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10 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Should Use Email Marketing

Why real estate agents need to start their email marketing campaign today.

Email marketing might seem like an overwhelming concept for real estate agents who count on traditional approaches to finding leads. But email marketing is considered to have one of the highest returns of marketing methods. This helps with brand awareness which keeps your business on top of prospects’ (and clients’) minds. Occupying space in a prospects’ mind results in leads and conversion. Working in a competitive business requires learning to use email marketing for real estate. In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of real estate email marketing.

Benefits of Email Marketing Stats

Nowadays, 99% of users check their emails on a daily basis. Leaving emails out of your marketing efforts is not wise. The good news is most real estate professionals realize the value of email marketing. 67% of them use email marketing to engage clients at least once a month. On the other hand, 61% of consumers enjoy receiving promotional emails weekly. However, be careful not to send emails too often. This is annoying. Here are some stats:

benefits of email marketing

Note: For marketing purposes and sending mass emails, you need to use an email marketing service. If you don’t, you’re breaking the law (review the CAN-SPAM act).

Why You Should Be Doing Email Marketing

Here are a few reason why you should be doing email marketing.

Millennials still make up the largest share of home buyers (38%). These tech-savvy digital natives prefer to be contacted through digital means, emails in particular. Writing effective real estate emails will help you win more leads and close more deals, even in the downtime.

Billions of emails are sent every day. In 2018, over 281 billion emails were sent every day. The number is expected to rise to 361 billion emails by 2024. They wouldn’t be so widely used if they were not so practical. Despite the emergence of novel and innovative means of digital marketing, email is still one of the most popular modes of business communication and promotions. 80% of professionals believe in email marketing that helps with customer acquisitions and retention.

benefits of email marketing

More Control

Compared to other means of digital marketing such as ads and social media, email marketing gives you the advantage of control. On social media, you have little control over who will see your content even when you use ads you don’t have full control over your audience, but emails are different. You know who you are sending your content to. Research shows that 21% of emails are opened within the very first hour of delivery. After three hours the number increases to 41%.

It Saves Time and Money

Crafting a killer and winning email marketing campaign requires a lot of hard work and research but once you have the perfect campaign you can watch the system do its magic. We believe real estate agents need to automate everything they can in their marketing efforts. The good news is emails can be easily automated. The whole process will take little time and money, but the gains will be huge. No need to spend 10 minutes with just one client, you can spend the same amount of time with exponentially more.

benefits of email marketing

Personal and Intimate

Email is like a letter coming from a single sender to a single receiver even if it is sent to many people at the same time. There are many ways even in automated emails to make emails more personalized making the message more effective once it reaches the user. Intimacy and the personal feel of the email go a long way in getting the message across and getting the user to take your desired action. Research shows personalized and segmented emails make readers 50% more likely to click on your links in the email.

A Way to Send Listings / Find Sellers

Real estate emails to your audience can include newsletters or other educational content. Over time, you can include a list of your new listings. This will increase listings exposure and reach and consequently chances of finding homebuyers. The people on your email list have already expressed their interest in buying homes.

When you send such listings to your contacts list, those on the list will know you are good at selling homes and if they have a home to sell, they might approach you. All this can be done with minimal effort, time, and money.

It Builds Your Brand

Your brand defines your business and how professional it is. Your business and you as a real estate agent probably have a reputation within your area and neighborhood. Email marketing can help expand on that reputation and directly reflect your brand. Sharing relevant and valuable content through emails will build and expand your brand effectively and efficiently.

Educate Your Audience

Data shows that every homebuyer spends an average of 3 weeks looking for homes before contacting an agent. This means they spend a lot of time learning and trying to find information that might help them. You can start educating your prospects through emails so that when they start learning more about real estate, they will remember you and you can jump right in to help them further by offering your services.

benefits of email marketing

Increase Engagement with Clients and Prospects

Real estate is all about connections and engaging prospects to generate leads. In fact, your entire business is built on making connections with others. Email marketing is an ideal tool that fosters and nurtures your current relationships and at the same time introduces your brand to new prospects creating engagement.

Generate Revenue

Emails provide a convenient but informal way to learn more about your audience. As you send emails you can study your audience behavior by the actions they take with your emails, offering you some great and valuable data which can be later used to turn leads into sales and deals. This will ultimately generate money apart from the direct sales you make through email offering your services.Learn best real estate Email marketing tips from our guide

roomvu Email Marketing Platform

Given the importance of email marketing for real estate and its benefits, here at roomvu, we have designed a convenient email marketing platform that works fully automated. The only thing you need to do is to upload your contacts list and choose the content you want to send from the many options you have. Then relax.

If you want, you can also change and modify the body of the email and add your own personalized message.

benefits of email marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing: Takeaways

Email is widely used. As a result, most people check their emails every day. Therefore emails are one of the most effective ways to get your message to your target audience. Emails won’t cost you a lot of money, can be easily automated, and also deliver great ROI. In order to send mass emails, you need to use an email marketing platform. Join roomvu today and start generating leads.

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