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roomvu Pro Plan

Discover the roomvu Pro Plan designed for starting agents who want to leverage the power of social media.

Unlock Your Social Media Potential with roomvu Pro Plan: Curated Content, Everyday Posting, and Personalized Videos! For only $24.99/month + tax (or $299.88 billed yearly), this comprehensive plan offers a range of exclusive features to enhance your social media presence and drive engagement.

Automated Social Media Sharing

With the roomvu Pro Plan, you’ll benefit from curated social media content and consistent posting, with local videos and images shared 5-7 times a week according to your preferred frequency on Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram.

Pro Library

Take advantage of the Pro Library, which grants you access to a wealth of market updates, mobile-friendly videos, and valuable tips for homeowners. Boost your local appeal with personalized ready-made videos and images tailored to your city and neighborhood.

Video Download

Enjoy the convenience of unlimited video downloads on yearly billing or three videos per week on monthly billing.

roomvu Pro Plan

All videos are branded to you, complete with customized themes and opening/closing slides, creating a professional and cohesive visual identity.

roomvu Pro Plan
Go to Settings -> Content Customization

News Headlines

Expand your reach with the Pro Plan’s latest news headlines, branded and shared as eye-catching images across Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Instagram Stories are also utilized to engage your audience with impactful content.

roomvu Pro Plan
Go to “News and Landing Pages” on your dashboard

Lead Follow-up

Leave the work to us as we send your weekly email campaigns on your behalf. We also provide follow-up SMS and emails to Smart Ads (1/Week only) leads, ensuring prompt and effective communication.

roomvu Pro Plan

Smart Ads

Get more value with every dollar spent, deliver seamless lead capture experiences, and track with roomvu’s simplified post-analysis page. roomvu leads are 4x more likely to convert than competitors!

roomvu Pro Plan

Lead Generation Landing Pages Branded to You

With a carefully executed social campaign, landing pages help you convert leads!

roomvu Pro Plan

Don’t skip this: Capture buyer details once you’ve added value with data-rich market reports.

roomvu Pro Plan
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Academy Content Team

roomvu Academy content team consists of authors who bring you the best in real estate marketing.


  1. I am looking to receive more information on the social media content and posting service as well as email newsletters for realtors. Would it customizable to my specific brand/logo/style etc. also do you provide local market information for the Waterloo region in Ontario, Canada?

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