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roomvu’s Complimentary Offerings to Brokerage Partnerships

Revolutionizing Social Media for Real Estate Agents

In today’s fast-paced real estate market, staying visible and relevant on social media is crucial. roomvu understands this challenge and offers a unique solution to real estate agents through its partnership with brokerages. This article delves into the free features available through roomvu, highlighting how agents can leverage these tools to enhance their social media presence and grow their business.

Content Creation and Posting Made Easy

roomvu addresses a common pain point for agents – creating and posting content on social media. By offering personalized, hyper-local content tailored to each agent’s brand and area, roomvu ensures a consistent and professional online presence. This service extends across various platforms including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube.

Free Features for Agents

roomvu’s free account through brokerage partnerships offers a variety of tools:

Downloadable News Images and Stories

Agents can download and share current, relevant real estate news as posts or stories on social media with their branding.

Hyper-local Video Content

Customizable videos on local topics, like school information, are available to download, enhancing the agent’s community expertise.

Automated Posting on LinkedIn and Facebook

With the free account, agents can enjoy automated weekly posts on these platforms, keeping their profiles active and engaging. roomvu will post once a week for free on LinkedIn and Facebook for free for brokerage agents.

How to Access Your roomvu Account

All agents in brokerages in partnership with roomvu have a free account. to access your account:

  1. Visit and log in using your phone number.
  2. Once you login, you will see this screen. Enter, your email address
  1. Update your profile, including your headshot and current brokerage affiliation.
  1. Customize your branding to reflect your current brokerage, ensuring all content aligns with your professional identity. Once you update the information, your branding will change to that of your brokerage.

3. Next, please add your city to make the content hyper-local.

Upgrading Your Experience with roomvu

While the free features provide a solid foundation, roomvu also offers upgraded plans for agents seeking a more comprehensive service. These include daily postings on multiple platforms, email marketing tools, personalized video newsletters, and a CRM system integrated with AI technology for effective lead management.

Final Words

roomvu’s free offerings present a valuable opportunity for real estate agents to enhance their online presence with minimal effort. By automating social media content and providing hyper-local, personalized information, Roomvu positions agents as knowledgeable and active members of their community. For those looking to elevate their digital marketing further, roomvu’s paid plans offer an even more robust suite of tools.

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