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How to Warm Up Your Email Address before Cold Outreach

Learn how to gradually increase email volume to warm up your email address before big marketing campaigns and avoid getting flagged as spam.

We at roomvu always recommend agents use a separate email address for their business. However, it is very common for emails to end up in spam folders with a new SMTP server, IP, or domain. In fact, before starting to send email marketing campaigns, you need to warm up your email address to avoid ending up in the spam folder. This article will review a few steps you need to take to prevent that.

Why Warmup Your Email Address

A new account on social media takes time to be trusted by various platforms. New accounts on social media face different limitations in terms of exposure, reach, comments, etc. New email addresses with new IPs face the same limitation. When you use a new email address and a new IP address for your SMTP, your email address and IP will have no reputation on the internet and the fact that is new will put them under scrutiny by mail services. Internet service providers do not know this IP address.

Therefore you need to warm it before you can use it for email campaigns or your emails will end up in the spam folders. It is essential when you are planning to run a massive cold email outreach with a new account to ensure emails land in the inbox.

What is Warming up The Email Address

When an IP finds emails coming from a new IP address and a new server, it will start to evaluate the traffic coming from that source. Email volume is one of the key factors in determining spam mail. Email server warmup is the practice of building your mail server reputation on the internet with ISPs by gradually increasing the volume of mail sent with your IP address. Therefore you need to start low with the mail volume and gradually increase it to your desired scale.

Email warm-up is how you build a good sender reputation and prepare a new email account for sending emails at scale. You do so by gradually increasing the number of emails you send from that account.


In this case, you will allow the ISPs to gradually analyze the traffic from your mail servers and adjust to it. This way the ISPs will monitor how your recipients engage with your emails. Failing to do so will overwhelm the ISPs and your emails will get flagged as spam.

Warming up The Email Address

Please note that the guideline here are suggestions only and the best practice for each sender should be different. Use the tips here to get an idea of what you actually should do.

The idea behind warming up mail servers is that you should reach your maximum mail volume in a time period of 10 days to two weeks. For example, if you want to send 1000 emails daily you should start from a low number of around 20 to increase the volume daily to get to 1000 mails on the last day.

If you want to send 10K emails, you start with the same low number but extend the time period up to 2 weeks.

Warm Up Your Email Address

To get to bigger numbers like 50K, you should break it down into more steps like 20K, 30K, 40K, and then 50K. Never make big jumps as this will trigger spam filters in ISPs. Take it easy and you will be fine.

Ideally, it takes 8-12 weeks to accomplish maximum deliverability.


Monitoring the Progress

Although the guidelines in this article will help you, you should always monitor your progress. If you notice a jump in spam rate, etc, take it a bit easy and let it cool will lower volumes.

The From Line and Signature

In order to lower the chances of being flagged as spam you need to work on your “from line” and also signature to sound like an actual person, not a bot sending the emails. You have to make it right. If you take it for granted you will risk your chances of a great reach. Do not use random names and fake identities. Use profile images, etc to further boost your credibility.

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