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Inside roomvu's Content Engine: How We Source, Create, and Automate Social Media Posts for Real Estate Professionals

Creating content on social media can be challenging due to the vast audience and the constant need for fresh and relevant material. One common question arises: how does roomvu produce a steady stream of local, trustworthy content? The answer lies in roomvu’s content strategy, which incorporates an advanced AI engine and a meticulously curated library of media assets.

AI-Powered Content Vetting

roomvu’s content strategy leverages an AI engine that processes over 130,000 daily articles. This robust system performs several vital functions:

  1. Content Validation: The AI ensures we source information from credible, reputable news providers.
  2. Geographical Relevance: It adjusts the focus of news stories to create content tailored to specific regions, aligning with roomvu’s emphasis on localized information.
  1. Content Summarization: It aids in distilling large volumes of text into key informational nuggets, thus making it easier for our audience to consume.
  2. Real-Time Updates: Operating in real-time, the AI engine keeps us ahead of the curve regarding the latest news and trends.

Our Extensive Media Library

Our content strategy at roomvu involves maintaining an extensive library of over 80,000 micro footage, music assets, and AI-generated content. These media assets are carefully selected and curated, and we have full ownership of all of them. We take pride in that some of these assets are exclusively created by our network of skilled photographers, ensuring that our content is unique and of high quality.

Commitment to Transparency and Intellectual Property

We understand the importance of ethical content production. When we create content based on news articles, our process includes:

  1. Proper Attribution: We ensure we cite the news providers clearly and correctly.
  2. Traffic Back to the Source: We include backlinks to the original articles, allowing our audience to delve deeper into the subjects.
  3. Summarization and Originality: Our content adds value by offering unique perspectives or presenting information in a digestible format, ensuring we’re not merely echoing what’s already out there.

Our track record of zero copyright infringement claims over the past five years attests to our commitment to responsible content creation.


At roomvu, our content strategy is designed to prioritize creating top-notch content that is both relevant and informative. We take great care to ensure that our content is original and respects the intellectual property rights of creators. Our approach involves a range of measures, such as thorough research, fact-checking, and plagiarism checks, to ensure that we maintain our reputation for authenticity and integrity in the digital world.

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