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roomvu Email Marketing: Elevate Your Business

While roomvu offers a wealth of features designed to simplify and streamline your email marketing efforts, it’s been observed that many real estate agents are unaware of how to fully utilize these tools or don’t use them at all. This might be due to a lack of understanding or not knowing the potential benefits these features could bring to their businesses. That’s exactly why we’ve written this article—to help agents fully grasp the power of roomvu email marketing and learn how to leverage it effectively. We aim to guide you in harnessing these tools to maximize your reach, engage potential buyers and sellers better, and ultimately grow your business.

What Does roomvu Email Marketing Exactly Do?

Let’s delve deeper.

1. Fresh, Locally Relevant News

Standing out in the flood of emails can be challenging. To tackle this, roomvu offers a unique selling point: fresh, local real estate news sourced daily by AI. By focusing on locally relevant news from top sources, roomvu ensures that your contacts receive tailored, valuable information directly related to their region. This personal touch adds value to your newsletters and enhances your brand’s credibility.

Send Videos in Emails

In addition to providing fresh and locally relevant news, roomvu offers real estate agents an exciting opportunity to enhance their email campaigns through video content.

Videos offer a captivating and easily consumable format that delivers immense value to your audience while generating valuable leads. From showcasing property tours to sharing market insights and expert advice, videos create a personal and memorable connection with recipients. With videos in your emails, you can grab attention, nurture relationships, and drive higher click-through rates, ultimately leading to increased conversions.

All you need to do is switch to the “Classic Email Marketing” on your dashboard to access videos to send.

roomvu email marketing

2. Personalize

Automated email campaigns can be set up to send personalized messages based on recipient behavior, such as their engagement with previous emails, their search history, or their location. This lets real estate agents send messages that are more relevant and interesting to their audience, which makes it more likely that the message will be read.

Free Real Estate Leads Using Email Marketing
roomvu email marketing customization

Automated email campaigns can also be set up to send follow-up messages, nurturing leads and guiding them towards a sale. Real estate agents can create a highly effective email marketing strategy that connects with their audience and gets results by combining automation with personalization.

3. Flexible Contact Management and Scheduling

With roomvu, managing your contacts for the newsletter campaign is a breeze. roomvu provides assistance in uploading and maintaining your contacts.

roomvu email marketing

All you need to do is upload your contacts in CSV format, as in the image below:

roomvu email marketing

4. Automated Weekly Real Estate Newsletters

The foundation of roomvu email marketing lies in its automated weekly real estate newsletters. This feature allows agents to maintain regular, meaningful contact with their databases. Once you have easily added your contacts into the roomvu platform, you can set a weekly sending time for your newsletter.

On step 2: Edit Email Template

You can set the sending date easily:

roomvu email marketing

roomvu allows agents to confirm the newsletter preview a day before dispatch to ensure transparency and accuracy. This proactive approach maintains the content’s quality and keeps agents informed about what’s being sent out to their contacts.

roomvu email marketing

5. Reaching More Qualified Leads

Ensuring the relevance of the content sent to your audience is a cornerstone of effective lead generation. With roomvu email marketing, this task is made simple and efficient. The platform is specifically designed to select the most pertinent real estate news according to the geographical area in which you operate, thus delivering content that resonates with your contacts.

roomvu email marketing

This focused approach maintains engagement levels and paves the way for attracting high-value, relevant leads. Respondents to these tailored, local newsletters are likely to have a genuine interest in your offerings, enhancing your leads’ quality.

6. Comprehensive Lead Management

roomvu email marketing also serves as an effective lead management system. Agents can receive and manage leads that come from their newsletters, monitor campaign success, and adjust strategies as necessary.

The lead nurturing process in roomvu is systematic and efficient. After setting up your contacts list and newsletter campaigns, roomvu sends out weekly newsletters to warm up your leads. The system gives you the flexibility to take over at any point, allowing for a personal touch when needed.

roomvu email marketing
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