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How to Balance roomvu Content with Personal Posts

Unlocking the Power of Personal Content: How to Complement roomvu's Automated Services with Your Unique Brand Persona for a Compelling Social Media Presence

Welcome to this informative article by roomvu, your trusted partner in social media and email marketing solutions. This article will focus on how to balance roomvu content with personal posts. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch content, including real estate market updates, homebuyer tips, neighborhood guides, and more. Thanks to our innovative content calendar, we post this wealth of information on your behalf, seamlessly integrating it into your social media platforms. Our service ensures your branding shines, prominently featuring your name, photo, and contact information.

Balance roomvu Content with Personal Posts

However, as important as it is to stay on top of industry trends and offer helpful advice to your followers, it’s equally crucial to remember the ‘social’ part of social media. No matter how valuable, a stream of business-only content can make your account seem impersonal. This can hamper your ability to establish meaningful connections with your audience.

In real estate, it’s often said that people don’t just buy properties; they buy relationships. They invest in those whom they trust. So, while our automated services give your social media the professional flair it needs, we encourage you to add a touch of your personality. A healthy balance between business and personal content helps you stand out, adds credibility to your brand, and fosters more robust relationships with your clients.

In this article, we’ll explain why it’s essential to strike this balance and provide some practical tips on how to add that personal touch to your social media accounts. Stay tuned to learn how to take your social media game to new heights.

We Need Your Active Role in Your Personal Content

We’ve noticed a trend among many of our clients. After connecting their social media accounts to roomvu and setting up their content calendar, they often take a step back and leave their social media activity entirely up to our automated system. While this is an understandable approach, given our services’ convenience, unfortunately, it leads to a social media presence primarily filled with automated content.

While roomvu’s automated content is designed to take some of the burden off your shoulders, it doesn’t replace the value of your active engagement and contribution. To maximize your social media potential, we encourage you to avoid altogether distancing yourself from your social media activity.

Think of roomvu as your helpful assistant in social media marketing, but remember, an assistant doesn’t replace the lead; it complements them. You’re the leader of your social media presence, the star of your digital show, and we’re here to provide the support and tools you need to shine.

By maintaining an “active role” in your social media presence, you can interact directly with your audience, respond to comments, share your unique insights, and make your brand stand out. The personal posts you create, the stories you share, and the comments you respond to are all aspects that roomvu’s automated content can’t replicate.

So, take a few minutes to engage with your followers, share a post that reflects your day, respond to a comment, or share a story. These small actions can make a big difference in enhancing your social media presence, making it more dynamic, authentic, and engaging.

Remember, roomvu is here to streamline your social media processes, but your personal touch and active engagement are what will truly bring your account to life.

The Pitfalls of Relying Solely on Automated Content

Firstly, let’s be clear: roomvu’s content is professionally created, expertly curated, and immensely valuable to your audience. It provides the insights, updates, and industry knowledge your followers crave. However, an over-reliance on our automated content could lead to a few unintended consequences.

Lack of Personal Touch

Social media platforms were designed to connect people, foster relationships, and promote engagement. When your account is filled exclusively with automated content, it can appear impersonal or robotic. This issue becomes even more pronounced when your face is absent from the content.

The human brain is wired to remember faces. People want to see the individual behind the business, who they entrust with their real estate needs. When visitors browse your social media profile and don’t see content featuring you, they may fail to establish a connection or even remember you in the crowded digital space.

You need to appear in front of the camera. Whether it’s a candid shot at a property you’re showcasing, a snapshot from an industry event, or a simple greeting video, your audience needs to see your face. This not only humanizes your brand but also improves recall value.

Remember, you’re not just a real estate agent or a mortgage broker; you’re a person with a unique personality, life outside work, interests, and passions. Sharing these aspects, particularly those that include your image, can help you connect with your audience on a deeper level.

One-Dimensional Image

An account filled only with roomvu’s content might depict you as a one-dimensional professional solely focused on business. But your clients and prospects are interested in knowing the human behind the business. They appreciate the occasional glimpse into your life—whether that’s a motivational quote that inspired you, a photo from a weekend hike, or even a casual coffee break at your favorite spot. These posts create a well-rounded image, making you more relatable and approachable.

Missed Opportunities for Engagement

User-generated content encourages interactions, fosters community, and garners better engagement. People often care more about what you do in your personal life than what you offer professionally. For example, a photo of you running in the morning could engage your followers more than a post about a recent market update.

Don’t misconstrue this as a sign that business content is unnecessary or ineffective. While people may interact less with business-oriented posts, these posts are still highly valuable. Your followers do see your business content. They may not always like or comment, but they absorb the information, which helps build their perception of you as a knowledgeable professional.

Moreover, sharing personal and professional content lets you stay top-of-mind with your audience. They may enjoy and engage with your personal posts more frequently, but the steady stream of professional content keeps reinforcing your image as a reliable industry expert. So when the time comes for them to need real estate or mortgage services, your name is likely to be the one they remember and trust.

Lack of Authenticity

Although our content is designed to represent you and your brand, your followers can distinguish between automated posts and the ones you’ve personally crafted. By adding your content, you add authenticity, which is an influential factor in building trust and credibility.

Amplifying Your Personal Touch on Social Media: Practical Tips and Tricks

You’ve understood the ‘why’; now let’s delve into the ‘how.’ Here are some practical ways to add a more personal touch to your social media presence, creating a blend of professional and personal that resonates with your audience.

Leverage Roomvu’s Video Introduction Feature

At Roomvu, we understand the power of personalized content, and to support you in this journey, we offer a unique feature where you can record a maximum of 5-second videos introducing yourself and inviting the audience to watch the video. These introduction clips are then added to the beginning of Roomvu’s content, giving it a personal touch and reinforcing your brand.

The scripts for these introductory videos are general, meaning they can be paired with a wide range of videos. This helps create a consistent and recognizable introduction, allowing you to stand out in the crowded social media landscape. Read our article on how to create personal opening and closing videos for your roomvu videos.

Document Your Life – Personal and Professional

Allow your audience a glimpse into your life outside of work. Share posts about your hobbies, family, friends, and even pets. These glimpses into your personal life make you more relatable, facilitating stronger connections with your audience. Watch the video below and hear it from Jeff Pfitzer, a Regional/Biz Development Manager for USA Mortgage.

On the business side, consider sharing ‘behind-the-scenes’ content. This might include you preparing for a client meeting, touring a property, or even how you manage a typical workday. Such posts offer authentic insight into your professional life, further building credibility and trustworthiness.

Take Advantage of Social Media Stories

Stories are popular on Instagram and Facebook. They’re great for sharing quick updates. Stories disappear after 24 hours, reducing pressure for perfect content. Focus more on authenticity and immediacy.

Balance roomvu Content with Personal Posts
roomvu Content Calendar Post Suggestions

Audiences often tolerate more stories than regular posts. So, share daily moments, property snapshots, or homebuyer tips. The goal is audience engagement, and stories are a great tool.

Balancing personal and business content may be challenging. But with practice, you’ll find a suitable rhythm. Experiment, stay authentic, and have fun on this journey!

Beyond Automation

In social media, remember one key fact: Authenticity can’t be automated. You can’t automate yourself. Roomvu is dedicated to doing the hard work for you. We collect and analyze data, and create insightful business content. We post regularly on social platforms and follow up with leads. Our goal is to make your digital presence effortless and efficient.

However, we can’t be you. We can’t replicate your unique personality, individual charm, or distinctive way of engaging with clients. That’s something only you can offer.

Social media has always been about people, connections, sharing, and human communication. It’s a stage for you to express your professional insight and personal attributes and interact directly with your audience.

Balance roomvu Content with Personal Posts: Final Words

So while roomvu provides top-notch business content, your account won’t reach its full potential without your personal touch. It won’t resonate with your audience without bringing life and human connection to the forefront. We encourage you to use the tools and content we provide as a robust foundation upon which you can build your unique brand, with you as the face of your business. After all, in real estate, people don’t just invest in properties — they invest in people.

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