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What Are The Elements of a Good Real Estate Video

What Are The Elements of a Good Real Estate Video? Learn what your Real Estate video should look like to generate leads on social media.

We all know how videos are critical for online and social media marketing. Given the visual nature of Real Estate videos become even more important. But do you know what a good Real Estate video looks like regardless of its purpose? In this article, we will talk about the most essential elements your Real Estate video should have. After all, Real Estate video marketing is a big deal in today’s volatile conditions.

What Are The Elements of a Good Real Estate Video

A good Real Estate video has various elements that help its efficacy. We will discuss each of these points below:

It is Produced Professionally

A good Real Estate video, first of all, looks good. You can’t actually accept a badly shot video to be good. It is one of the most frequent mistakes that agents make. The video looks bad due to poor video or audio quality, the lens is dirty and the image is blurred, to name a few. If the video does not look good, then the whole video is considered bad even if you are talking about some important points in the video. Always make sure your videos have decent quality.

On the other hand, the production of the video also should look professional if you want your audience to consider you a pro. We do not mean that your videos should be like they are produced in Hollywood, but a little professionalism in the video won’t hurt. If you are not sure how to make pro videos you can always have them produced for you by pros.

It is Local

Another important element of a good Real Estate video is its locality. Real Estate is a local business and heavily dependent on the area you are buying or selling a home. Therefore, the more local you go in your videos the better. If you are covering a neighborhood or city make sure your videos are about the area rather than state or bigger scales.

However, it won’t hurt to post, national news and content once in a while to give your audience the bigger picture of the states of the market. But keep in mind, that local content is your best friend. Local market updates and submarket updates offer great and valuable insight into the market that most people are looking for as they need help making the next step.

It is Branded

Your branding should be on all content you share on the internet, especially on social media. You want people to remember your brand so that they will recognize you quickly if they see you somewhere. Therefore, putting your information on the video, your headshot, your brand colors, etc. all will help you stay on top of your audience’s mind. When they need a Real Estate agent, you will be the first agent that pops to mind for them.

What Are The Elements of a Good Real Estate Video

It is Short and Sweet

Many Real Estate agents think the longer their videos are the better. But nothing could be further from the truth. Time is money these days and people know that. Therefore, it is very unlikely people will watch your long videos since they fail to deliver the messages they have as soon as possible. And if they do, what is the point of watching the video to the end which brings up the question: why make a long video.

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It is Straight to the Point

Adding to the point above, your videos while being short should be fast in delivering the message. The attention span of people is getting shorter and shorter every day due to the huge loads of media users are exposed to every day. It is a naive mistake to think that your audience will wait to see what you have got to say in your video. Do not beat around the bush. Get to the point as soon as possible.

It has Captions

Most of us browse social media when we are not alone. In fact, 80% of Facebook and LinkedIn users use social media on mute. We can be on the bus or a train or in a Taxi. We might even be somewhere pretty crowded where it is hard to hear sounds. Therefore, the sound is not an option in many places for many of us. Therefore, if the users are unable to get the message of your videos without the sound, then they are no good. Make sure you include captions for your videos. You can also enable auto-generated captions on some platforms like Instagram and YouTube. On the other hand, you can always show an in-video message suggesting that users turn on the sound.

It is Mobile-Friendly

The majority of users access the internet from a mobile device. We now use computers, tablets, and smartphones to scour the web, scroll through social media, and access the information we need. In fact, close to 80% of Americans own a mobile device and the majority of search traffic on the internet comes from them! Therefore, your videos should be optimized for mobile views. If they fail to show well on a mobile device they will not be welcome.

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