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10 Real Estate Social Media Tips For 2023

Learn the latest real estate social media tips For 2021. Many of the best practices for previous years don' work anymore!

Every real estate agent’s lead generation strategy includes social media these days. In fact, by ignoring the importance of social media, real estate agents miss out on a lot. New social media platforms arise daily, and agents must keep up with the recent trends and best practices. In this article, we have brought some real estate social media tips for 2023 to boost your lead generation performance.

Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tips for 2023

Without further ado, let’s see what these tips are:

Max out on your profile

Unlike a few years ago, many agents have realized the importance of social media for real estate. However, many fail to utilize the power of their profile on different platforms. We look at other agents’ profiles and see that many are barely complete. To our surprise, many even fail to mention their real name, especially on Instagram.

Your profile on social media is the first thing visitors see, and you need to leave a good impression. A bare profile is far from making you look like a pro. Therefore, make sure:

  • Name
  • Photo
  • Bio
  • Contact Info
  • Website Adress
  • and other relevant links

are properly set.

Believe it or not, when looking for agents to include in our top lists, sometimes we can’t even find their real names!

If you want to know more about social media marketing, you can read our real estate social media marketing

Do not forget the videos.

You share many great images of your listings, tips, and other informative content. However, it is 2023, and video dominates the internet and social media. Different platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc., have all focused on videos as their first medium of content sharing.

Whatever your message is, videos for real estate can do it much better than images and text. Video walkthroughs, listing videos, virtual open houses, tips and tricks, live video FAQ sessions, etc., are all examples of great video content you can share on social media to inform, educate, and entertain your audience.

Go Local

Real estate, apart from being a visual business, is very local. You cover certain cities, areas, or neighborhoods. Therefore, you need to share hyper-local content on your social media channels to appeal to people who live in those areas and are considering moving there.

A great way to introduce yourself as your neighborhood’s “Digital Mayor” is to share educational videos about the community and cover different topics like amenities, jobs, schools, transportation, etc. You become the go-to guy in the neighborhood who knows the area like the back of their hand.

Use Hashtags Properly

With a simple like on some posts on social media, you can realize that almost everybody is using them, but many are doing it wrong. Most people are spamming hashtags and max out on the limit different platforms allow. But this only will make hashtags less effective since platforms detect them as spam.

real Estate Social Media Tips For 2021

Ensure the hashtags for real estate you use for your posts are related to the content, and avoid copying and pasting hashtags for all your posts. On the other hand, please search and find trending hashtags for your area or business and try to include them in your posts relevantly.

Schedule and post at the best time

The time you post on social media matters. You can’t just randomly post and hope for the best. The idea here is to get your content on top of your audience’s news feed on social media. Therefore, you should post when they check up on their social media. If you post too early or too late, your post will be buried by the massive amount of content others share, which appears on your audience’s news feed.

Many examples of times that supposedly work for real estate on social media. They might help, but the best time hugely depends on your audience. Who is your audience, and when do they check their social media?

real Estate Social Media Tips For 2021

For example, some people say early in the morning is the best time to share content on social media since many people are on their way to work and have some time to check their phones. But if your target audience is housewives who stay home, posting early in the morning will be a waste.

Find posting consistently and at specific times challenging. You can use a real estate content calendar to automate your social media and share the content at your desired times. Some calendars, like the one we offer at roomvu, also create content!

Engage with your followers.

You can automate your social media content and share, but you must handle your followers’ engagement yourself. A huge mistake most agents make is creating the content, sharing it on their channels, and leaving it because people are just commenting. You need to show your audience that you care for them to get leads. If they leave a comment. Reply to them and let them know you are there. People will not suddenly approach you and ask for your paid help!

real Estate Social Media Tips For 2021

Share your achievements

People tend to trust their peers more than they trust you. So, when you close a deal, sell a home, or get an excellent testimonial to share on your social media. This creates trust and makes others trust you. Some agents keep talking about how great they are and the excellent service they will provide. Please don’t say it; prove it.

Offer REAL value

Sharing consistent content is excellent, but your ultimate goal should be selflessly helping your audience. Forget about making quick sales. This is a common mistake agents make. They are trying to find leads and focus on that. Offer real value. Share content your audience needs and is searching for without thinking about getting something in return. If you are valuable, your audience will reward you in return.

Be authentic and connect on a personal level.

You need to look natural and human. Do not appear like a robot who shares content and never appears in front of the camera or says anything. Imagine yourself as a friend to your audience and talk to them personally. It is even alright to use humor or share intimate moments of your life to allow your audience to get to know you on a more personal level, too. They need to trust you first and can only do so by knowing you.

real Estate Social Media Tips For 2021

Focus on Saves and Shares

A while ago, most people active on social media for business focused on likes and comments. They did everything they could to get people to like or comment on their content, but these days, social media assesses the value of content shared by other factors like shares and saves. When people keep or share content, they find it helpful, so they hold it for later use or share it with their friends and family.

real Estate Social Media Tips For 2021

Now, how do you get people to share or save your content? By asking them? That could help, but the best answer is to ask yourself when you save and share content. Right! When you find them useful. Therefore, make sure your content is valuable!

Real Estate Social Media Tips For 2023: Takeaway

All of the real estate social media tips mentioned in this article aim at one thing: Providing valuable content at the right time to create trust! Ignoring these fundamental tips will make your efforts in vain. You will spend a lot of time but get nothing in return. Make sure you value your audience because they are the people who will make your brand valuable. Think videos, share when your audience checks their social media, and appear like a knowledgeable, friendly human. Good lead hunting!

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