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How Quickly Does roomvu Produce Videos After an MLS Listing Goes Live?

Navigating the world of real estate marketing can be challenging, but with roomvu, agents are offered a seamless and efficient way to integrate video marketing into their strategy. A common question many agents have is about the turnaround time for video production once their MLS listing is live.

Understanding the Process

Once a listing goes live on the MLS database, there’s a natural curiosity about how soon a video can be produced. The key lies in the updating of our data. It generally takes just a few hours for our system to sync with the latest MLS listings. The efficiency of this process ensures that your marketing materials are as current as possible.

Immediate Access to Videos

The moment our data is updated with your new listing, the video becomes available for use. This quick turnaround is part of roomvu’s commitment to providing timely and relevant content for your marketing needs.

Ensuring Smooth Integration

To guarantee that this process works seamlessly, it’s crucial for agents to log in to their roomvu dashboard. Once there, ensure that your listing is correctly linked to your profile under the MLS section. This step is vital to ensure the automatic generation of your listing videos, including updates like open houses.

Leveraging Roomvu for Effective Marketing

Roomvu’s platform is designed not just to provide quick video content but also to integrate these videos effectively into your marketing campaigns. By leveraging Roomvu, agents can significantly enhance their online presence, positioning themselves as market leaders in the ever-competitive real estate landscape.


In conclusion, with Roomvu, the time from MLS listing going live to having a professionally crafted video ready for your marketing purposes is impressively short, typically just a few hours. This rapid turnaround ensures that your marketing efforts are always fresh, relevant, and engaging, giving you a competitive edge in the real estate market. Remember, the key to making this process work smoothly is ensuring that your listings are correctly linked in your Roomvu dashboard. By doing so, you can fully harness the power of video marketing to elevate your real estate business.

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