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Top 20 New York Real Estate Agents on Social Media

Digital Trailblazers: Revealing the Top New York Real Estate Agents Flourishing on Social Media in 2023

In the current digitally-fueled age, many are utilizing social media as their primary source of information, particularly in the real estate field. The top New York Real Estate Agents on Social Media are making a name for themselves, harnessing this platform for property deals and serving as a channel for educating, motivating, and connecting with their audience. Situated amidst the dynamic ambiance of New York, these real estate professionals have emerged as the champions of digital narration in 2023. This article spotlights these industry pioneers, demonstrating their influential role in the ever-transforming real estate scenario.

We’ve evaluated their content’s brilliance, relevance to the real estate sector, consistency in updates, and how they’ve sparked audience engagement. These agents have skillfully maintained harmony between personal and professional content, ensuring their followers gain invaluable insight into the real estate market while establishing personal ties. Join us as we dive into the digital universe of these influential New York real estate maestros.

Top New York Real Estate Agents on Social Media

Without further ado, let’s meet these agents:

20. Ronit Abraham

A natural-born problem solver, Ronit is known for her resourcefulness in challenging situations. As an agent who is prepared for all situations and knowledgeable in her craft, she is a huge asset to her clients and is thorough in educating them every step of the way. They benefit from her expert market knowledge and experience navigating through various market conditions.

19. Monica Soyemi

She is an expert marketer for home sellers, and is a first time home buyer specialist! Monica would love to talk to you about how the home buying or selling process works. I can truly say that treating people with RESPECT, LOYALTY, GOOD COMMUNICATION and with INTEGRITY has been a GREAT tool for her.

18. Yara Gouveia

Experience isn’t expensive, it’s priceless!” Yara Gouveia is committed to exceeding your goals and expectations. She believes that clients “buy” her first, before they buy property; so confidence, passion and commonality are very important in this industry.

17. Donte Stewart

Donte entered into the real estate world over two years ago, working with Citi Habitats, working with numerous landlords and tenants. He completed a large amount of transactions during that time, and has since joined Nest Seekers looking to expand his business now; now working with buyers and sellers, as well as tenants and landlords. No matter who the client is, Donte’s marketing expertise and real estate knowledge allow him to work quickly and efficiently when assisting each and every one of his clients.

16. Avel Arcibal

“Avel Arcibal is a licensed real estate salesperson in New York City. He is honored and proud to have earned the trust of hundreds of clients, being involved in over $100 million in closed sales. When you choose Avel, you’re not just choosing an agent but a friend.”

15. Vivian Chen

“Vivian acknowledges that buying, selling, or leasing real estate can be a strenuous process; however, it does not have to be. Time is our most precious commodity and Vivian applies her entrepreneurial acumen in every deal. Her business is built on the foundation of trust and communication as she consistently follows through on her commitments and works relentlessly to negotiate the best terms and price for her clients so they don’t leave any money on the table.”

14. Vickey Barron

“When Vickey Barron talks, the real estate world listens. She is direct, honest and able to expertly maneuver through the twists and turns of New York real estate without ever missing a beat. Thanks to her calm demeanor, relaxed confidence and engaging spirit, her customers find working with Vickey fun and rewarding from start to finish.”

13. Jenna McKay

“Meticulous and efficient, Jenna combines Compass technology with a genuine approach to real estate. Known for building life-long friendships with her clients, connecting with the wonderful and diverse people of New York is her favorite aspect of being a broker. Born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and raised by Russian immigrant parents in Northern California, Jenna has a unique understanding and appreciation of different cultures.”

12. Susan Dana Chung

As a native New Yorker, Susan Chung knows how to tell the stories of the homes in the communities she knows and loves. Backed by tech, Susan Chung is your modern real estate agent.

11. Aaron Zucker

What differentiates me from others is my patience with buyers and sellers. Furthermore, the manner in which I organize every process for my clients including showings, inspections, and closings, ensures that none of them miss an appointment. This constant organization allows me to keep receiving referrals from those past clients, after discussing their great experience working with me.

10. Ryan Garson

As an influential real estate agent covering Manhattan and Brooklyn, Ryan Garson has contracted over $250 million in sales and brokered more than 400 client success stories in the past six years alone. A seasoned entrepreneur and successful deal-maker, Ryan is known in the industry for his creative, out-of-the-box approach to marketing, combining the latest technologies with targeted, cutting-edge strategies to connect sellers with the right buyers with remarkable efficiency and results.

New York Real Estate Agents on social media

9. Jessica Brasseur

“You’ll be hard-pressed to find an agent more driven or passionate about helping you achieve your real estate goals. Friends and family agree that you’ll rarely find Jessica not working. Having built two homes herself from the ground up, she also has extensive knowledge about construction and building standards.”

New York Real Estate Agents on social media

8. Jeff Cohen

“Busy at work? Kids interrupting? Thats okay, you can save your ideal search criteria(s) and I will send you the most appropriate listings to your inbox as soon as they hit market. Great properties at the right price sell quick so check your inbox daily to guarantee you don’t miss out. “Favorite” those properties that grab your attention and refer back to your favorites list with ease. To see a property, simply click “request showing” and Jeff Cohen will reach out to you!”

New York Real Estate Agents on social media

7. David A Palmieri

“He is a man about the town, constantly building relationships and capturing photos of moments he believes can resonate for a lifetime. David’s interests reside at the intersections of real estate, art, and hospitality. ”

New York Real Estate Agents on social media

6. Shaynon Gramling

Mr. Gramling combines his extensive market knowledge with innovative technology in order to provide his clients with the most up-to-date and accurate information, in the most efficient way possible. This allows his clients to make informed decisions regarding their assets.

New York Real Estate Agents on social media

5. Krista Nickols

An expert with new development projects, Krista represented 30 Park Place, the Four Seasons Private Residences Downtown, and led exclusive sales at Extell’s Central Park Tower on Billionaire’s Row. While at Central Park Tower, she managed the project’s overall marketing, PR, and social media strategy and forged strategic alliances and partnerships. Krista credits those accomplishments to her background at Citi’s Investment Bank and her time at Creative Artists Agency, where she established her relentless work ethic and honed her skills as a negotiator, respectively.

New York Real Estate Agents on social media

4. Nicole Biello

She understands that the buying and selling process can be overwhelming, so she makes it a priority to thoroughly explain each step of the process. Nicole had the pleasure of building her real estate career on integrity, hard work, and the relationships she’s built with all the lovely people that get to call New York home.

New York Real Estate Agents on social media

3. Katherin Cabrera

“As your professional real estate advisor, I focus on client satisfaction. My business is about service”

New York Real Estate Agents on social media

2. Robert Khederian

Robert comes to Stribling after a successful career as a journalist with a love of historic houses. This love of older architecture was developed during his time as an editor at Curbed – the urbanism, design, and real estate website – where he penned the column “Period Dramas.

New York Real Estate Agents on social media

1. Kelly Robinson

“Multifaceted knowledge continues to foster her sharp negotiation skills, consistently leading to record-breaking prices and loyalty amongst clientele. She specializes in working with high-profile individuals across the sports and entertainment sectors and is very protective of the need for discretion.”

New York Real Estate Agents on social media

The advent of social media has dramatically transformed the New York real estate landscape. The top-notch real estate professionals highlighted in this article have adeptly intertwined the digital universe with their professional realm, effectively utilizing it as a potent tool for marketing, educating, and fostering relationships. Their expert fusion of personal and professional content has delivered invaluable insights into the dynamic New York real estate market and enabled personal connections with their audience, thereby setting a new standard for real estate practices in this digital era.

Their success stands as a validation of the profound influence of social media in our lives, specifically its potential in the real estate sector. As we continue exploring the digital world, these New York real estate maestros will undeniably continue to inspire and lead the course in defining the future of real estate. Whether you’re considering buying, selling, or simply want to delve deeper into the understanding of the real estate market, following these social media giants is a move in the right direction.

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