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Clubhouse for Real Estate: Should You Give It A Shot?

Learn how to set up your account and use the app for your real estate business

You may have already heard about this new app creating a buzz called Clubhouse. Assuming you have heard of it you are probably wondering about using Clubhouse for real estate. If this is the case, you have come to the right place. In this article we will tell you all about Clubhouse, and whether or not it is worth your while as part of a real estate marketing plan. 

What is Clubhouse Anyway?

Among all other social media platforms, offering a wide range of activities and ways to connect, Clubhouse is an audio-only chat platform to share ideas on a variety of topics as live podcasts. Clubhouse can be considered a platform for live podcasts. Nothing is recorded or saved for future listening. If you miss the live chat, you missed it.

Clubhouse for Real Estate

We can not tell for sure if it will the next big thing but the platform has shown some potential. Growth in popularity and user base has been impressive.

Having raised a new round of capital at a $1 billion valuation in January 2021, Clubhouse is officially a “unicorn,” 

You need an invitation from an existing user before you can join and only iOS users can enjoy the app. (No android app for now). Even with these limitations, the app has shown some decent potential. Some consider this invitation-only rule a way to add to the buzz.  

How To Join Clubhouse

As mentioned earlier you need someone to invite you first. Other than that you can download and install Clubhouse on an iPhone or iPad and reserve your username. At the moment there is no Andriod or desktop version of the app available. 

After you complete your profile, if anyone on Clubhouse has you on their contact lists, they can get you approved. At the moment, that is the only way to join Clubhouse. So you will either find someone to invite you or wait to be approved by one of your friends. 

Optimizing Your Bio

As a real estate agent, your bio on social media networks is one of the most important aspects of your profile. It is often ignored by agents. It is a shame to see those who have not bothered to write a killer real estate bio for themselves. When people look you up on social media the first thing they see is your bio. Your bio tells the visitors what you do and what you have to offer. This is your introduction. 

Clubhouse for Real Estate

The bio section in Clubhouse is very simple. Clubhouse gives you a specific limit of words in your bio. Therefore, it’s recommended to keep your bio short, avoiding long paragraphs. As they say; “Your first impression is your last impression” and your bio is your first impression. Here are some tips to help you write your own bio on Clubhouse:

Use a Separate Word Editor

The bio editor on Clubhouse is pretty simple and will not allow you to make it as you like. You can write your bio in another word editor or Clubhouse bio editors like or and then copy and paste it to Clubhouse bio. 

Show Your Business

Since you are a real estate agent you can go with keywords like “San Francisco REALTOR®”. This will help your credibility, but don’t overdo it

Add Your Location

Since real estate is a local business, don’t forget to add your location. Also, people feel more comfortable if they know where you are from.

Clubhouse for Real Estate

Give them a Reason to Follow You

Use simple words and avoid using jargon. The idea is to simply tell others what you do. If you want people to follow you on Clubhouse, you need to give them a reason. In the marketing world, we call this your “Unique Value Proposition”. It is the offer that makes you different from other agents. After all, without a unique offer, you are all doing the same thing. 

Use Emojis Related to Your Career

Emojis help your visitor understand what you do faster. Additionally, Clubhouse allows users to search by emoji. You can try emojis like 🏡 🏘 🏚 or find them on your phone’s keyboard. Also, you can copy and paste emojis from websites like

Connect to your Instagram and Twitter Accounts

Link your Twitter and Instagram accounts so that users can find you on these platforms. Since there is no text messaging on Clubhouse, adding your other social media account can be a great way to get in touch with you.

Clubhouse for Real Estate

Put Your Website Link

Links are not hyperlink-able but they do actually work, especially if your website’s address is short and memorable, as users won’t have the ability to click or copy/paste them. 

Add a Call-To-Action

Entice the users with a call-to-action like:

  • DM me on Instagram…
  • Follow me for more content
  • Join my club…

Profile Photo

Your profile photo is probably the first thing users will see when they visit your profile or when they see it in a room. Make sure you use a clear, crisp profile photo that pops and looks professional. Avoid using cropped photos from your family vacation that seem casual. 

Okay, I Am In And Set up. What Do I Do Now?

Based on the topics you have chosen upon creating your account on Clubhouse, your news feed will appear fit to your interests:

Clubhouse for Real Estate
  • Enter any active chat room to listen in or take part in the conversation. Every room you enter will be public. 
  • Start a private chatroom with any of your friends if you swipe (right to left) in the hallway.
  • See upcoming discussions based on clubs you’ve followed or scheduled rooms. 
Clubhouse for Real Estate
  • Go to the calendar to see a full list of upcoming discussions that can be easily added to your calendar.
  • Use the search feature to search for members and clubs.
Clubhouse for Real Estate

What Do I Do in a Room?

When you enter a room, you will hear people talking. There is not texting on Clubhouse and the conversations happen through voice in real-time. After you enter the room, you will not be able to talk. Take some time and listen to how the conversation is going. When you are ready, click on the hand icon to ask the admin to bring you on stage. 

I am on Stage, What Now?

There are a few tips when you enter a room

Mute Your Microphone

First thing first mute your microphone by clicking on the mic icon whenever you are not talking. If you have been brought on stage but someone else is talking keep your mic muted until it is your turn. Mute it after you are done talking even for a short time. 

Wait for Your Turn and Don’t Interrupt

It will be a mess if people talk at the same time. Always wait for your turn and do not interrupt others. You can see how who is talking by looking for a circle around their photo in the room.

Introduce Yourself Briefly

When it is your turn, introduce yourself and tell others what you do. Make it short. Don’t Promote yourself or your business.

Offer Value

You are not on Clubhouse to sell. You are there to add value and help others in the room by offering valuable information. By all means, avoid self-promotion.

Keep it Short

When speaking try to be brief. Avoid speaking for a long time and make sure the room is available for others to share their thoughts too. 

Clubhouse for Real Estate

What are Clubs?

“Clubs” are groups for people with similar interests, identities, and activities. Based on the creator of the club, they can host conversations weekly, others biweekly, and others daily. Currently, the only way to find clubs is in conversation, in events that appear on your feed, or under the profiles of those you follow. 

Alright, How Can Clubhouse Help My Real Estate Business?

Can real estate agents use Clubhouse to grow your business? Absolutely, even today when it’s so new and small. Although Clubhouse is a relatively new App, there are already many people on it. Despite its small user base, you can use it to create and nurture relationships with people in your field, and create awareness of your brand. In Addition, it is a powerful tool for learning and networking with others. You will be surprised to see the big names on it. 

Create Rooms and Share Your Expertise

Create rooms and share some insights with others which can help both other agents and prospects. This way you can introduce yourself as an expert in your field, get yourself known by other agents, and get a nice conversation going in which others can also contribute and share ideas. 

Answer Questions about Your Farming Area

People who follow you should have an interest in real estate. They might have a lot of questions about the area you cover. Talk about the area, its amenities, job opportunities, recreational activities, and other topics that might be interesting for your followers. 

Explain The Real estate Processes

Real estate is a mystery for a lot of people. Many have no idea what lies ahead for them once they decide to buy or sell a house. Use this opportunity to explain the real estate process and shed some light on their questions. This way you offer value and make yourself a trustworthy agent who will stay on top of your audience’s mind.

Host Q/A Sessions

No other platform can host Q/A sessions better than Clubhouse. Due to its live conference nature, where everyone can talk live, Clubhouse can be the best place to answer your audiences’ questions regarding real estate. 

Host Real Estate Market Update Sessions

Market updates tend to be one of the most popular topics among prospects who are thinking of buying or selling a house since it provides them with insights that helps them make a better decision. Host market update rooms and offer your insights. 

Clubhouse for Real Estate

Clubhouse Tips for Real Estate Agents

Here are a few tips that will make you a better user on Clubhouse:

Follow Lots of People Who Interest You

Make sure you only follow people that interest you. Avoid following everybody just to get others to follow you. This will have a huge impact on the rooms that show up on your news feed. Unfollow all accounts that are not related to your business or do not interest you.


We can not highlight this enough. When you are in rooms, listen to the conversation and see how it unfolds. Whenever you think you can help, raise a hand and join the conversation offering your insights that will help others. Avoid promoting. Always.

Don’t Trust Everything You Hear

Although there is a lot of great conversations going on the platform which will add to your knowledge, always keep a critical approach to things you hear. Not everything you hear on Clubhouse is true. 

Clubhouse for Real Estate: Final Words

Despite the small community and user base Clubhouse has, the recent user growth and people’s interest in it, is a sign of a promising future for the app. Real estate agents too can benefit from the dynamic and live community within the app and expand their network by connecting to both prospects and other agents. Contribution is key in Clubhouse for real estate which will ultimately get your name out there.

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