

Average home insurance rates are rising faster than inflation

Housing Market Reflects Affordable Benefits of Homeownership Over Renting

The housing market isn’t in a bubble

Rental Prices Hit Record Highs as Market Rebounds

Homes Selling Above Listing Price, New Listings Decrease

2021 Housing Market Frenzy Concludes With Double-Digit Price Growth

Underneath a hot housing market, an even hotter rental market

Buyers, get ready for another crazy housing market in 2022

Investors aren’t crazy about California homes

Things to consider before investing in short term rentals

Downtown LA Draws Flood of New Renters in Boon for Gritty Area

2022 Housing Market Forecast: Where Are the 'Hidden Gems'?

Renting Is Climbing to a New High in These U.S. Cities

Why rent prices will continue to rise in 2022 even after surging last year

California's residential market pricey? In 2021, it got even pricier

Super-luxury home sales surge across America, rising 35% in 2021

US housing starts rise more than forecast to 8-mo high

Even in a hot market, L.A. won’t allow rent hikes for most tenants until 2023

Cities with the most expensive homes in Los Angeles metro area

Inflation? There’s Another Explanation for Rising Housing Costs

California's optimism ends 2021 with 3 straight gains

New report shows Real Estate market set 6 new records in 2021

Single-Family Homes, A Good Bet For Landlords In The Post-COVID-19 Market

The Biggest Winners in Real Estate in 2021

Luxury Condos Lure LA Buyers to Hot Market

Omicron Variant Hits the Luxury Real Estate Market

Here’s what you need to know about relocating

Rental prices jumped more than 10% this year

L.A. voters back duplexes in single-family neighborhoods

Southern California home prices set year’s 9th record

As Home Prices Soar Elsewhere, California Starts to Seem Almost Reasonable

Median home sale prices rise to record high

How’s the Southern California housing market?

Home Buyers Eager to Act Sooner Rather Than Later

The ‘cheapest’ homes for sale in most expensive LA, O.C. ZIP codes

LA-Long Beach-Glendale Area Local Market Report,Q2 2021

California Isn’t adding nearly enough housing to keep up with job growth

Home prices are set to cool, where they’re still hot

Housing market trends fuel single-family home rental growth

The boom in US home prices is just the start of a major generational shift

Omicron variant threatens more disruption in Real Estate

South Pasadena’s Home Values Continue to Climb

Signs of a healthy housing market

Long Beach traditional buyers still face challenges

Competition to buy a home is heating back up in these U.S. Markets

Home Prices Hit a New All-Time High

Gold prices holding steady as U.S. new home sales hold near 14-year highs

Single-Family Homes Sell Faster than Condos — and at Higher Prices — in the U.S.

The Housing Market is Hot but not in a Bubble

What a COVID-19 Vaccine Would Mean for the Housing Market

Permits at 13-yr High: Builders Regain Confidence in the U.S. Market

Housing Recovery in Full Swing as Sellers Inch Their Way Back into the Market

Median Home Sales Price Reaches an All-time High

Where are Housing Prices Heading?

Homes are Selling at the Fastest Rate Recorded

California Home Sellers Pocketing Record Amounts of Cash

California Housing Recovery

LA: Southern Cali Housing Breaks 6-yr Records

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