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How roomvu Posts on Your Behalf: A Guide for Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers

Understanding How roomvu Effectively Manages Social Media Posts for Real Estate Professionals

If you’re a real estate agent or mortgage broker, you may have wondered how roomvu consistently posts tailored, hyper-local content on your social media accounts. It’s a question we hear often, and understandably so. Entrusting your social media strategy to an external service is a big step, and you’d naturally want to know how the gears turn behind the scenes. That’s why we’ve created this guide—to shed light on the precise process roomvu follows to post content on your behalf, keeping your online presence as engaging and relevant as possible.

Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of how it all works.

The Mechanism: API and Authorization

One of the most critical aspects to understand is how securely roomvu interacts with your social media accounts. You might be concerned about linking your social platforms to an external service, but rest assured, this is an entirely safe process.

How It’s Secure

  1. Authorization: The initial step involves linking your social media accounts to roomvu. During this stage, OAuth (Open Authorization) protocols come into play. These protocols permit roomvu to interact with your social media accounts without revealing your login credentials.
  2. Access Tokens: Once you’ve granted permission, roomvu receives what is known as an “access token” from the social media platform. This token is a secure key that lets roomvu post on your behalf without accessing your account directly.
  3. API-Enabled: The connection is established through official APIs provided by the social media platforms. These APIs are designed with security in mind, ensuring a safe bridge between roomvu and your social media accounts.
  4. Revocable Access: It’s worth noting that these access tokens are entirely within your control. You can revoke these permissions at any time, giving you full authority over what happens to your account.

Using OAuth protocols and access tokens means that roomvu never has access to your social media credentials. Instead, we interact with your accounts via a secure pathway established by the APIs, ensuring the utmost safety and security.

The Content: Personalized and Relevant

One of the standout features of roomvu is the personalization of content. Unlike generic social media posts, roomvu crafts each video or post focusing on hyper-local and relevant topics. You can always review your content calendar to see the content specifically picked and scheduled for you and your audience.

Approve or Delete

When reviewing the content on your calendar, you have two options

  • Approve: No action is needed if the content aligns with your marketing goals. The post will automatically go live at the scheduled time.
  • Delete: You can cancel the post if you feel the content is unsuitable. Over time, our system learns from your preferences to better curate future content.

Two Weeks in Advance

roomvu also offers the convenience of reviewing your scheduled content for the next two weeks. This foresight allows you to plan other aspects of your marketing campaign more efficiently.


In summary, roomvu’s approach offers a hassle-free, secure, and personalized way to manage social media accounts. By leveraging technology similar to platforms like Hootsuite and coupling it with highly specialized content, roomvu helps real estate agents and mortgage brokers become market leaders in the digital age.

By staying consistently visible on social media with high-quality, relevant posts, you reach potential clients and build a strong brand. With roomvu by your side, rest assured your online presence is in good hands.

For more tips on social media marketing for real estate agents and mortgage brokers, stay tuned to roomvu Academy.

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