Effortless Online Leads with Automated Social Media Posts

Automate & Promote seamlessly with Content Calendar

Integrated posting & advertising

Share & Advertise consistent, quality content

Leads captured monthly


Leads captured monthly

Different posts types


Different posts types

Post Frequency


Post Frequency

Increased conversion


Increased conversion

Automate & Advertise

Establish your online presence with quality posts shared automatically

Stop worrying about what & when to share with automated, targeted social media posts! Just brand & customize to your liking and we’ll do the work.

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Phone Social Media

Connect your social media

Connect we’ll manage your accounts to make sure clients see you online as the real estate expert you are!

Network Lead

Get leads online

Our targeted approach & quality content connects you to your network intelligently & authentically.

Promote with tailored advertising

Automation is only the beginning. Get even more leads by promoting and targeting your post!

Seamless Advertising

Effortlessly advertise your posts on social media

Your post gained amazing traction? Choose a post, target your audience and set your budget. Reach your audience wherever they are.

Your Social Media Plan

Content posts scheduled on rotation with landing pages for best effect

Engage, connect and capture leads with real estate landing pages. All branded and ready to share.

Market Report Videos
Market Report Videos

Give sellers & buyers the data driven insight they need

  • Produced in-house
  • Customize your branding
  • Data based on board reports
Latest Real Estate News
Latest Real Estate News

Inform your audience of the latest real estate scoop

  • Updated news daily
  • AI compiled
  • Market specific

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What our clients say about Roomvu

I’m enjoying it, I like that the videos are short and I can put it out there and they can be effective. I’ve got great expectations, these videos workin’ for me!

Everybody knows videos get more eyeballs than static picture. What I like is having these videos, people can get the main gist of what I want to say in 30 seconds. You’re one of the first ones to post videos, this is why I didn’t even need a trial.

People that follow me, they can see that I’m giving them good information that looks good, is up to date, that they can use and ask me more questions if they want to. The quality of what you’re doing is excellent. I have no question-it’s very very nice.

Your videos are beyond amazing and on point regarding content. You are so impressive as an artist and short film maker! Thank you for providing us with your AWESOME, INFORMATIVE VIDEOS!

Making calls is great but I like using Roomvu videos to connect with clients through email. I can use these videos to let clients know that I’m still thinking about them, taking the initiative to send them informative videos.

You give me the ability to present quality content. I regard you guys as my primary resource for content. Your videos are done with the quality and professionalism that’s consistent with the level of information that I want to share with my universe.

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