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Leveraging roomvu’s Partnership with Tribus for Brokerages

Empowering Real Estate Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide to Utilizing Roomvu and Tribus for Enhanced Advertising and Lead Generation

In the ever-evolving realm of real estate, brokerages, and mortgage brokers constantly search for innovative marketing strategies. The collaboration between roomvu and Tribus offers a unique platform for these professionals to amplify their advertising efforts. This guide elucidates how brokerages can capitalize on this partnership to create impactful advertising campaigns.

For those who prefer a more visual learning experience, we have provided a video below where Sam, the CEO of roomvu, personally demonstrates how to use the roomvu-Tribus partnership for advertising. This video is an excellent alternative for readers who wish to see the process in action rather than reading about it.

Accessing and Navigating the Dashboard

To get started, log in to your roomvu account. It is essential to spend time understanding the various functionalities of the dashboard. This central hub offers a comprehensive view of the tools at your disposal, tailored to be intuitive yet detailed, ensuring easy management of listings and ad campaigns.

Utilizing the Listings Tab for Advertisement Creation

The listings tab serves as the starting point for ad creation. Selecting a listing to promote is streamlined through seamless integration with Tribus, providing all necessary property details.

roomvu enables the creation of professional, free images for your ads, automatically incorporating data from your Tribus account, including the listing agent’s information.

This feature is particularly advantageous as it simplifies ad creation while ensuring high-quality, informative visuals.

Crafting and Launching Your Ad

Determining the right target audience, such as a specific region, is crucial in enhancing ad effectiveness. Setting a manageable daily budget, like $10 or $15, allows for controlled advertising expenditure.

Upon entering payment details, a $30 credit for the first ad, under a pay-as-you-go system, is a budget-friendly feature for scaling advertising efforts.

Integrating Social Media for Broader Reach

Linking your Facebook account post-payment ensures the system recognizes your intent to run ads. This integration is crucial for tapping into Facebook’s vast user base, significantly broadening your ad’s potential reach.

Expanding Your Marketing Toolkit

Your profile offers additional features like video ads and social media branding, which are essential for establishing a professional online presence. roomvu provides a range of free designs for easy content creation. For more specialized services like social media animation, contact the sales team.

While not part of the standard package, these extra offerings significantly enhance your marketing strategy.

Maximizing Content Usage for Increased Visibility

Downloading and sharing content, such as images and stories, on platforms like Instagram and Facebook is vital for boosting online presence and audience engagement.

Running an initial ad is recommended to familiarize yourself with the system, with generated leads automatically integrated into your Tribus CRM for efficient management.

Personalized Lead Management for Agents

It is important to note that leads from ads run by agents using their credit cards are directed personally to them. This feature allows agents to develop their client base within the brokerage’s broader structure, fostering a more personalized approach to lead generation and management.

Conclusion: Open Channels for Feedback and Assistance

Sam emphasizes the importance of user feedback and offers support through direct email and Roomvu’s customer support team. This approach is especially beneficial for brokerages and mortgage brokers needing guidance in optimizing the platform’s usage.

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