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Real Estate Social Media Trends to Watch for in 2024

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The digital marketing landscape, particularly in social media, is an ever-evolving realm. As we step into 2024, it’s crucial for real estate professionals to adapt to these changes to maintain a competitive edge. While certain practices like short, engaging videos continue to thrive, others such as “Just Sold” posts are losing their previous traction. Meanwhile, some strategies like “Home Valuation” landing pages need a fresh approach to stay effective. Here’s a look at two pivotal social media trends in 2024 that are reshaping real estate marketing this year:

95 percent of REALTORS® use e-mail daily, and 57 percent use social media apps daily.

National Association of Realtors Report 2021
Social Media marketing Trends 2024

Home Valuations: The Evergreen Lead Generation Strategy

Home valuation landing pages provide homeowners with free evaluations of their property’s worth. This approach is particularly effective as it targets leads who are already contemplating selling their homes, indicating a higher level of potential interest and engagement in the real estate market. Home valuation ads have long been a cornerstone in real estate marketing, but as we step into 2024, it’s time to refresh and enhance these strategies:

Social Media marketing Trends 2024

Dynamic Call to Action

The current market’s unpredictability has heightened homeowner interest in property values. Tap into this by crafting engaging calls to action that resonate with their specific concerns and interests.

Innovative Engagement Titles

Home equity is becoming a hot topic. Titles like “Discover How Your Home Equity Has Evolved Over the Past Year” can increase engagement and interest.

In-App Lead Generation

With the decline of Facebook pixels and traditional landing pages, in-app lead generation has risen to prominence. These platforms are adept at capturing leads within the app environment, ensuring a seamless user experience without the need for external redirection.

Social Media marketing Trends 2024

The Power of Landing Pages

Despite the rise of in-app generation, landing pages remain a powerful asset. They effectively convert your social media audience into engaged prospects. Roomvu offers customizable landing pages at no cost, allowing for easy lead and inquiry collection.

The top three tech tools that provide REALTORS® with quality leads are social media (52%), Customer Relationship Management (31%), and MLS sites (28%).

National Association of Realtors Report 2021

Maximizing Social Media Reach Without External Links

Recent studies have uncovered a notable trend in social media engagement that is crucial for real estate marketers to understand. It has been found that posts containing links to external websites suffer a substantial decline in their reach, with an average reduction of 219.49%. This decrease highlights a critical shift in how social media algorithms prioritize and display content. External links, once a staple for driving traffic to realtor websites or listings, may now be counterproductive, leading to less visibility for your posts.

This revelation calls for a strategic adjustment in your social media approach. Rather than relying on external links, the focus should shift towards integrating branded videos and images directly into your social media posts.

Focus on Branded Content

Incorporate branded videos and images directly into your posts. This keeps your audience engaged within the platform and enhances the visibility and impact of your content.

Social Media marketing Trends 2024

Avoid External Redirection

Minimize or eliminate the use of external links in your posts to prevent reduced visibility.

This method serves a dual purpose:

Enhanced User Engagement

By embedding content directly on the platform, users remain engaged without the disruption of being redirected to an external site. This seamless experience is more likely to retain the audience’s attention and foster interaction with your content.

Increased Visibility and Reach

Social media platforms tend to favor content that keeps users on their site for longer periods. By incorporating native videos and images, your posts are more likely to be favored by the algorithm, thus increasing their reach and visibility to your target audience.

Strengthening Brand Identity

Branded content, like custom videos and images, reinforces your brand identity and messaging directly within the social media ecosystem. This consistent exposure helps in building brand recognition and trust among your audience.

Analytics and Tracking

Using in-platform content allows for more accurate tracking of engagement metrics. This data is crucial for understanding your audience’s preferences and refining your marketing strategies accordingly.

Social Media marketing Trends in 2024: Embracing Change

As we conclude our exploration of the evolving landscape of digital marketing in real estate, it’s clear that adaptation and innovation are key to thriving in 2024 and beyond. The insights from the National Association of Realtors underscore the significance of integrating technology and social media strategies in our marketing efforts.

  1. Evolving Strategies: The shift in effectiveness from traditional methods like “Just Sold” posts to more dynamic approaches like enhanced home valuation landing pages indicates the importance of keeping strategies fresh and aligned with current market trends.
  2. Technology Integration: The reliance on social media, customer relationship management systems, and MLS sites for generating quality leads highlights the necessity of a tech-savvy approach in real estate marketing.
  3. Engagement Over Redirection: The decline in effectiveness of external links on social media posts emphasizes the need to create content that is engaging and keeps potential clients within the social media ecosystem.

Moving Forward

The real estate sector must continue to embrace these changes, focusing on creating engaging, direct content on social media platforms. By doing so, we not only increase our reach and engagement but also strengthen our brand identity and gather valuable insights through analytics.

A Call to Action

As we navigate these shifting tides, it’s essential to remember the power of personalization and direct engagement with our audience. Utilizing Roomvu’s resources, such as customizable landing pages, and adapting our social media strategies to these trends, we can ensure that our digital footprint is not only visible but impactful.

The future of real estate marketing is vibrant and challenging, but with these insights and a willingness to adapt, we are well-equipped to meet it head-on. Here’s to a year of growth, innovation, and success in the ever-changing world of digital marketing!

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