Your Real Estate Business and Google

With Google as the ultimate powerhouse, just by playing your cards right, your real estate business can improve significantly! Here’s how:

Online business platforms powered by Google hold the key for real estate agents as they continue to grow their brand. Google offers various business tools that enable agents to deliver marketing messages faster and more efficiently to their target audiences. Google also provides powerful business solutions allowing real estate agents to collaborate with one another. This collaboration helps to contribute to the overall success of the real estate business by gaining more networking outreach.

Messaging and collaboration with Google are the two areas in which agents can adjust to improve their business goals. Therefore, this article will explore the various business toolkits Google has developed to help you accomplish this.  

Google My Business

Google My Business may be simply put as an online directory, but your listings in it function more than a phonebook’s yellow page. Besides enabling your target clients to find you and know more about your services, allows them to interact and engage with you by posting comments, sharing content, etc. By having current clients, protecting clients and past clients interact, you are opening the opportunity to boost value for your business.  

You can inject creative talent in Google My Business, as it allows you to share photos, aside from allowing text content. For all these benefits, this tool is available for free, and it is quite user-friendly as well.


Google’s Search Engine Optimization and your real estate business

Google has incorporated in its search engine optimization an algorithm that can boost your website’s ranking in the users’ searches. This SEO algorithm works to your favor if you keep your website content always fresh and updated.

To always appear prominent in the search engine result page, the contents of your website likewise need to have the right keywords. For higher SEO ranking, another trick that works is making your website relevant and reliable through quality and organic inbound links to your site. You can read our Real estate SEO guide for more information.

Google Maps and your real estate business

A business’s potential to further improve real estate with Google can be drawn from this platform’s interactive Google Maps. This tool, which has been merged with the ‘Google My Business’ dashboard, allows clients to locate your office. It also supplies the link to your website, your contact information as well as your operating hours. In addition, it can even go as far as sharing reviews that previous clients have made.

With the satellite and street-level views that Google Maps provides, it comes easy for your clients to visualize the surrounding market territory that you serve. They can as easily orient your proximity (and hence your familiarity) to the properties you have listed. Also, client endorsements can likewise be accommodated in Google Maps.

Google Search Ads (Adwords) and your real estate business

Advertising service is another way to improve real estate with Google technology. Google Adwords provides this service which runs on a pay per click payment scheme. 

With Google Search Ads (previously known as Adwords), among other benefits, you gain immediate exposure in the top five results of searches. The reach of your marketing messages can be more precisely targeted too as to audiences and locations. It makes it also easy for you to determine which of your keywords are delivering the best results. 

YouTube and your real estate business

Google’s YouTube platform hosts two billion users per month. Thus, creating a YouTube channel for real estate listings accessible to a wide range of demographics is a smart tactic. As a marketing tool, this platform is also fast and reliable.

With YouTube, however, don’t forget to include key real estate words in your title so that could help elevate your video productions in Google’s search rankings. Also, post links of your YouTube videos on your website, blog, marketing e-mails, and social media accounts to help maximize the videos’ audience reach.

Google Posts and your real estate business

Another dynamic marketing approach to help improve your real estate goals with Google is a tool called ‘Google Posts’ created by Google in 2016. Google Posts is a tool that allows businesses to post directly on Google’s home page. And the best part about it is that it is free!

Google Posts has become a vital tool for SEO efforts and the overall content strategy of real estate agents. This is because it allows businesses to upload short content of between 100 and 300 words each with an accompanying photo or video (it’s almost like an ad in a way, without directly selling something).

As for specifics to real estate, through Google Posts, you can highlight the showings of listed properties and local market trends. You can also post the local events you are participating in and thereby flex your professional reputation in the business community. Your Google My Business provides access to these posts.

However, except for events, uploads in Google Posts expire after a week. Hence, you must be able to continuously generate fresh content to draw the most out of this marketing platform.

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