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roomvu Partners with MoxiWorks

Empowering Real Estate Success: MoxiWorks' Tech Innovations Streamline Agent Workflow, Setting the Stage for Future Advancements

Today marks a pivotal moment in the world of real estate technology. roomvu is excited to announce our newest collaboration with MoxiWorks, a trailblazer in stackable tech solutions for real estate. Joining the MoxiCloud partner program is a testament to our commitment to enhancing local market expertise and marketing automation for real estate agents.

Innovative Hyper-Local Content Creation at roomvu

At roomvu, we’ve always focused on crafting hyper-local and relevant video content tailored to real estate agents. Our platform, developed from the ground up by real estate professionals, is designed to simplify and streamline the marketing process for agents. This integration allows agents across North America and Australia to incorporate hyper-local, personalized content into their marketing tools seamlessly.

A Word from Our CEO, Sam Mehrbod

Reflecting on roomvu’s journey, CEO and co-founder Sam Mehrbod, a former real estate agent, shares his enthusiasm about this integration. “This partnership represents a major milestone for us. It enables agents to effectively market themselves through our hyper-local, personalized content, directly integrated into their existing marketing platforms,” Mehrbod remarked.

Seamless Integration with MoxiWorks

This collaboration with MoxiWorks enhances our content creation and distribution process, allowing a smooth data transition, including listings, rosters, and contacts, from MoxiWorks to roomvu. We aim to make marketing as efficient and effective as possible for real estate agents.

MoxiWorks and Open Network Philosophy

Krista Hannahs, MoxiWorks’ Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, emphasizes the importance of an open network in the industry. “The addition of roomvu to our platform reinforces our commitment to providing diverse and innovative technology solutions for agents and brokerages,” said Hannahs.

Leveraging Local Market Insights with roomvu

At Roomvu, we empower agents to use the latest market updates and trends to establish themselves as local market experts. Our technology enables agents to create and distribute localized, relevant content, showcasing their deep market understanding.

Get Started with roomvu on MoxiWorks

Agents keen to integrate Roomvu into their MoxiWorks tech stack are encouraged to discuss this with their account managers. To learn more, please visit our website. For proptech providers interested in joining the MoxiCloud Partner Program, more information is available at MoxiWorks.

About roomvu

Roomvu, a leader in video marketing for agents and endorsed by the National Association of Realtors, specializes in creating hyper-local, relevant video content. Our advanced A.I. technology analyzes local news and market statistics, enabling agents to produce customized, brand-aligned, one-minute videos, elevating their marketing strategies.

About MoxiWorks

MoxiWorks has been a cornerstone in real estate tech for over a decade, offering robust, flexible solutions to over 800 brokerages and 400,000 agents. Our collaboration with MoxiWorks underlines our shared vision of enhancing real estate professionals’ productivity and marketing prowess.

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