Roomvu Smart Ads for Real Estate

How to make the most out of your ad campaigns for real estate using roomvu Smart Ads for Real Estate

Ads in general are designed to spread the word about your business and brand. They increase awareness of your brand and also generate leads and ultimately clients. In the world of real estate ads are an invaluable tool to share information about the services you offer or homes you are trying to sell. Roomvu smart ads for real estate focus on delivering the optimum results for your ad campaign given your specific purpose that can be increasing awareness or generating some quick leads. 

44% of home buyers begin the process by searching the web. Online ads for real estate have become more important than ever. On average, Facebook is home to 3 billion daily active users. This makes the platform an ideal channel to spread the word through ads. 

Different Types of roomvu Smart Ads for Real Estate

When running ads on Facebook you might have come across different objectives and might have wondered what to go first and what can do your business good. Since your ultimate goal of running ads is to find more clients, you might think the lead generation campaign is the one to go with, but in fact, your business needs both of them. 

Brand Awareness: How people know your brand and what they think of it. 

Let’s say your target audience hears the name of your business for the first time. What do they think of it? Do they even know that such a brand exists? What comes to their mind first if they have already of it? Brand awareness is in general how well your brand is known by your target audience and what emotions does it trigger once mentioned? A brand awareness campaign is necessary to differentiate your business from others. Make sure those who fit your buyer persona are well aware of your brand. 

Lead Generation: A quick way to get leads

A lead is someone who is already interested in your services to some degree and and and can be turned into clients if you sent them the right message. A lead generation camping tries to attract and convert your potential customers and prospects into Leads.  The goal is to collect their contact information and can consequently turn them into clients. Lead Generation objective on Facebook encourages people interested in your business to use your service. 

Priority Matters

Although lead generation campaigns produce quick results we highly recommend that you focus on building awareness and acquiring new customers first. In very competitive markets, it is crucial to increase brand awareness and brand equity that identifies your service as distinct from others. 

Roomvu Smart Ads for Real Estate

Later on, when your business grows your campaign goals can change where you might encourage your target audience to use your services and work with you. This way you encourage your target audience to take a specific action such as registering for your side call your business or making an appointment. 

Roomvu Smart Ads for Real Estate

Real estate ads are used to spread the word about REALTORS and the service they provide. On the other hand, they can be used to promote homes they are trying to sell. According to HubSpot effective ads should:

  • Be targeted to a specific audience

Audience quality is far more important than size because when running ads on Facebook your goal is engagement or conversion. Casting a wide net to a target audience that is not interested in your service will ruin your chances of getting results or insights. Luckily Facebook offers a wide range of targeting criteria including demographics, interests, location, and even behavior. 

Roomvu Smart Ads for Real Estate
  • Be relevant

You are practically waiting for money when showing ads that are not relevant to your target audience. The more your ad content, copy, and landing page are relevant the more Facebook will favor your ads and the better results await you.

  • Be visual

Facebook algorithms favor visual content for a reason. They are more likely to gain attention, be remembered, or get shared. Videos are even better in terms of engagement and conversion. However, make sure the content you use is appealing and resonates to the need of your target audience.

  • Have a clear call to action. 

The CTA you use in your ads is one of the most important steps in your ad campaign. Do it wrong and your ads will fail regardless of how carefully other parts are done. Add some sense of urgency to your viewer as it should encourage people to click on your ad NOW.  

That is why we in roomvu offer smart ads for real estate that primarily focus on relevant videos that include a value proposition to encourage action through a clear CTA. Optimized ads like roomvu Smart Ads for Real Estate can help you spend your PPC budget wisely and see a positive return on your investment.

Roomvu Smart Ads for Real Estate

With roomvu Smart Ads for Real Estate, you can reach leads you otherwise would never have had the opportunity to meet. According to inman:

“(Roomvu Smart Ads) capabilities include video landing pages with call-to-action forms that users can link to the associated ads to capture personal information from renters, buyers, and sellers.”

Multi-Language Support on roomvu Smart Ads

What’s better than talking to your audience in English? Talking to them in their native language! We know some of your audience may not be native speakers of English. Talking to them in their native language will build trust and gain their attention!

Roomvu Smart Ads for Real Estate

Run Social Media Ads that Connect and Work

Make a great impression and show that you care about the details by incorporating a professional approach into your design. Use the best video that fits the needs of your audience and update certain elements of your social media ads like the company logo and your headshot.

To change the video, use the video list and pick any you like. Uploading custom logos and headshots is also really easy. Make sure your contact info is up-to-date and accurate.

Roomvu Smart Ads for Real Estate
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