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Bitcoin Payments for Real Estate Gain Traction as Crypto Holders Seek Monetization

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Crypto investors are betting big on housing this year. 46 million Americans own Bitcoin, equating to 22% of all adults.

While optimistic, some cryptocurrency investors have expressed concerns regarding the security, custody, and volatility of digital assets.

With this in mind, many crypto holders have started investing Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies into less risky assets, such as Real Estate.

BTC payments for real estate is more important than ever before since it offers crypto investors an opportunity to grow with cash flow.

Many buyers purchasing real estate with crypto are taking loans out against their cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, many escrow companies don’t want to be involved with crypto transactions, which is why a smart-contract framework is a more attractive option.

It’s too soon to tell whether blockchain technology will be the missing link for real estate transactions.

But it is clear that more crypto holders are using Bitcoin to purchase properties today.

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