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roomvu Leads Journey Builder: Tutorial

Mastering Customized Follow-Ups: A Tutorial on Roomvu's Innovative Lead Source Targeting and Automated Messaging

In the digital age, the art of lead nurturing has been transformed. With roomvu Leads Journey Builder, crafting unique journeys for your leads based on your desired follow-up steps is now easier than ever. This tutorial aims to guide you through the intricacies of this innovative tool, ensuring your leads never feel neglected.

Get Started with Default Journeys

roomvu has thoughtfully prepared default journeys for your convenience. These can serve as a starting point. Feel free to modify these pre-made journeys or craft a new one tailored to your needs if you prefer a fresh start.

Crafting a New Journey

If unsure, you can always use ready journeys created by roomvu for different purposes. However, if you wish to build your own unique journey:

Click on the “Add Journey” option.

For each journey, pinpoint the source(s) your leads are coming from. For instance, if you want to cater to buyer leads, choose “Buyers ” in the source.

Designing Your Follow-Up Steps

Here’s where customization truly comes alive:

Add steps in the form of SMS or Email for each journey.

Specify the time, which determines the duration since the lead filled out the form.

Choose your desired action for the time period you set above.

roomvu Leads Journey Builder

You can opt for roomvu’s pre-designed templates or tweak them to reflect your personal touch. This flexibility ensures your follow-up resonates with the lead, enhancing the chances of conversion. Preview the email content as you make changes.

roomvu Leads Journey Builder

Tailoring Your Messages

roomvu adds a dash of personalization by selecting videos relevant to the lead’s information. These videos are then shared in your follow-up emails, giving a unique edge to your messages.

roomvu Leads Journey Builder

To further boost this personal touch:

Use parameters in your messages to include details like the lead’s “first name” or “full name,” the “video name,” your specific “location, etc.”

roomvu Leads Journey Builder

You can add more steps to build your own customized Journey. You can test the action for each step by sending yourself a test email/SMS.

roomvu Leads Journey Builder

Notifications and Tracking

Stay in the loop!

  • Whenever a lead responds to your follow-ups, you’ll be promptly notified.
  • Want a holistic view? Navigate to the leads page to access comprehensive information about the leads and all the follow-up details.
roomvu Leads Journey Builder

roomvu Leads Journey Builder: Conclusion

roomvu’s Leads Journey Builder isn’t just a tool, it’s a revolution in lead management. As you embrace this functionality, you automate a crucial aspect of your business and ensure that every lead is treated as valued, nudging them closer to a fruitful collaboration. So, dive in and embark on this journey of effective lead nurturing.

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