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How TikTok Scheduling for Real Estate Works on roomvu

Learn how to approve your scheduled posts by roomvu on TikTok in a few steps: A visual guide.

You can use roomvu to post Real Estate content on TikTok automatically. When it’s time to post, your video will be automatically published on your behalf. However, you will receive a manual prompt to post on TikTok. You’ll get everything you need delivered to your mobile phone to share your TikTok video in seconds. This article will explain the steps you need to take to make that happen.

Receive notification

When you roomvu’s content calendar schedules content for your TikTok account or when you manually schedule content, you will receive a notification on your TikTok app when the content is ready to be shared.

Go to your TikTok account and click on your inbox, as shown in the image below. Then tap “System Notifications“.

Then on the “TikTok Platform,” tap the section that says “Your content from roomvu is ready“.

Now you can view the video and make any edits if needed. When done click on “Next

Publish Post

In this step, you can add a description to your video, tag people, add a location, etc. When you are happy with the settings, click on “Post.”

Now, you are done and your video from roomvu is published.

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  1. 🎊I love that Roomvu equips their customers with so much up-to-date content for potential clients & customers. The content is catered to each market location and daily news. 👌🏾👌🏾💫💫

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