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Top 15 Real Estate Photography Companies in San Diego

See the work of some of the best real estate photography companies in San Diego and choose the best one.

As a real estate agent, it is essential to present and showcase your properties in the best way possible. Poor photos of a great property can result in failed marketing and delayed sales. Since there are many photography companies in San Diego, we have gathered a list of 15 top real estate photography companies. Of course, these are just a few of the companies out there. We hope that this article helps narrow your search.

1. Birds Eye Aerial Drones, LLC

Birds Eye Aerial Drones, LLC was among the first companies granted permission by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for commercial use of drones. All pilots are Part107 licensed, certified, and insured. They offer aerial real estate drones to create a marketing campaign from a bird’s eye view. Together with branding, music, and voice-over, they deliver a completely unique marketing piece.

Real estate drones are used to create an aerial view of the property including roof quality, property features, and boundaries. At the same time, an aerial tour of surrounding highlights and neighborhood features, such as community pools, tennis courts, and parks is captured.

2. Eaglelens Photography

EagleLens Photography offers Aerial Inspections and various aerial/ground services. They have been active in aerial photography and videography industry since 2014. Based in Southern California, they currently serve the counties of San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles.

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3. roomvu

Roomvu’s mission and vision is improving the world of real estate with fringe technologies. With over 1,800 agents and services that cover most of Canada and US , roomvu offers a great price of $199 for 20 HDR photos no matter the square footage. Equally important Roomvu offers a speedy guaranteed turnaround time of 24 hours.

Furthermore, agents are provided with a free complimentary slideshow with any photo service.  Roomvu provides the best price for photography services across the US.

4. CURB360

CURB360 Residential Photography is headquartered in San Diego. They specialize in visual media for marketing property listings. They combine HD cameras, lighting, and CURB360 REELTOUCH™ to deliver and produce stunning HD photography, and ultra-high-resolution video.

Additionally, they offer flyovers, aerial video, virtual staging, custom branded websites, print media templates, and much more. They offer competitively priced and scalable packages with quick turnarounds.

5. Fotility Photography & Videography

As a certified, leading real estate photography contractor for Virtuance, they shoot all real estate jobs with professional grade, full frame DSLR equipment, including wide angle lenses. They showcase all marketable features of the property.

Fotility offers HDR real estate photos, aerial photography/videography services, and Matterport 3D Tours. Equally important, they offer affordable Photo Packages.

6. Jeeheon Cho

Jeeheon Cho is a commercial photographer based in San Diego who specializes in residential and commercial real estate photography. Additionally, Jeeheon shoots products, businesses, headshots, prominent personalities, performers, and more.

Setup composition, lighting, and edits are set congruent with the client’s brand.

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7. Callisto Foto

Callisto Foto specializes in real estate and architectural photography and approaches every property as if it were a mega-estate. They take the extra time and go the extra mile on every single shoot. They also do an advanced HDR/ flash blend which gives a beautiful even light, and truest colors. Furthermore, they deliver within 24 hours.

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8. Classic Commercial Media

Classic Commercial Media , run by Nikki Lopez and Nan Grenier offers real estate photography & videography, aerial photography & videography. In addition, they offer corporate & actor headshots, actor demo reels, comedic spoof music videos & skits, food photography & videography, fashion & lifestyle photography & videography, promotional content for business, “about us” videos for businesses, and lastly ​corporate training videos.

Top Real Estate Photography Companies in San Diego

9. First Impression Business Images

Based in San Diego, they offer real estate, business, and drone photography. They help you showcase your listing or business with eye-catching images.  They also offer Matterport 3D tours, twilight shoot, alongside their main services of real estate/vacation rental/commercial property listing photography.

Top Real Estate Photography Companies in San Diego

10. Eddie Campos Photography

Commercial photographer and licensed drone operator specializing in real estate, interiors, furniture, product & lifestyle, Eddie Campos Photo offers photography, art direction, and graphic design expertise.

Eddie is an established photographer with over 19+ years of experience. In addition, his work has been showcased in magazines, advertising, direct mail, brochures, websites, and TV commercials. He specializes in product, lifestyle, and real estate photography.

Top Real Estate Photography Companies in San Diego

11. Da Drone Dude

Da Drone Dude is an aerial photo and film production company that uses drone technology. They produce high quality aerial photos and videos customized to clients’ wants and needs. In addition to photos and videos, they also offer post-production services. They hold an FAA PART 107 Certification (Remote Pilots License), as well as full liability insurance.

Top Real Estate Photography Companies in San Diego

12. Christina Woods Luxury Real Estate Photography

With 20 years’ experience, Christina Woods Luxury Real Estate Photography offers twilight sessions, drone images and video, virtual tour, virtual tour narrated, agent resume narrated, single property websites, virtual staging, and finally walkthrough videos. They also offer Fast delivery, image editing, custom editing, and personalized service.

13. The Drone Cameraman

A team of drone operators based in Southern California who specializes in creating professional aerial video and aerial photography. With over 25 years of UAV/UAS operational flight, extensive drone engineering as well as on and off set film making, they have developed a passion for aerial film making while attaching on-board cameras to their remote aircrafts.

Top Real Estate Photography Companies in San Diego

14. offers a nationwide network of drone video operators. They deliver aerial photography to enhance real estate marketing with exciting drone video. was created to provide uniform excellence in aerial photography. This was done by establishing the first and largest nationwide network of highly qualified drone operators. Operators are fully vetted, licensed, and insured. can be used for business, personal, and recreational purposes.

Top Real Estate Photography Companies in San Diego

15. Rachel McFarlin Commercial Photo

Last but not least in our list of top real estate photography companies in San Diego is Rachel McFarlin Commercial Photo. She serves the needs of business customers large and small, in industries ranging from manufacturing to architecture, from hotels and restaurants, and even biotech. Of course, marketing and ad agencies in San Diego and the neighboring areas are also clients. Among these many services, they offer real estate photography as well.

Top Real Estate Photography Companies in San Diego

Top Real Estate Photography Companies in San Diego: Takeaway

In summary, Real estate photography can make a huge difference in how your listings sell. Great photography helps with a better presentation of the listings. On the other hand, poor photos can derail real estate agents’ marketing efforts. Every company and photographer have their own unique features and values. Study them and see which one best meets your needs.

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