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Real Estate Photography Companies Vancouver: Top 20

Here is a list of the best Real Estate photography companies Vancouver has got to offer. These companies offer great service agents need.

The real estate market in Vancouver is tough and competitive. With both high prices and agent numbers. Agents would do well to utilize top-notch real estate photography companies in Vancouver to market their listed properties.  Using professional-quality photos can lead to more interest in listings and result in more clicks from potential buyers.  These days the real estate business has gone digital. Gone are the days when people had to drop by and visit the property in person. You want your listing to draw immediate interest online.

Furthermore, in order to look professional, agents need professional headshots. An industry staple, these have only become more important on digital platforms.

The number of real estate photography companies in Vancouver makes it hard to choose from. We have done the research and compiled a list of options with their offered services to help you pick what best fits your needs.

Real estate photography companies Vancouver

Let’s see what these companies are:

Pixilink Solutions specializes in professional real estate photography. They offer comprehensive services including property photography, feature sheets, 3D floor plans, videos, Matterport virtual tours, drone videos, and home inspections. The company also builds websites. Plus, they offer instant estimates and real-time booking with next-day delivery.

Front of Property snowchimp

2. Snowchimp Creative

Active in real estate photography since 2007, Snowchimp Creative is another real estate photography company in Vancouver that offers photography, videos, web design, feature sheet, flyers, and postcard designs.  You can book online and expect your edited photos by the end of the next business day. The company strives to help every client achieve their brand goals.

3. roomvu

Roomvu has the mission and vision of improving the world of real estate with fringe technologies. With over 1,800 agents and services that cover most of Canada, Roomvu offers a great price of $99 for 20 HDR photos no matter the square footage.

roomvu even offers a speedy guaranteed turnaround time of 24 hours and provides agents with a free complimentary slideshow with any photo service. Unlike other photography services, roomvu offers the best price for photography services across Canada.

View from an ocean facing property

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4. Highline West

Established in July of 2012 in Vancouver, B.C., Highline West is another real estate photography company in Vancouver. It is made up of three photographers who specialize in headshot and architectural photography. The goal is to present the most accurate and welcoming depiction of you and your company. Their services include initial consultation, photography sessions, post-production, and personalized review to best suit clients’ needs.

5. Martin Knowles Photo/Media

Martin Knowles Photo/Media produces architectural photography of the building, architectural, and design communities. They photograph in and around the built environment, including architecture, interior design, landscape, architectural products, and real estate. Martin Knowles Photo/Media is based in Vancouver, BC, and covers Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

6. provides video production, floorplans & 3d scans. They provide; bathroom, kitchen, indoor, outdoor, amenity, and panoramic photography services. The service process includes requesting a consultation, finalizing session details, the shoot & capture day, delivery of edited files, and follow-up.

They thrive on building relationships and going above and beyond. It is their priority to provide the best experience, service, and results.

large white kitchen

7. Five-Star Images

Five Star Images offers HDR images, slideshows, virtual tours, and feature sheets. There are no hidden fees or extra charges regardless of the square footage of the property. A photography session will typically take between 30 and 60 minutes and digital delivery is guaranteed within 24 hours. They also offer to upload your images directly to MLS.

Large bright bathroom

8. RAEF Architectural Photographer

Specializing in drone and helicopter videos, RAEF Architectural Photographer offers a variety of services. They provide interior, exterior and industrial, panorama photography, and a wide range of videos.

bright lobby area

9. Gordon Waddington Photography

Gordon Waddington is a Vancouver-based commercial photographer specializing in the hospitality, hotel, architectural, and real estate markets.  His services include still photography, elevated photography, and 360 Virtual Tours. He studied engineering at University, and later 3D animation.

Hotel Bedroom shot with bright natural light


This company offers services to realtors and agents, commercial professionals, architects, and designers. They offer photography, cinematic films and videos, drone shots, virtual tours, floor plans, and feature sheets. Furthermore, they also provide access to accounts to promote qualifying listings. 360 creates real estate marketing photography and video and tries to identify the selling features and unique message for every location.

bright open living area


Started in 2002 as a photo, website, and printing company, is a photography company that specializes in the real estate industry. They shoot new and existing homes, property rentals, vacation rentals, and commercial real estate. They cover the Greater Vancouver area but will travel by special request, at additional cost, to areas in southwestern BC. Priced from $100.00. They shoot still images. HDR images are shot at no additional cost.

bright water facing bedroom


John Bentley specializes in architectural photography. He covers all aspects of real estate: interior designers, architects, builders, stagers, realtors, marketers, and homeowners. Founded in 2010, the company covers the Lower Mainland, but also travels on assignment throughout North America.

Real estate photography companies Vancouver

13. Emeraldphotos

Emerald Photos is a Real Estate and product photography company. They are online print services specializing in real estate, architecture and Interior, hotels and resorts, jewelry, products, and food photography.

With more than 12 years of experience in marketing for realtors and business owners in the Vancouver area, they provide HDR photography, virtual tours, HD video tours, and aerial photography. Also provided are print services such as feature sheets, business cards, envelopes, letterheads, greeting cards, postcards, flyers, posters, and brochures.

Real estate photography companies Vancouver

14. Maximus Media

Maximus media is a real estate photography company serving Vancouver and surrounding areas. Their services include real estate photography, real estate video tours, 3d virtual tours, Matterport, virtual staging, floor plans, website, and graphic design.

Real estate photography companies Vancouver

15. Cameron M Osborne

This company offers a selection of packages for real estate including photos, slideshows, videos, aerials, floor plans, and feature sheets. Interior and exterior photography & videography are the core of the services provided by Cameron M Osborne.

Their pro full package includes aerial video, aerial photo, as well as ground photo and ground video, a custom floor plan, and a feature sheet design.

Real estate photography companies Vancouver

16. BeanstalkBox Photography

If you’re looking for photographic work done in traditional film or digital format you can contact BeanstalkBox Photography. They focus their work on still images only and offer architectural, real estate, corporate, and community photography.

Beanstalk Box Ltd. They keep their photography services simple yet professional. The images they provide are produced for use in advertising, brochures, and websites. Turnover time is 2 business days with instant JPG images download and no travel fee within Vancouver.

Real estate photography companies Vancouver

17. Suzanne Rushton Photography

Suzanne is a professional photographer who specializes in corporate photography, real estate architecture, large-scale photo art installations, destinations, and events. She is not a stager so the property should be ready to shoot upon her arrival. Images will be provided between 24-48 hours. All images are provided at 72 dpi unless otherwise requested to a maximum file size of 2Mb.

Real estate photography companies Vancouver

18. 3D Immersive

3D Immersive provides HDR photography to real estate agents. Photos are typically received by the listing agent the following morning before 10. Satisfaction is guaranteed as photos are filtered through a two-step editing process.

3D Immersive Tours provides floor plans with a 99% accuracy. Through 3D Visualization they create a 3D model of listings that requires a 48-hour turnaround time. Other services include image editing, CGI, 3D engineering, video editing, virtual styling, VR solutions, and web/software development.

Real estate photography companies Vancouver

19. Prime Focus Pictures

Prime Focus Pictures is a real estate photography company creating marketing material to boost listings, including drone photography, video, photograph-based virtual tours, feature sheets, and floor plans.

They capture and edit the best features of the property, and deliver with fast turnaround times. Their drone pilots are professionally licensed by Transport Canada.

Real estate photography companies Vancouver

20. Take Off Photography

Take Off Photography is a drone and artistic photography company, specializing in construction, real estate photography, videography, construction photo documentation, and tourism photography.

Their services include new 360 tours. The team is fully licensed and insured according to the advanced certificate under Transport Canada’s 2019 Drone Regulations. They also sell both art prints and digital prints of images.

Real estate photography companies Vancouver

Top Real estate Photography Companies Vancouver: Takeaway

There are many more real estate photography companies in Vancouver than the ones mentioned here. They all offer a different array of services. Hopefully, this list will help you assess your main needs and find which companies best fulfill those needs.

We at Roomvu are proud to offer our professional photography and videography services to help agents promote their listings. Our services are offered for an affordable price and a 24-hour turnaround. Book now and level up your marketing game today.

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