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Why Work with a REALTOR®

Learn why you should work with a REALTOR® instead of going FSBO

Whether you are buying or selling a home, you might be tempted to handle the process yourself. We see many people go FSBO and try to sell their homes themselves hoping to save money. When it comes to buying your first you, you might as well, consider doing it yourself. However, there are many reasons why work with a REALTOR®. This article will explain a few advantages a Real Estate agent can have regarding real estate transactions.

Why Work with a REALTOR®

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the reasons:

Experience and Expertise

Although Real Estate agents have different levels of experience and expertise and some may pack more, they will almost always be more qualified in Real Estate transactions than what you consider yourself to be. A Real Estate agent knows what to say and do in different steps of the process. This knowledge is the result of education and training and also experience from handling home buyers and sellers in the past. Something that you lack. Negotiation is an art and science. Without the required skills in this regard, you are not likely to get the result you have in mind.

Save Time

If you try to buy a home yourself you need spend a lot of time searching for a home. Bt if you work an agent, they will find much more and better homes for you due to their extensive network and expertise. After they talk yo you they will have a clear understanding of what kind of home you have in mind and will find it in a much shorter time. On the other hand they will attend open houses on your behalf so you do not have to spend your time chasing homes around.

They Know The Market

The Real Estate market is always changing. Although you can have general understanding of state of the market in general, you have to keep in mind that every state, city and even neighborhood has its own ups and downs that might not be in line with the general state of the market. These days, in particular, it is quite hard to understand the market and come up with the best decision. However, a Real Estate agent is constantly monitoring the market on the national and local scale and is able to deduct proper decisions.

Access to MLS

The Multiple Listing Service or MLS is one of the most effective tools in the home buying and selling marketplace you can use. Sadly, you can’t always have access to MLS unless you’re working with a real estate agent. MLS is not the same as many of the online home search tools you can use, These home search tools don’t always have all of the available listings which could hurt your search. The MLS is an effective tool in the real estate that alerts agents about events like open houses, new listing notifications, etc.

Guidance and Support

If you decide to work alone while buying and selling a home you will defintyl run into a lot of questions, problems and complications. You will have to ask around for solutions and answers from people who might know something or search online. but all that does not guarantee success. However, a Real Esate agent knows all the answers by default and will help you a long the way.


Marketing skills are needed whenever something needs to be sold. when you are trying to sell your home you need those skills to maximize on profits and minimize the effort and time you will put into the process. You might consider yourself a guru in selling stuff but the science goes beyond. A Real Estate agent will use tried-and-true techniques used in Real Estate to accelerate and facilitate the process. You will need a lot of tools to promote and market your home on the market. From photos to videos and also online ads, open houses, etc. which all fall into the capabilities of a Real Estate agent.

Finding the Right Home

What is the right home for you? there is no easy answer to this question. A combination of your budget, preferences, interests, current situation, etc will define the best deal for you. However, as you search for homes, you might come across homes you think fit you the best but there might be better options that only a Real Estate agent can find. A good home is not just about the property, The neighborhood, lifestyle, amenities, local businesses, etc all affect how th home fits your needs.


As a home buyer or home seller, your best interest lies in getting the best deal. However, what is the best deal? How is it defined? What you have in mind may not even be close to what you can get as a great deal. you might compromise a few details you consider worthless whereas you can leverage them to get the other party to give in more. This is the art of negotiation and most probably you have no idea. Buying or selling a home is very different from the daily transactions people make. It will probably be one of the biggest financial transactions you will have in your life.


Real Estate agents know lot more people that can help you. They are constantly in contact with other agents, businesses, locals, other home buyers and sellers, This valuable network is one of the best tools you need while looking for homes to buy or people to sell to. In the best case scenario, your network fails in comparison to that of the agent. These people inn the network can offer and introduce invaluable options that you might like even better.

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